Monday, 31 January 2011

A Few Smart Tips to Buy Patio Umbrellas and Patio Heaters

When you have a beautiful patio, you will want to spend more and more time in it. The patios are often decorated with potted plants so that people feel that they are very close to nature. The potted plants include the aromatic herbs, the flowering herbs and shrubs and many other varieties of plants. In addition to the plants, the patio is decorated with beautiful patio furniture or outdoor furniture. This furniture is designed or selected in such a way that it blends with the décor of the patio.

If you are willing to use your patio during day time then it is essential that you have shade so that you can relax. For this you can put up patio umbrellas that give an aesthetic look to the place apart from providing you ample shade. If your patio is quite large and you want to cover up most of it then you will have to opt for patio sails. You can also create multiple seating arrangements in your patio by putting multiple patio umbrellas. Mostly patio umbrellas are attached to tables and chairs that are kept in the patios. They are available in a wide range of colors, designs, shapes and sizes so that whatever your choice is there will be an umbrella for you for sure.

Most patio umbrellas are circular in shape, but these days, you will also find the rectangular patio umbrellas. The shape of the patio umbrellas purely depends on the choice of the buyer. Most often it is seen that the people have rectangular tables and the patio umbrellas are circular. This does not match. If the tables are rectangular, it makes more sense to have the rectangular patio umbrellas to give the best shade for all those who are under the patio umbrellas.

You can get the patio umbrellas customized in the sense that you can get them hand printed or you can also use them for promotional purposes. For this you can either get some logos printed on the canopy fabric or print some captions or even the name of your company. Now for the frame of the patio umbrella they should be sturdy and should be able to balance and support the canopy. Some of the frames even have tilts attached to them so that the user can change the position of the patio umbrella without even moving from his place.

Your next step is to choose the canopy fabric for your umbrella. You can opt for patterns and designs that will match the décor of your house or can look for features like UV filters and so on. People from warm places mostly prefer to buy patio umbrellas with UV protective filters so that they can prevent their skin from damage caused by UV rays due to prolonged exposure to sun. These umbrellas are slightly expensive than the ordinary ones but if you are health conscious then you will not mind spending those extra bucks.

We are all aware of the harmful effect of the UV rays and the kind of problems they may cause including cancer. Prolonged exposure of your skin to the rays of the sun will eventually have some or the other effects which may be difficult to treat at a later stage. So why not prevent these situations rather than waiting for remedies. The UV protective patio umbrellas have a UV rays filtering cover on top so that the rays that are falling on the umbrella are bounced back and does not cause any damage to the person sitting below it.

The days are taken care of by the patio umbrellas but when night falls and the temperature dips then you will need outdoor patio heaters to keep yourself warm in the patio. More so if you are planning for party in the patio then you definitely need to think about the heating arrangement. Outdoor patio heater may be electric heaters or gas heaters like the outdoor propane heaters. These are very effective in outdoor heating and provide uniform heating throughout the place.

Outdoor heating arrangements become more necessary if you are planning to throw a lawn party. You will have a large gathering and you will not like to leave your guests shivering for sure. But then you might not be ready to invest in outdoor patio heaters right now. Do not worry as these heaters are available on rent also. These are the advantages of getting a patio heater on rent:

o Low cost
o No maintenance
o Easy of delivery

When you rent a patio heater then you can rent them for a day or two. The renting company will take care of the installation and the proper functioning of the device. Some companies also arrange for the fuel stock. Outdoor patio heaters using different fuel and capacities are available with these renting companies. You will have to estimate as to how many heaters of what capacity would you require for the purpose. This also depends upon the number of guests that you have invited for the party. More people means more requirement of heat hence you might require multiple heaters to meet the need.

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Buy the Gas Patio Heaters Which Are Better Equipped With the Devices

'By the flickering light of a fading fire,
We sit and dream of an old desire.... '

Some of you, luckiest ones, have got chance to sit besides flickering flames and might understand and appreciate above lines in their true senses. These sentiments have many things to express. It remains a distant dream in present scenario to come across actual wood fire. Though they are still in practice but not easily available. Go for nearest alternative in gas patio heaters instead whose flames flicker rather than fading. You enjoy quietest moments while sitting nearby and checking it. Many old memories come in your mind as if they are bubbles of clam lake coming from its depth.

