Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Infrared Patio Heaters

In all workplaces and even home patios there are areas where the temperature is considerably lower than others, and this can lead to problems both with staff morale or visitors, and also with the performance of certain materials that require specific conditions. In order to create a more correct balance of temperature throughout the buildings, it is possible to install industrial patio heaters where appropriate in order to ensure that particular areas can be heated to the correct temperature for both staff and materials.

Uneven temperatures across a workplace patio such as an industrial environment can have unpredictable consequences. Under conditions where the temperature varies by more than a few degrees from one area to another, materials being transported between the two areas can buckle and become misshapen. Even a very minor difference in temperature can have serious effects when using high tolerances. Small defects in components can have a very profound effect on the way that they fit together and cause major problems with the overall quality of items that would not be foreseen during the design process.

By maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the workplace or home patio, avoiding the above problems is simple, and the best way of managing the climate throughout the building is to install infrared patio heaters as appropriate. Rather than undergoing the expense of a large integrated climate control system that must be centrally controlled, fitting heaters in areas where they are needed will allow staff to control the temperature to make sure that it is consistent throughout the building.

In addition to concerns about material performance, visitor or staff comfort is also a major concern for any employer. Staff working at low temperatures are likely to be uncomfortable, and this will cause major productivity and morale issues that need to be addressed. Ensuring that the workforce have access to heating when they need it can by pass this problem entirely, and because industrial patio heaters can be switched on and off by staff as they need them, the running costs can be kept relatively low in comparison with other forms of heating that are fixed throughout the building.

There are various different designs of home & industrial patio heater available, and selecting the right product for your needs is simple. You can choose from a range of different products to fit different environments. Choose from either roof mounted heaters that produce a large amount of heat that is directed down into a specific area, or alternatively, opt for free standing portable heaters that can be moved into the right place within the workplace for optimum effect.

Industrial patio heaters are lightweight and compatible with either 120 volt, 240 volt, and even 480 volt power supplies. Power levels of up to 13.5 kilowatts are available, which means that these devices are able to produce sufficient heat to quickly warm an area by several degrees in a matter of a few minutes. For a cost effective and convenient solution to your workplace heating needs, you will struggle to find a better option than these devices.

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