Sunday, 16 January 2011

5 Great Reasons to Get an Outdoor Patio Heater This Fall

Thinking about buying an outdoor patio heater? If so, late summer to early fall is definitely the right time to make the purchase. With that autumn chill in the air, being able to extend your patio's use through fall (and even well into winter) is something that's just easy to appreciate. Here are 5 great reasons to get an outdoor patio heater this fall to keep your outdoor living space comfortably toasty...

1. Outdoor Patio Heaters Kill The Chill

It's true-having a heater on your patio or deck can warm the surrounding area to comfortable temperatures in a radius up to 10-15 feet. Some more robust models can sufficiently take away the chill in an even larger area.

2. The Selection Is At Its Peak Right Now

If you've had your eye on a certain outdoor heater model, fall is the time to purchase. Because the new lines are made available this time of the year, and due to the fact that most sellers stock up for the season, you'll have a great selection to choose from right now. As we move into winter, the selection will begin to dwindle until next fall's models are introduced.

3. Patio Heaters Are Great For Entertaining

Sure, firepits are always fun for entertaining outdoors on a chilly evening, but the smoke from wood burning fire pits can be a nuisance a lot of the times. A good outdoor heater can serve the same function without the hassle or irritation of burning wood. One idea would be to use a nice tabletop outdoor patio heater as a conversational area centerpiece (instead of the fireside seating).

4. They Are More Affordable Than You Might Think

You can buy a decent quality electric patio heaters for under $100. Of course, this is the entry level range, but even a high-end patio gas heater can be purchased for an attractive price. One way to look at is if enjoying a few more quiet evenings in on the patio this fall provides a desirable alternative to a couple of nights out to dinner, then the heater will possibly even end up saving money in the long run.

5. With The Right Setup, You Can Use Your Patio All Winter Long

By using a properly ventilated gas patio heater or an electric outdoor heater, you can even turn a three season porch into full-fledged four season outdoor retreat! Of course, this requires some type of window covering and absolutely requires safe placement and ventilation of the heater-consult with an expert contractor on this one to make sure everything is up to code.

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