'We leave old homes, and we lose old friends,
We have a joy, and it seems to end.
But they all come back when the new things tire,
By the flickering light of a fading fire.'

Although few of the gas patio heaters work through butane or liquid petroleum but most of them function by propane gas fuel. These heaters are rather big sized lanterns having a fuel tank hidden in their beneath. Their appearance has given them new names like umbrella or mushroom heaters. Usually their big sized heaters are installed in front of hotels, restaurants and malls.

Most attractive feature of gas patio heaters is its shape which make it wonderful. It is already discussed above too that the gas stand is put in base of heater that functions dual role of preventing it from tipping and maintaining counterweight. Live flames come from top of the post where burner is adjusted. Flame is thereby directed against perforated metal screen at the upper portion of burner there. Such arrangement ensures that heat is properly prevented from enter in upwards. It doesn't waste in environment due to changing direction downwards and spreading horizontally. Nearby area automatically warms up.

Don't make buying decision of gas patio heater until you don't understood these points carefully:

1. Assess your heat requirement and calculate number of people who will sit around it. You should also assess required area to be heated. When you are clear about such facts it becomes easy to select BTU level of heater for your purpose.

2. Check it if you have any gas outlet. If you own any then that can be attached with heater through which refilling becomes easy? If you don't have any then refueling will have to be done from other sources.

3. What is your intension about your heater? Will it be installed at particular place or you will shift it from time to time?

4. Have wheels attached to its base if you want it to work mobile.

5. Select a heater with automatic shutoff feature that ensures it puts off after tilting.

Out of the many points discussed last one remains crucial and should be understood properly. You may feel nostalgia with flickering lights but they are equally dangerous if there is no care. Children playing hide and seek or dog chasing cat can be primary reason of causing major fire which you must understand. Take precautionary step and don't put heater near inflammable objects including patio umbrellas even though anti-tilt shut off mechanism is available. Take special care when children or pets are around. Chances of umbrella canopy catching fire is more?

Patio decors can't be considered complete nowadays until patio umbrellas are not their part. It should be therefore selected carefully like you choose heater for patio. But problem doesn't end. Finding best quality umbrella is as difficult as looking for perfect heater. Various types of metals are used in making gas patio heaters but best one is of course stainless steel only. Heaters manufactured from such metals are corrosion resistant and excellent to use due to durability. Reality is that best branded heaters can function for 14 hours without stopping for once and keep effusing heat consistently.

Different kinds of materials and stainless steel or aluminum are used in the making of umbrella frames like they are used in preparing patio heaters. Such materials are popular. Teakwood stand are considered perfect and durable too. Overall décor of patio must be kept in view while buying umbrellas. Think of matching arrangement and if patio furniture sets are designed from contemporary stainless steel or aluminum you should equally focus upon similar style in patio umbrellas too. Maintain proper color scheme while selecting umbrella cloth and it must match the style of patio cushions.

There is possibility of either decorating separate patio or making it an extension of nearby room. This all depends upon you. It is better to involve all members of the family while decorating patio which belongs to them as well. If they don't agree and find the place vague you can't use the portion against their will. Try to come up with best consensus and inspire them to go ahead with you for enjoyable moment to see sun, moon, birds and butterflies with complete zeal. Convince them why they should love nature.

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What Type of Patio Heater Should You Buy?

Sitting out on the patio during the summer is wonderful. You can sit for hours on end in the warmth without a care in the world. It is only when the colder winter months start closing in one needs a drastic rethink: give up and go inside, or, find a way to be warmer whilst sitting outside. Wrapping up warmer is a no-brainer, but no matter how warmly one wraps up, unless the temperature of the air around us is increased we still feel the uncomfortable nip and yearn for the comfortable warmth of indoors. Thus, the idea of sitting out on the patio is defeated. That is, unless you purchase a patio heater -- problem solved.

If you are reluctant to give up your patio as winter begins moving in, having an outdoor heater will become essential -- particularly if you have guests over socially, you have to keep them warm and comfortable.

Given there are a lot of patio heaters on the market it can be difficult to decide which type of heater you want or need. Don't panic buy. There are many options open to you and making the right choice will pay dividends, so shop around, take the time to learn about the different types and you'll make a great choice that works a treat for your purposes.

