Friday, 31 July 2009

The Benefits Of Outdoor Patio Heaters—What A Luxury!

There are outdoor patio heaters for designed for different kinds of environments. The best patio heaters are all around on the market today — and you can find out about outdoor patio heaters and the quality of the merchandise — as well as find good prices when you look around online right here.

Depending on the environment in which you want to use your outdoor patio heaters for—there are different designs for different purposes.

For example:

· Your home:

These wonderful outdoor patio heaters will provide warmth and comfort as the sun goes down and as the days get shorter. There are elegant, stunning, rustic, simplistic and even spectacular outdoor patio heaters for you to choose from. Yes, there is a vast selection of outdoor patio heaters especially for your home. These beautiful outdoor patio heaters will always be a treasure.

Another example:

· In a work environment:

You can purchase outdoor patio heaters for your workplace that will simply do wonders for your employees. Many people enjoy being outdoors during his or her breaks from their work, and there are already very many offices and other facilities already equipped with their very own outdoor patio heaters.

Because of these outdoor patio heaters, many employees and employers can still relax outside, have their lunch, or just lounge in the fresh air – even in the coldest weather.

· Pleasing smokers and non-smokers:

Another concern is smokers in the cold. Come on, let’s stop hating smokers when several of them are trying to stop and desperately wish they never began. Nonetheless, there needs to be a place for them to light up. Many coffee shops and workplaces have designed areas especially for this unfortunate yet necessary purpose.

Many places have designated areas with outdoor patio heaters about twenty-five feet away from the building so that non-smokers are not exposed to second-hand smoke.

Outdoor patio heaters are the very best kinds of heaters because they will work so quickly and will last and last when you purchase high quality patio heaters. Enjoy them outside your home and even in other places—check out the top-of-the-line outdoor patio merchandise from the very best, top-of-the-line manufacturers in the business.

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Want To Know More About Gas Patio Heaters?

Some wonderful about gas patio heaters have been created specifically for outdoor use in places such as coffee shops, restaurants, private clubs, and more. The about gas patio heaters you will find can be very luxurious, rustic, simplistic, and everything in between.


- Environment:

You can purchase about gas patio heaters for your workplace that will simply do wonders for you. Many people enjoy being outdoors during his or her breaks from their work—and there are countless office facilities, call centers, etc. Because of these about gas patio heaters, many employees and employers can still relax and unwind outside—even in the cold weather.

- Smokers in the cold:

- You want the very best about gas patio heaters possible on the market today they will be like a gift this season: a wonderful surprise that emits warmth and comfort for you. In addition, a company usually prefers that its employees and patrons do not smoke in or near the building, making it virtually freezing to smoke in the winter. However, if simple gas heaters are set up away from the building—everyone can be happy.

- Public dining and other businesses:

Many public dining and other business places have nice patios set up for the warmer season—but it won’t have to be just a warm-weather patio if you choose. About gas patio heaters will provide you with high quality dependability and effectiveness.


It is amazing what about gas patio heaters can do! It is wonderful to have impressive, beautiful and pleasing to the eye about gas patio heatersfor outdoor happy times through the entire year.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Patio Heaters: What To Look For, Tips on Buying

Whether it’s a blue sky of cloudless clime or an ebony star-filled night that fills your senses, you want to stay outside as long as you possibly can. On your private patio, at your favorite restaurant, or camping the great outdoors; holding onto the elusive summer warmth has never been so hard. Or is it? Our wide assortment of portable, table-top, residential, and commercial outdoor patio heaters, will have you looking ahead and behind to warm temperatures. We’ve gathered together all the most important features, tips on buying, and heating options for your future outdoor heating comfort. With great names in outdoor heating such as Endless Summer Patio Heating; finding efficient, safe, and effective outdoor patio heating has never been so easy.

