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Infrared Patio Heaters

In all workplaces and even home patios there are areas where the temperature is considerably lower than others, and this can lead to problems both with staff morale or visitors, and also with the performance of certain materials that require specific conditions. In order to create a more correct balance of temperature throughout the buildings, it is possible to install industrial patio heaters where appropriate in order to ensure that particular areas can be heated to the correct temperature for both staff and materials.

Uneven temperatures across a workplace patio such as an industrial environment can have unpredictable consequences. Under conditions where the temperature varies by more than a few degrees from one area to another, materials being transported between the two areas can buckle and become misshapen. Even a very minor difference in temperature can have serious effects when using high tolerances. Small defects in components can have a very profound effect on the way that they fit together and cause major problems with the overall quality of items that would not be foreseen during the design process.

By maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the workplace or home patio, avoiding the above problems is simple, and the best way of managing the climate throughout the building is to install infrared patio heaters as appropriate. Rather than undergoing the expense of a large integrated climate control system that must be centrally controlled, fitting heaters in areas where they are needed will allow staff to control the temperature to make sure that it is consistent throughout the building.

In addition to concerns about material performance, visitor or staff comfort is also a major concern for any employer. Staff working at low temperatures are likely to be uncomfortable, and this will cause major productivity and morale issues that need to be addressed. Ensuring that the workforce have access to heating when they need it can by pass this problem entirely, and because industrial patio heaters can be switched on and off by staff as they need them, the running costs can be kept relatively low in comparison with other forms of heating that are fixed throughout the building.

There are various different designs of home & industrial patio heater available, and selecting the right product for your needs is simple. You can choose from a range of different products to fit different environments. Choose from either roof mounted heaters that produce a large amount of heat that is directed down into a specific area, or alternatively, opt for free standing portable heaters that can be moved into the right place within the workplace for optimum effect.

Industrial patio heaters are lightweight and compatible with either 120 volt, 240 volt, and even 480 volt power supplies. Power levels of up to 13.5 kilowatts are available, which means that these devices are able to produce sufficient heat to quickly warm an area by several degrees in a matter of a few minutes. For a cost effective and convenient solution to your workplace heating needs, you will struggle to find a better option than these devices.

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Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are a fairly recent development. They can make life outside more enjoyable in those chilly evenings in late summer and fall.

A Barbecue in the evening is one of the summer pleasures of life. So many summer evenings turn cold though that you do not do this as often as you would like to. Imagine being able to eat outside for 52 weeks of the year if you choose. A patio heater will not do anything to protect you from wind and rain though, so to be realistic you could eat outside through many spring and fall evenings, rather than just the few weeks in summer.

I can still remember turning the spit on the barbecue by hand as a child, with a couple of chickens cooking slowly. There is nothing like eating outdoors to whet the appetite. The food and beer tastes so much better.

You may prefer to use your new heater just to admire the stars, of course, or for romantic evenings with your partner.

Once you have a heated outside area there are all kinds of uses that it can be put to. It really does extend your living space for a very small cost.

You could make a heated smoking area outside and ban tobacco smoking in the home. Many bars, hotels and theaters do this where there is a ban on smoking inside in public places.

You could use your barbecue outside, then eat inside. You could go out there and sulk in comfort. You could have a popcorn maker out there, in a covered area and have popcorn much more often.

You can choose between electric and propane gas fuelled patio heaters. Electric ones are suitable where they can be wired into a covered area, otherwise the propane fuelled heaters are more suitable for most people.

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Have Some Idea About Patio Heaters And Heat Lamps

In business sector, one must keep constant observation on production side. And for that the necessary energy and power must be supplied. One of the inevitable things that must be present in a company which fall under Commercial Appliances is nothing but generator. It is a fact that having a constant power supply can help companies to make more profits. Knowing the energy requirement the company can fix which kind of generator should be suitable for the company. By doing so, they can finalize the machine which can run their business smoothly with no disturbance. The features of the generator that are under considerations are the generator must have overhead valves, produce less noise and easier to operate. Diesel powered generators are more expensive but they are comparatively more durable also. On the other hand electric generators provide constant power supply for the operations of the company work.

People who live in hotter region do not need home heating appliances. On the other hand cold regions or during winter it is essential to arrange home heating. Patio Heaters are for outdoor space and it is installed anywhere in outdoor. It is impossible to stay outside during cool weather but with the help of Patio Heaters you can enjoy a warm weather and have nice dining with your family. What kind of patio heater you are going to buy. If you are looking for temporary or removable heater then there are lots of options for that. But if you are looking for permanent one then also you can also have variety of options to buy. During you buy do not forget to check its safety features. There is a wide variety of patio heater that includes stylish cast iron or a stainless steel heater.