Fundamentally, your choice of heater will largely be decided upon the type of fuel you wish to run it on. Gas (the type run from gas bottles/cylinders) are extremely popular as are electric patio heaters. Coal and wood burning heaters are also available though they are far less common and more work to keep going, and generally less consistent in the heat they produce. If you can categorically decide which type of fuel source you wish to run your patio heater from this will make your choice much easier as you can eliminate the types of heaters which are no longer an option for you.

Some patio heaters spew heat out in all directions which are ideal for larger areas where people are moving around and larger gatherings, whereas other patio heaters are more focused in the direction they heat. If you will require a singular, focused area to be heated, then you will probably be better off going for a direction-based patio heater. Types of heaters available are freestanding, wall mounted infrared and tabletop patio heaters. Freestanding suits larger gatherings where people move around and are able to gather around the heater; infrared generally suit smaller patio areas where people remain seated in one place (though more can be mounted to a wall to increase the area being heated); finally, tabletop heaters are probably the ultimate type for people who have get-togethers focused around a table area so everybody can get an equal benefit.

Every patio heater consumes some form of fuel or other, be it electric to gas to wood or coal. You will simply have to decide which type of fuel has more convenience and which is most cost effective for you. It's an obvious point but, don't forget that longer usage requires more fuel so electric patio heaters can sometimes be more suited for longer usage without a worry of changing gas bottles or cutting your time out on the patio short because the fuel ran out.

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

5 Great Reasons to Get an Outdoor Patio Heater This Fall

Thinking about buying an outdoor patio heater? If so, late summer to early fall is definitely the right time to make the purchase. With that autumn chill in the air, being able to extend your patio's use through fall (and even well into winter) is something that's just easy to appreciate. Here are 5 great reasons to get an outdoor patio heater this fall to keep your outdoor living space comfortably toasty...

1. Outdoor Patio Heaters Kill The Chill

It's true-having a heater on your patio or deck can warm the surrounding area to comfortable temperatures in a radius up to 10-15 feet. Some more robust models can sufficiently take away the chill in an even larger area.

2. The Selection Is At Its Peak Right Now

If you've had your eye on a certain outdoor heater model, fall is the time to purchase. Because the new lines are made available this time of the year, and due to the fact that most sellers stock up for the season, you'll have a great selection to choose from right now. As we move into winter, the selection will begin to dwindle until next fall's models are introduced.

3. Patio Heaters Are Great For Entertaining

Sure, firepits are always fun for entertaining outdoors on a chilly evening, but the smoke from wood burning fire pits can be a nuisance a lot of the times. A good outdoor heater can serve the same function without the hassle or irritation of burning wood. One idea would be to use a nice tabletop outdoor patio heater as a conversational area centerpiece (instead of the fireside seating).

4. They Are More Affordable Than You Might Think

You can buy a decent quality electric patio heaters for under $100. Of course, this is the entry level range, but even a high-end patio gas heater can be purchased for an attractive price. One way to look at is if enjoying a few more quiet evenings in on the patio this fall provides a desirable alternative to a couple of nights out to dinner, then the heater will possibly even end up saving money in the long run.

5. With The Right Setup, You Can Use Your Patio All Winter Long

By using a properly ventilated gas patio heater or an electric outdoor heater, you can even turn a three season porch into full-fledged four season outdoor retreat! Of course, this requires some type of window covering and absolutely requires safe placement and ventilation of the heater-consult with an expert contractor on this one to make sure everything is up to code.

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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Patio Heaters Will Warm Up Any Small Outdoor Space

Some people feel that when Labor Day is over, so is the cookout season. They cover the grills and put away the barbeque tools until Memorial Day weekend. These people are missing some good times when the neighbors fire up the grill on a chilly fall day. To help take the chill off eating outdoors, they should install a patio heater.

You can purchase some that sit on the patio table, or freestanding so you can put them where you need the heat. You can buy these heaters with different fuel sources. You can get propane, natural gas, butane, and kerosene. But before you buy a patio heater, you need to decide if you want one that is permanent where you place it, or one that can be moved where you need the heat. The natural gas heaters make a perfect companion to existing gas grill installations. If you use bottle fuel, you can put it where you need the heat.