· Utility

When trying to determine what type of patio heater you’ll need, it is crucial that you match the product with the intended purpose or utility. If you want to provide outdoor warmth as an added feature to your restaurant or commercial business, our huge assortment of propane and electric commercial patio heaters will keep them coming. Made of stainless steel and designed to provide a soft warmth for up to ten hours, these patio heaters have up to 40,000 BTUs, and are all self-contained—no electrical cord! Moreover, The Triple Dome Performance technology ensures high-level efficiency by deflecting wind, and reducing the amount of wasted heat output. All of our patio heaters offer automatic shut-off features; determined by time, heat, and tilt angle maximum; to ensure only the safest in outdoor heating innovation.

If you just want to extend those summer months into brisk Autumn for the family or entertaining at home, our large assortment of residential patio heaters will take the chill out of nature. Built with large bases for stability, these outdoor comfort wizards have burners over 3’ tall, produce up to 40,000 BTUs, and will warm an area up to 20’ in diameter. What’s more, you can use the same kind of tank you hitch to the BBQ, for easy remove and replace base features. State-of-the-art Pushbutton Piezo Electric Igniters will have you aglow in no time; and when its time to go inside, the tilt angle maximum, Oxygen Depletion Sensors, and automatic shut-off technologies will ensure a quick and safe shut-down. And the best part is, your patio heater will come fully assembled to your door; so you can spend more time grilling, mixing cocktails, and playing catch!

· Power

To gas or not to gas…that is the question. Most people have a preference for outdoor heating power. Whether you’re looking for a natural gas, propane, or electric patio heater; we offer a wide assortment of outdoor heaters engineered for a variety of different purposes. Our gas patio heaters promise comfort in commercial or residential environments in a more economical, ecological and efficient way to stay warm, and most people who already employ natural gas in their house or business, choose the convenience of feeding the resource out to their heater.

Our propane patio heaters offer a tank hook-up like your outdoor grill, and require only an occasional replacement tank depending on the frequency of use, and offer the assembly-shy a convenient easy hook in-take out way to power the outdoor heat.

If you opt to purchase an electric patio heater, chances are you’re looking for the most convenient, inexpensive, maintenance-free outdoor heating device. We offer portable electric patio heaters and ones inclined towards outdoor patio areas. It all depends on how much your geographical location values electric v. gas energy. In the case that electric is less expensive, you may want to opt for the electric variety which will ignore wind gusts and produce an unfettered heat supply.

· Space

If you’re looking to save space on your patio or want to take some heat for the road without losing the heating power or radius in your patio heater, look no further: our wide collection of portable, table top, and patio space heaters will keep you warm and comfortable when your outdoor patio is quaint or those camping nights chilly. Our stainless steel weather-resistant portable patio heaters have a heat radius of up to 250 ft, supply 4,000-9,000 BTUs, and at a propane burning rate of .19 to .42 pounds per hour demonstrate efficient consumption of easy-to-find one pound propane cylinders. These beauties are all self-contained, have push button pilot ignitors, and automatic tip-over and low oxygen shut-off safety features. And when we say portable, we mean portable: these heaters only weigh a little over 8 pounds!

Our table top patio heaters are perfect for small patios and outdoor nooks. Centerpiece these stainless steel units on your outdoor table for a self-contained, no plug, no hassle, warming radius of up to 10’, producing up to 15,000 BTUs on those brisk Autumn and Spring nights. A touch of the Pushbutton Piezo Electric Igniter will have you warmed in seconds, and the automatic safety tilt shut-off engineering will deliver the reassurance you need to defy temperature and space.

· Safety

Being safe when powering up any outdoor patio heater is crucial, regardless of power supply or size. We’re talking about your house, your loved ones, your livelihood, and Mother Nature. That’s why our wide collection of outdoor patio heaters are adept with safety features to ensure the strictest precautions are taken, even when you’re not there to remember them…let’s face it…you’re human. If the heater falls prey to a wind gust or loose elbow, our Safety Tilt Shut-Off Systems will shut off the gas or electric supply if the angle is tilted more than 18 degrees. If the oxygen is running low in your patio heater, your Oxygen Depletion Sensors will pick this up and shut it down.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Taking Inside Comfort Outside: A Look at Outdoor Patio Heaters for the Home

One of the biggest trends among homeowners today is building or improving outdoor rooms around the house, such as patios and decks. According to a recent survey conducted by the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), 50 percent of homeowners in the U.S. spend more time at home now than they did five years ago. Further, 80 percent of those surveyed thought that it was very important for a home to have a relaxing outdoor room. One of the top items PERC recommends for creating the perfect outdoor room is a patio heater.