Heat Lamps are the light bulbs that are for creating heats. Such lamps are used in shower and bathrooms in order to warm bathers and also in kitchen areas of restaurant to maintain the warmness of the food before serving. Other than this it is also used for animal husbandry and various medical treatments.

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Outdoor Patio Heaters: A Great Commercial Asset

British pubs and restaurants are about to be faced with a dilemma. In Scotland by 2006, and in England by 2008, smoking inside businesses that serve food will be outlawed. During the summer smokers can sit outside on patios, decks, or in gardens. But when the weather turns cold, many smokers will likely stay home rather than eat-out, seriously damaging the restaurant business.

In response to this problem, many in the British food industry are investing in outdoor patio heaters. A recent poll conducted by Calor shows why: 76 percent of customers are more likely to go to a pub that has patio heaters in the beer garden than one that does not. Thus, by using patio heaters, restaurants and pubs can provide for their smoking customers and prevent drops in their revenues during the colder seasons.

Local laws on smoking vary in the United States, but in many places, patio heaters could be used in a similar way. Aside from helping smokers, heaters can also keep outside tables useful during the holiday season rush. In fact, outdoor patio heaters can be a great asset to any restaurant or pub with outdoor rooms, for many different reasons.

Patio Heater Fuel Types

There are three fuel types used to power patio heaters: natural gas, propane, and electricity. For restaurants, natural gas could be the best choice because the heater hooks up to the gas lines and never needs refueling. Natural gas heaters cannot be moved, however. If you plan to move the heater, for catering or other purposes, propane heaters may be the best choice. They run on tanks and can be set up in about 10 minutes.

Patio Heater Safety Features

Of course, safety is always a major concern for businesses. Many patio heaters are built with this concern in mind, and so come with excellent safety features. One important feature is an automatic emergency shut off. If the heater is turned over, or even hit too hard, it automatically turns off. Another common feature is a piezo electric starter, which does not require a pilot light.

Choosing Between Various Patio Heater Options

When looking through the various commercial grade heaters, one of the most important considerations is the heater's power, which is rated in BTU's. The average heater rates at about 45,000 BTU's, enough to make a 20 foot heat circle. Another factor is style. The heater should fit comfortably with the decor of your establishment, whether traditional or modern. The Arctic Sun Original, for example, has a traditional elegance, reminiscent of a classic iron lamp post. The Dayva Premier, on the other hand, has a very modern, possibly even futuristic, look.

A Couple of Tips

If you plan on moving the heater, be sure to get a model with wheels. The wheels are often hidden, and so do not affect appearance.

Having too much wind where you put the heater can adversely affect its performance. This problem can be solved rather easily, though, by using screens, shades, or other wind breakers.

An Asset to Restaurants

Patio heaters have undoubtedly proved their usefulness to restaurants and pubs. Fortunately, as their popularity has increased in recent years they have become much more affordable. So it is now easier than ever to use patio heaters to help your business maintain old patrons and gain new ones.

Ceiling Patio Heaters

It is unavoidable, Fall is coming and we like to enjoy the outdoors as long as possible. As Fall is drawing near, outside living enthusiasts like us like to extent their season.

And when winter is over and the first signs of Spring are there we want to enjoy our patio again.

Patio Heaters are a solution, and the type we discuss here are actually my favorite.

Ceiling patio heaters make a good alternative to portable patio heaters. Because they are permanently installed, none of the storage or maintenance problems associated with portable heaters are encountered. Simply turn the switch and the ceiling heater provides enough heat to keep you and your guests comfortable.

Ceiling heaters can be powered by either electricity or gas. If you use natural gas for heating your house, it's a natural extension to install natural gas ceiling heaters on your patio. However, if you don't have a natural gas feed, you can still install electric or propane ceiling heaters.

Many models of ceiling heaters for your patio operate with radiant heat. This efficient heating method heats objects and people without heating the air in between. This increases their deficiency and also means that the heaters are effective even on windy days.

There are many different styles of ceiling heaters for your patio. Some models hang from the ceiling and distribute the heat with a reflecting dome similar to the ones found in portable patio heaters. This type of ceiling heater usually uses propane or natural gas as the fuel source.

Electric ceiling heaters can be mounted directly on the ceiling for the most efficient use of space. They are safe to use indoors, so if you wish to enclose a portion of your patio for the winter season it can be heated with an electric heater.

Despite their ability to heat fairly large spaces, electric ceiling heaters are economical to operate. They are very efficient and are a good alternative when gas cannot be used for heating your patio. Their heat output can be adjusted with a heat regulator.

Another advantage of electric heaters is that they are silent and require no venting. Gas heaters usually hiss when they operate and they usually require a venting system to avoid the buildup of dangerous byproducts. If you have plenty of ventilation, then a venting system is not necessary, but if you use a gas heater in an enclosed or semi-enclosed area you should provide adequate venting.

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