To purchase one, just go to your home improvement store and head for the patio section. If you cannot find what you are looking for in that department, then you can check out the heater section to see if there are any there. You want to make sure that you get a patio heater that will sufficiently heat the area you want. That area is usually a 20-foot circle around the unit. Make sure that you read the product information carefully before you purchase one. The most expensive one does not always supply the heat you need.

Check to make sure that the heater you choose is engineered for safety. Some of the industry-approved designs feature sealed burners, flame controls, electronic ignitions, and emergency cut-off switches. If you have small children that will be running around, make sure that it is not easily knocked over. If the patio heater is not a permanent one, make sure that where you sit it, you can temporarily anchor it to the deck railing.

The most economical patio heater would be the one that uses bottled fuel. Check to make sure that your choice has infrared heater elements with sturdy aluminum reflectors. These reflectors will direct the radiating heat down and out. Most patio heaters will raise the temperature ten degrees with a max of twenty-five degrees.

Most of the patio heaters you purchase are a tall, thin column, which supports the heating device. This style is most effective for heating a large area. This is because the height of the heater allows the heat to radiate out over a large area. You can control the temperature by using the turn-dial setting, which is located on the support column. If you do not want this kind, you can choose a toptable heater or a hanging model.

Choose the width of the support column, size of the base, and the color of the metal. These patio heaters cost on the average of $300.00. Patio heaters are also called mushrooms or umbrellas because of the covered shape of the heating device.

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Make No Difference Between Day And Night By Installing A Patio Heater

What do you understand from the term to install a patio heater in the patio or on the deck, it is nothing but to extend the daylight hours, even though without the sun. Do you feel that it sounds funny? It is actually not, the sun not only gives the light but it also provides heat and we also miss the warmth of the sun when it hides itself behind the horizon. We have long stopped missing the lights as there are lots of new introduction of technology. If you install a patio heater in the right place, you can very well stop missing the warmth as well. Do forgive me if you think the statement is too rude, better buy a patio heater first and then talk

It is not a very easy job to buy a patio heater. First you have to decide on what type of heater you want to buy. They are classified into two types:

Propane Patio Heaters - This type of heaters run on propane or liquid petroleum gas, which is popularly known as LPG. These propane heaters are generally portable which helps to take it anywhere you require the heat. Unless and until you have gas line, you need to refill them as and when it is required.

• Electric Patio Heaters - These types of heaters are said to be eco-friendly, but they run on Grid electricity as fuel which makes them more carbon intensive than gas ones. These types of heaters are portable as well as fixed. You just need to switch them on to have the warmth spreading all around. There is no question of refill

In case if you have your residential patio in mind there are various other kinds too which you can consider. For an example take the chimenea. In this type of heater it is freestanding and it is front loading fireplace and they use wood as fuel. It has a dispute about its place of origin, with Spain and Mexico laying equal claims. They were originally made from clay; but recently you will find them in cast iron or aluminum as well. In recent days it has become a popular backyard and deck accessory in the United States.

Normally the pinion wood is used to burn in chimenea for its aroma and bug repellent qualities. Such trees are widely grown in places like Arizona and it is sold online for such purpose only. Other advantages of pinion woods are that it is very easy to light these woods and that they do not produce much smoke. Fireplaces, fire pits and fire bowls are some other forms of patio heating arrangement. These arrangements produce live flames, and they are generally, produced by using alternative fuel such as gas, industrial alcohol or even electricity

Besides all this the propane or electric patio heaters are very popular mode of outdoor heating. These heaters are sleek and handsome and apart from that they do not take up much space and they also continue spreading heat as long as you want them to. They also come in all sizes, heating capacity and look. Select a small tabletop variety if you have a small balcony or a porch to heat up. A commercial patio heater on the hand is for heating up large spaces

You can also use a commercial heater for your home use even n though it is specially designed to heat up commercial areas such as an outdoor café or bistro. It is designed very beautifully to add to the décor. Their BTU is very high and so can they can heat up a wider area. They are also available in ceiling mount or more convenient mobile variety. If you are to choose the later, make sure that they are mounted on wheels and fitted with anti tiling mechanism. Because these mechanisms automatically cuts the fuel line off when the heater is accidentally tilted.