A study conducted by the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HPBA) shows that 56 percent of all grill owners, and 69 percent of gas grill owners, now grill out on a regular basis year round. By using an outdoor patio heater, or perhaps an alternative such as a chiminea, many of those people could continue to enjoy the entire outdoors experience by also eating outside during cold weather.

The Safety of Patio Heaters

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to home appliances. Patio heaters these days are very safe, and getting better all the time. Many gas heaters come with a piezo electric starter, so there is no need for matches and no pilot light. Another common safety feature is an automatic emergency shut off. If a unit with this feature is ever overturned or even hit too hard, it will instantly shut itself off.

Fuel Types

Patio heaters are manufactured to run off one of three different fuel types: propane, natural gas, or electricity. Natural gas is used for permanent, stationary heaters. Propane, conveniently available in tanks, allows a heater to be moved about. Infrared heaters are often powered by electricity, though some are run by natural gas.

Choosing Between Various Options

New types and sizes of patios heaters become available regularly. As you look through the various options below, consider your specific needs. Do you want a stationary heater, or a portable one? How much heat do you need considering the people you will entertain? Asking yourself these kinds of questions will guide you to the heater best suited to your outdoor room.

Free-standing, table-top, or wall-mounted?

Free-standing heaters are larger (about 95 inches tall) and more powerful than table-top heaters. Table-top heaters, though, because they are lighter and smaller, are also much easier to carry around, wherever you want to go. A good example of a table-top heater is the Lil Arctic Sun Original, which can radiate heat in an 8 foot diameter.

For larger groups, you might want to try the free-standing Arctic Sun Bullet, an affordable commercial grade heater that radiates heat in up to a 20 foot diameter. Infrared heaters are often quite versatile; they can be be hung on a wall, on a pole, or even possibly overhead.

Portable or stationary?

Stationary heaters are advantageous because they hook up to your natural gas lines, and so do not have tanks that need to be replaced or refilled. If you plan on moving the heater to different locations, though, you will need a portable propane model. Portable heaters can be either free-standing or table-top models. Many of the free-standing units come with hidden wheels to make movement easier.

One of the newest and most unique types of portable heaters now available is the Dayva Tiki Torch. It is small heater with a long spike that can stick in the ground or the umbrella hole of a table. This heater is perfect for camping or a late-night trip to the beach.

How much heat?

The strength of a patio heater is rated in BTU's. As an example, a 45,000 BTU heater will produce a 20 foot heat diameter. Free-standing heaters are generally more powerful than table-top heaters, and so can be used for larger groups.

In conclusion . . .

Patio heaters are a welcome and useful addition to America's increasingly outdoor lifestyle. They safely and efficiently turn chilly nights into warm, comfortable evenings, perfect for you and your family to get together and relax. After all, relaxing is one thing we just do not do enough these days.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Patio Heaters Extend Your Season

Patio heaters can change how you use your patio. As you are packing up your patio furniture and putting things away for the year, or gazing out on your patio in springtime waiting for warmer weather, do you ever wish you could get to enjoy your outdoor living space for more of the year? The addition of a patio heater can transform a chilly and uncomfortable space into a fun, lively area to enjoy until the first snowflake falls. Those extra days outdoors in comfort are now a reality.

Bring Indoor Gatherings Outside

With the comfort of a patio heater, you can take your fall suppers, Halloween parties and even Thanksgiving dinners outside. Depending on the size of your patio, you may need only one or several to provide enough warmth to allow you and your guests to enjoy time outside when you would otherwise be stuck in the house. You can invite more people and have a comfortable overflow area for everyone.

You will also become the house that everyone wants to visit. Wouldn’t it be great to sit on a warm patio with coffee and friends as you watch the kids play and keep warm in their own way? Or sans kids but with a cup of mulled cider?