Apart from the tabletop and commercial patio heater; there are quite a few patio heaters which have varying heating capacity. Even those heaters are either is ceiling/wall mount or floor-standing. If you select floor-standing heaters they can be both fixed and portable. If you opt it to be portable, make sure they are wheeled and have the anti-tilting mechanism in place. But you should not try to a heater in its lighted condition. Before moving it you need to switch it off because switching it off and on is no big deal

Most of the environmentalists are more bothered about the impact of widespread use of patio heaters on the environment. Yes, indeed the patio heaters have some negative impact on the environment, and it also applies for many others like automobiles and refrigerators. So, is that we have to ban the use of them. That is not needed, you can always use a patio heater to keep you warm, but you need to use it responsibly to make least impact on the environment.

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A Patio Heaters Are No More A Rich Man's Toy

You need patio heaters even when the fair spring slides over the seas and oceans and 'the ground flame of the crocus breaks the mould' to tell us that the winter is over. In fact, in most part of the United States, you need a patio heater from late autumn to early spring. Therefore, if you are fond of outdoor living, buy a patio heater as soon as you can. They do not cost as much as you think they do and if you compare that with the advantages they provide, they cost nothing.

Few years back the heaters for the patio where marked as luxury and so it was only owned by the rich but, now the case is different you have them to suit every budget and mindset. Mainly there are two types of heaters:

• Mounted: Do you think that the space is a problem, and then you can buy a wall-mounted patio heater? Few of them can also be fixed on the ceiling too. Mounted patio heaters always run on electricity. It will be especially useful if you have small kids and pets to worry about.

• Freestanding: when you consider about the freestanding heaters for the patio they are generally portable, but some can also be remain fixed on to the floor. Portable patio heaters generally run on propane gas. It has been made easy for the reason that they have their fuel tank which is acting as the base and therefore wherever you take them, the fuel supply is never a problem

First of all let us discuss about the electric heaters for your patio. These heaters need electrical outlet to run and hence the factor of portability is very limited in such a heater. But at the same time there are lots of advantages too. Just like you switch on and off the light bulb these heaters can also be easily put on and put off. Mainly there is no live flame; hence there is a very little chance of things to catch fire causing an inferno. The only thing which can cause an accident is the short circuit. You need to make sure that it has been properly earthed to ensure everything is well

When there is a comparison between the electric heaters for the patio over a propane heater, an electric patio heater need not be refilled. And it can also work very efficiently even in sub zero temperature as under normal circumstances. Because if you use a propane gas patio heater it may crystallize and give off less heat than usual when it is extremely cold. Heaters for the patio with 40,000 BTU are quite capable of keeping an area 15' to 20' in diameter warm and it can also increase the temperature by 25 degrees.

Patio heaters as a rule are safe, economical and easy to use. Buy one to enjoy the outdoor through out the year. In the autumn, sit out to watch the changing leaves and the birds gathering for their journey to the south. Fun need not stop with the setting of the sun, but with a patio heater by your side, it can continue well into the night. Now, you can watch the stars and think of those days when you went camping out in the wild...

In winter, you will thank yourself that you have bought the heater because with the heater on, you can spend more time out of doors that too more comfortably than you ever did. It is still very cold... but you definitely can sense the warmth. Did you know that it is essential for us to spend considerable time out of doors in winters when the general tendency is to keep the doors and windows shut?

The two types of ions are the positive and negative. The term ions are just electrically charged particles floating in the atmosphere. The positive ions are very harmful to the humans and the negative ions are useful to the human race. Even though the doors and windows shut, the central heater and other electronic gadgets will emit a harmful positive ion which gets accumulated within the house. If you spend a few hours out of doors will help us to imbibe the negative ions and undo the harm done by the positive ions

Without the patio heaters on, not many of us will actually want to brave the cold and spend time in the open? For that reason, you need to buy a patio heater and spend some time out of doors each day round the year. Even though if you are not impressed by the theory of positive and negative ions, you can still buy them without hesitation. Agree to it, if you are feeling low, nothing can revive you as fast as by spending some time in the open air can. Patio heaters are not very expensive. Buy one and see for yourself

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Monday, 10 January 2011

An Overview of Patio Heaters

A patio heater, an umbrella heater or a mushroom heater; all refer to the same thing. A patio heater is a basically an electrical device that enables generating radiant heat for external premises, meant for out door purposes. These kind of mushroom heaters are becoming renowned; as certain restaurants and bars are opting for it, as they look on to extend the vicinity by organizing the sitting arrangements at outdoors. And the entire pertinent area coming under the coverage of umbrella heater's heat throw is well worth to enjoy the warmth of; in the cold season, when the autumn season begins to roll around. It is not just confined for bars or restaurant usage purposes; but can also be used as domestic purposes if one longs to have a special kind of family dinner outside in the lawn, or probably looking forward to organize any entertainment activity; the mushroom heater is worthy to place a bid on. Not even this, the children can play comfortably in the lawns as well despite of the indoors, and the whole family can enjoy watching them playing while taking sips of tea or coffee.

The known phenomenon through the heat generates is that a burner is located on the top of a post on a patio heater. This burner burns either of two, propane or LPG gas and then it directs the flames against a porous metal screen on which screen, the entire heat is then radiated. This heat is radiated in such a way that it travels along the circular path around that appliance. A heat reflector is there to reflect the heat in to the surroundings other wise the heat would have lost some where up.

Patio heaters now are being considered as a part of home decor and a germane item for your patio. Amongst its sundry types of uses include attachment to any of the walls or ceilings even but this may require a certain descriptive power or fuel source. They also are being manufactured as portable patio heaters where they can be rolled around on wheels that are an ad-on to your convenience. This type of patio heater is called portable spot patio heater and one of its specifications include that you can carry your heater along with you where ever you move around. Whether you are a restaurant manager, you can adjust the heater's placement in accordance with the number of customers or even using it as for residential purposes; when thinking to read a book out side or fixing up your vehicle in the garage, this portable spot patio heater is all what you will be needing. These too come in many shapes and as well as sizes, but all of them are of the similar specifications that is you can carry along with you where ever needed.

There are sundry other types of patio heaters as well; pertinent to the reason or the need of purchasing it. Strip heaters are types of patio heaters that are germane for placing them at your terraces or balconies. These types can be fixed on walls or ceilings. Similarly a table top heater is a perfect option for those who require heat at an area of about 6 to 7 feet. Transportable patio heater is the kind of fore mentioned patio heater used for big vicinities where an area of about 20 feet circle is to keep warm.

Altogether, this patio or an umbrella heater is an excellent appliance either for the conglomeration of your family together, or increasing the sitting area for your customers in a restaurant. The expedient way is to seek the best option out of the lot which serves the purpose most and then enjoy the burst of cold in a warm comfy place.

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Are Commercial Patio Heaters Used Only For Establishments?

Does your kids love being out of doors and just make life hell when they are forced to live indoors? Do your guests love the parties you throw in your patio and keep mentioning that when you are forced to shift them indoors because of fall in temperature? Many of us decorate our patio very enthusiastically. However, they lie vacant most of the time. Do you remember how a kingdom was lost for the want of a horseshoe nail? In case of our patio, all goes in vain just for a want of a patio heater.

You have your comfortable chairs and tables in your patios but this is not enough you must buy two important things which are a patio umbrella and a patio heater. A patio heater is always important than a patio heater. The umbrella is used to protect you from the burning sun and it is used only during the weekends as to go outdoor daytime only during weekends to spend in your patio. But that's not the case with the heaters because it is used during the nights and used to keep you warm from the cold.

This is not to say that you do not need a patio heater during the day. You switch it on any time you feel a little chilly and warmth will spread all over to make you cozy and comfortable. Switch it on early morning to enjoy a little quietness before the day's bustle starts. Sit beside it to have a cup of coffee and to enjoy a breather in the midst of all the chaos. At night when you have put your children to bed, sit within the circle of its warmth to watch the stars crossing the sky.

The heater may not used only during the summer season. You can sit in the open sky and also see the leaves changing its color and birds moving south in the fall season and enjoy the great nature change only if you have a patio heater. The heater can never bring the spring into action so its time for the winter where the use of these heaters are more it helps to keep you warm and comfortable, you can feel the warmth in your limbs. And in the spring you can see the dandelions creeping out from no-where and the beautiful climate can be enjoyed only if you have a patio heater to fully get their company.

In order to use your patio around the year a patio heater is a must.. There are big heaters used for commercial purpose which can be used for residential purpose if the area is big, in case if it is small you can go for a smaller heater.There are different types of heaters available and they are.

• Mounted: these are mounted on the ceiling and on the walls and it runs on electricity.
• Freestanding: It is mounted on the wheels because it is portable and it uses propane to run.