Keep Warm Weather Activities Going

Eating meals outside, working from a laptop on the patio and grilling outdoors are all typical summertime activities. Many of us use our patios more during warm weather than our living rooms. With a patio heater, you can do all of those things outside, even if the weatherman is telling you to bundle up. It’s a great way for you and the whole family to be able to get a little extra fresh air and time outside.

Stave Off Seasonal Affective Disorder

Many people are negatively affected by the short winter days and by not getting enough sunlight. You can keep seasonal affective disorder (SAD) at bay by spending time on your heated patio daily during daylight hours. The patio heater ensures your comfort and will encourage you to stay out longer and soak up those much-needed rays. A great all-natural fix also for anyone with a vitamin D deficiency.

As homeowners we do many things to our home and landscaping in order to increase the enjoyment we get out of it. Adding a fire pit appeals to most people as the hypnotic allure of dancing flames is as much a joy as the welcome heat on a cool evening.

Add comfortable seating, convenient tables and you have an outside oasis. Why not enjoy your outdoor living area more often with a patio heater for those times when you just want to get outside and not have a fire, but there’s just too much chill in the air? You don’t even need to leave home. Online sites like allow you to browse the entire line of patio heaters from where you’re sitting right now.

Imagine how much fun it could be to have your next party outdoors even though the thermometer says not to. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your patio more by simply flicking a switch and leaving the heavy jackets, throws and gloves in the house? Add a patio heater today – there’s one in every size, power source and budget - and enhance your patio experience.

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Sunday, 26 July 2009

What You Need to Know About Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters are commonly seen in many houses around the world. These items help regulate the temperature especially when the climate becomes very cold. First time buyers of this item should consider many things before making the purchase. Although this item can provide the proper outdoor heating, it can also cause damages if they are not handled properly. Thus, many sites offer tips on choosing the right heater for the house. Many people have followed some of the tips, thus they experience less problems with the item they have bought. They also enjoy the temperature more since they can comfortably go outside the house.

One of the major things to consider when getting electric patio heaters is the amount of power it can generate. There are places which can become very cold thus house owners go for heaters that give maximum power. These heaters can balance the air temperature to make the people in the area more relaxed. Places that do not need too much outdoor heating can get heaters with less power. Buyers should talk with the store so that they can have an idea on how much power the heaters can give. Having a test on the item will also benefit the buyer.

The electric patio heaters would be heavily used during winter or other cold season and with that it will require maintenance work so that the heater will continually perform to its best ability. Maintenance work will ensure that the heat generated from the heater is constant with the amount of power being used. Maintenance information for the heater is usually supplied with heater or placed in a booklet that would also come with the heater. There are many buyers who discarded or ignore this information and end up causing problems later because they failed to do maintenance the proper way.

Safety should always be the most important thing to stress on whenever one uses the electric patio heater. Before using the electric heater, one should run a check on them. They should be placed in locations where they aren’t easily reached by children or won’t pose as a threat to anyone. Usually, the ideal places are higher ones. Another important thing to stress on is the fact that these electric heaters should be turned off whenever they are not in used. Apart from eliminating accidents, this will also saves electricity and energy.

Style and design of the electric patio heaters are also important for the whole outlook of the place you wish to place them. Heaters with slimmer or are practical looking are preferred for places where they are just required to blend in. There are just so many styles and designs to choose from that the outdoor heaters are even good enough to be a part of décor.

Before settling for the electric patio heaters, buyers must consult if the price of the seller is reasonable. To do this, the buyer can check the Internet for similar prices of the same product. Many auction sites are found on the Web and they may be able to help people who look for prices. There are sellers that give away these products at cheaper prices. Thus, a quick search on the Internet will give interesting results. Many people are often more interested in getting the proper outdoor heating than the brand or the price of the item. Therefore, they will visit stores until they find the cheapest item as compared with other locations.

Buying the best electric patio heater for your home is not about purchasing the most expensive and branded item you can find on the market. The above mentioned aspects need to be looked into seriously if one desires the best outdoor heating facility. Aspects like maintenance, proper planning as well as solid research beforehand will ensure that your outdoor heating facility stays in top notch condition for many years to come.