Such a commercial patio heater is essential for those who are losing customers due to shortage of indoor space. The mounted electric heaters are ideal for commercial establishments like restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and homeowners with somewhat enclosed patios. All you need to do is just to put the switch on and the whole area fills up with warmth instantly. No warm time is required and what is more, as it runs on electricity it does not produce ant kind of odor.

If you are looking for electrically run commercial patio heaters, you should make sure that it is an infrared heater. Such heaters are very cost effective in the sense that the infrared rays only warms the solid particles (i.e. people and objects) in its path, not the air. Therefore, no heat is lost by draft of wind as in the case of ordinary heaters.

There are even LPG run commercial heaters which has a combination of the propane and bitumen and they are mounted on the wheels because they are portable. A propane tank is fitted at the base. The anti-tilting mechanism is also incorporated in these heaters to avoid any accidents. In comparison with the ordinary heaters the only difference is that it uses the BTU which can warm up a wider area. It is ideally suitable for the open air coffee shops, bistros and houses with a wide patio and just buy getting one of these heaters you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Warm Up Your Wintry Exteriors With the Cheap Patio Heaters

Everyone loves to sit in the garden during the summer, but this affection disappears as soon as the winter arrives and stops us behind the closed doors. Although it is impossible to promise the sun in summer, patio heaters can certainly promise you the heat. With a patio heater you no longer need to cut out your time outside in your patio because of the cold. Whether you are just enjoying your time outside alone, with family, or having a get together, you can sit there as long as you wish under the warmth of these heaters. In fact, many people who own patio heaters have found that their patio gets warm within seconds and that too without any hassle.

During the cold nights, you can sit relax on your deck and enjoy warm and comfortable patio warmers. They are designed with many unique features to ease your outdoor spaces. They are so superbly designed that you can also use them to beautify your exterior decor and give a unique and appealing look to your house. They come in many gorgeous styles that will suit your personality as well as exterior space. Moreover, you will also find a solemn place to think and refresh with this in your home.

Now days, these are also used in many pubs and restaurants. They enable clients and customers to be very well housed with the warmness and glowing heat while being dished with their meals.

There are many types and styles of patio warmers available in the market. You can choose anyone that best suits your patio or back deck. I will now describe some considerations for you to think about:

1. Gas Patio Heaters
They are the best cohorts for outdoor enthusiasts especially those who love family and friend gatherings. These heaters are not only well maintained and easy to use, but are also well built, so you can count on its durability and ruggedness.

2. Electric Patio Heaters
These are the most convenient type of Patio warmer as you only need electricity to ignite them. There is no need to deal with the manual method of producing heat and warmth. Just switch on the heater and the heat will start coming out of it.

3. Infrared Patio Heaters
Some outdoor heaters are infrared, either standalone or wall mounted and run when someone is within the range of the sensor. They can fling a lot of heat out in the direction within which they face, so they can be placed high up a wall and still warm people below very well.

4. Table Top Patio Heaters
Another option you could go for is a table top heater, which is ideal for those who have get-togethers around a table as opposed to a free standing heater in which the table is placed on one side of it.

Talking about their price, they come in an affordable price range that will suit your pocket. You can easily buy them from any home improvement shop or local market.

I hope this critique has given you a few diverse ideas on patio heaters that will surely help you in choosing one that best suits your requirements.

Find more information about different types of Cheap Patio Heaters.We can help you to make an informative decision about which Patio Heater is best for you.

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Monday, 3 January 2011

Experts Discus Gas Patio Heaters and the Pros and Cons of Use

Gas patio heaters are a great way to extend the usable time on your patio for extra days or even weeks each year. If you and your guests are comfortable sitting outdoors to eat food from the grill, it's a totally different feel that more formal indoor dining. When fall months lead to early darkness, it can sometimes be cool enough that it's no longer pleasant to just sit and chat. When you take advantage of gas patio heaters, it doesn't take much heat to make your guests comfortable on the patio.

Your great outdoors time can begin earlier in the spring months too. Sometimes the mornings are still cool, but it would be nice to sit outdoors for that morning cup of coffee. You can fire up the gas heater and linger over a warm croissant or cinnamon roll while enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

Most patios are an extension to indoor living space. If you can't use your full outdoor room, the indoor space feels more limited. If your patio is more like a partially enclosed outdoor room, a small patio heater makes the space quite comfortable for relaxing and entertaining as well.