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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Patio Heaters- Do The Unthinkable

Do you know anyone who just loves to complain? Not the occasional complainer, it is more like the ones who open their mouth to say nothing else but complain. It’s like they can see nothing good in anything. Its bad enough you have to listen to them to whine about the things that ruins their day; it seems standing around them for two seconds could also ruin yours. There is just no pleasing these types of people.

If you find being around a whiner painful, being around people who are the exact opposite can be frustrating. Why wouldn’t it be so since they seems to be in another planet most of the time; a very happy and surreal one for that matter. These are the people who seem to not have one bad opinion about anything. They have the accepting temperament to almost every situation that comes their way. Certainly this type of people can’t be good either because you’ll end up frustrated with their feeling of indifference for you’ll never get the sympathy and support you need since everything is good to them.

These two groups are simply the minority of how people act in this world. The majority are people like you and me. The middles. We strike an excellent balance between these two extreme behaviors. If the sun refuses to give us a break, we would just curse under our breath and go on doing our stuff. Instead of whining about the stupid rain that came right after our Sunday ball game, we would try to get an indoor sports hall or something to compensate. For people like us, we find our way around the problem. We do not stop in the middle of our tracks and start thanking. We also do not try to force our way through. What we do is we stop and think of the perfect solution to the problem.

When faced with the situation of whether or not to have an outdoor party on a cold winter day, we’d take this as a challenge and try to turn the situation into one that is satisfying to everyone. We may not be able to magically transform a cold afternoon into a hot summer one but with a help of patio heater, can still provide a warmth to a degree that is comfortable enough for everyone to be in the outdoor and enjoy the feast..

The patio heater is one sleek invention and is naturally originates from the house radiator. Did you know that the design, which resembles mushrooms or umbrella (which is also what the heater is sometimes known as) is not just a design. It is made in such a way that it actually helps the heater to function the way it is. The gas is directed to a perforated metal screen located at the top of the post. It will eventually be surrounded with blue flames as a result of a spark triggered earlier. Heat will then be radiated in a circular motion. Heat is maximized with the help of a reflector located at the top of the burner.

With the help of patio heater, an outdoor winter party is not something impossible to have. You will be aware that the cold wind is blowing at your face but you will also acknowledge the warm breeze that is slowly taking over the space. With the help of patio heaters, no one will have to be locked indoors anymore.

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Patio Heaters and Patio Umbrellas – Heat and Shade For Your Patios

What most people do not know about patio umbrellas is that they ward off the rays of the sun and also shield us from light precipitation as well as dry autumnal leaves. Patio Umbrellas are a low-budget answer to your shade requirement in your lawns, backyard or poolside. While ready-to-buy patio umbrellas are a popular choice, a handful of customers do go for the designer umbrellas. In such cases, patio umbrellas can be custom-made to meet the exact consumer needs. Though designer stuff will surely cost more than the ordinary patio umbrellas.

The framework of typical patio umbrellas can be made of wood or aluminum. A standard patio umbrella carries the following features:

o Crank

o Button

o Pulley

o Collar tilting mechanisms

Patio umbrellas add a dollop of class and elegance to your outdoor décor theme. Patio umbrellas may well be the cynosure of all eyes among the other patio furniture. While purchasing the patio umbrellas, ensure that their design and color matches with the scheme of your patio cushions. If base of the patio umbrella is not weighty enough, gales of winds might blow them off. Hence, patio umbrella base must be sturdy enough to withstand winds. Be alert during patio umbrella sales. Take care you are not being sold a defective piece.

Patio umbrellas can be a very good means of advertisement. Usually, companies have their logos and slogans printed on the patio umbrellas. Wooden patio umbrellas give an aesthetic look to the outdoors. They have a pulley system that limits its versatility. Patio umbrellas can be either table mounted or ground mounted. For the table mounted patio umbrellas, there is a provision on the center of the table for the attachment. Sometimes, the patio umbrellas do not come with good stands, due to which you might need to buy one separately from the market.