There are several nice features using a gas heater as opposed to electric heaters or other types. A heater fueled by gas never blows smoke at you to make your eyes water and the smell of smoke permeate your clothing. This makes it preferable to a wood heater. Because a gas heater has no residue from burning materials, you never have to empty ashes or clean a chimney. Sparks from burning embers are never a problem with gas heaters.

Gas units produces heat very quickly. You don't need lighter fluid or kindling or paper to get a fire started. There is no waiting for the flames to catch larger pieces of wood. With the gas unit, a pilot light is all that is needed to have the area warmed up in no time.

You never need to worry about finding and storing wood to use for fuel in you have a natural gas heater for your patio. Wood storage takes room, is dirty to handle and can leave slivers in your hands. If you have been using propane, you know how heavy the tanks can be to carry down to the dealer for refilling. You also know that it's inconvenient to run out of propane in the middle of a conversation and have to go switch out propane tanks.

There is one disadvantage to using a gas heater on your patio rather than wood or propane. Gas heaters are less portable than propane. This can be fairly easily overcome by having more than one gas connection on your patio. When needed, you can simply move the heater to a different connection and be ready to go again.

A gas patio heater adds an attractive element to your patio furnishings. The units are discrete and provide several weeks of additional comfort to your outdoor living space each year. They are small enough to be used on decks and porches as well.

A good propane patio heaters helps you extend the useful time of your patio and deck well into the evening and fall season. Gas patio heaters are common in businesses, but can also be found at homes of people who like to enjoy the outdoors year round.

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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Gas Patio Heaters Provide Warmth For Outdoor Parties

For all outdoor heating, gas patio heaters are the best choice. Your guests will welcome the warmth when partying outdoors, besides providing an ambiance to the entire party which can very well be an envious thing for other people. The heaters are now available in a variety of models, brands and styles, but they all need careful handling. The following precautions will help you to handle the patio heater, and make sure you will have assured safety while handling them.

Keep all your children and pets away from the heater, especially when the heater is operating. Ensure they move about only under your supervision. Since the heater produces a lot of heat, it can cause serious burn injuries. You should also let your guests know about the heat produced by the patio hater when it is in use.

Though it is tempting to dry your towel on the heater after a good swim, it is a dangerous thing to do. Do not hang any kind of clothes or towels on the patio heater. Since these are inflammable material, they should not be anywhere near the heaters. A fire hazard is waiting to happen which can be dangerous to everyone, since their clothes might get scorched.

Do not use these heaters indoors. This is also hazardous. The gas fumes can escape even during its use outdoors. Do not use the gas patio heater in windy atmosphere outdoors. Due to high velocity winds, the heater may be knocked down causing an instant fire, or the heaters flame can be blown away causing a gas leak. Gas fumes are dangerous to breathe in and doing so could land you in the local emergency room.

Always mount the outdoor patio heater on a flat surface, away from windows and doors which have lots of traffic. If someone knocks down your heater, a fire may be the result. Also do not allow debris to collect beneath the heater, and the cleanliness around the area should be maintained.

Gas patio heaters should be used in a properly ventilated place. If there are any obstructions for flow of free air, your must mend them, otherwise gas can escape. In case gas leaks, do not operate the heater, either indoor or outdoor porch or patio.

While the heater is not being operated, debris should be removed to keep the area clean. Do not allow any kind of obstructions block the air vents and holes on the heater. Spider webs also can cause a blockage. Check your hose connected to the heater for any possible gas leaking. Use soap-water to clean the holes and air vents in case you find any obstructions. If gas is found to be leaking, do not repair it yourself. Take it to an expert for repair. Never allow rain to drench the heater, and whenever the heater is not in use, use a waterproof cover specially designed for these heaters.

Read and understand all the conditions in the instructions manual provided with the Gas Patio Heater. Until such time that you have understood all the things given in the instructions manual do not attempt to switch the heater on. If you require additional explanations you can always get them from dealers. Never switch on the gas patio heaters till you have thoroughly understood their operation.

A good propane patio heater helps you extend the useful time of your patio and deck well into the evening and fall season. Gas patio heaters are common in businesses, but can also be found at homes of people who like to enjoy the outdoors year round.

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