Patio umbrellas are made of special materials that render them weather-resistant. Also, one must remember to tilt the umbrella. All good patio umbrellas come with the tilt feature so that the patio umbrellas may be inclined as required against the sun. It is not difficult to take care of patio umbrellas as they can be washed with any common detergent and water. Interval washing of patio umbrellas helps retain it for longer times. Patio umbrellas having metal poles need special care so that they are not eroded by environmental action.

Patio umbrellas are a must for the summer season; however, in the winter months more than patio umbrellas, you will need patio heaters. These heaters can convert a cold chilly winter evening into a warm one. Patio heaters are the best way to extend your summer and enjoy the open. Normally, the patio heaters can warm up the 10 to 15 foot radius by ten to fifteen degrees. These heaters are ideal for domestic and commercial purposes. In the domestic scenario, they are used in the lawns, backyard, poolside, and decks.

In out-and-out commercial settings, patio heaters find themselves warming outdoor restaurants, pubs and other recreation joints. Electricity as well as gases may be used to fuel patio heaters. Electric patio heaters utilize radiation to spread the warmth. They are good as they are unbothered by gusts of winds. However, they do increase the electricity bill. Larger-sized electric heaters are characterized by more power needs. Alternatively, size of electric patio heaters and the electricity they consume are in tandem.

Gas patio heaters utilize propane gas to give heat. Gas patio heaters have greater transportability than their electricity-fuelled cousins. Electric heaters can warm efficiently smaller areas of 10-25 feet. For areas beyond, gas heaters can be utilized. Some designs of gas heaters resemble mushrooms in shape, and are thus called as mushroom heaters sometimes. Natural gas may also be used as fuel in gas patio heaters. Propane as well as natural gas are quite cheap and hence used frequently.

Patio umbrellas and patio heaters are a must if you are having an outdoor party. Patio umbrellas are needed for the bright summers and the patio heaters for the cold winters. Patio umbrellas and patio heaters have the same goal—to provide comfort to the guests and family members.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Live in Style and Comfort - With Outdoor Heaters Or Gas Patio Heaters

Lets consider why you may need to purchase outdoor heaters. Obviously, the heater is much neater and cleaner, has no weird smells (as compared to fire pits and chimneys)! Of course, it is reasonable to pay for the gas it takes to fuel your heater or, electricity if you are using an electrical heater.

The heater should be placed a round walls or gates. This is because of its vulnerability to the wind. The distance should be kept at about 2 feet.

The outdoor heaters can also be portable. This will surely benefit you as the heaters can then be moved around.

If you are thinking about affordability, consider how many ways your outdoor heaters can be put to use; for when it feels a little chilly to enjoy the fresh outside air just when you would like to take a break, as you are working outside such as gardening, when you are having a party like a barbecue session, for guests who smoke and anytime of the year when the season is just a little chilly for you. So much comfort that you can take for granted which you will surely miss if you suddenly had to do without outdoor heaters. Is it worth it? Definitely. What is more, so many to choose from so that you can customize it to your experience, not the other way round.

If you happen to have a natural gas line in your living quarters, why not get gas patio heaters? This is especially if you do not have an electrical point outdoors. The convenience for you is that you do not have to refuel the heater yourself and of course, natural gas is easier on the wallet. So hey, you don't have to limit its usage; peace of mind for you.

The con is that most gas patio heaters are permanently mounted, so that you cannot move it around to wherever you feel needs heat. Therefore, you need to plan prior to the installation of the heater in order to maximize its usage. Still, you can find some portable types that run on gas but as they remain connected to your gas lines, there is a limit as to how much you can move the heater around.

Talking about budget, it is easy to compare prices when you are shopping online. It can all be done in a few minutes if you are very focused, right in front of your computer. Talk about time and energy saving!

Gas patios are easy to operate. They need to be filled with fuel, and by turning it on, the fuel will flow to the coil and will produce the heat you want. On top of that, gas heaters are the easiest to use.

You need not worry if the heaters get knocked over. They have an auto switch–off feature that will prevent accidents from happening. Apart form that, they have emergency cut-off valves, electronic ignitions, sealed burners and flame controls which are all included in the safety feature.

How powerful are gas patio heaters, are dependent on its BTU, which is between 40,000 and 50,000. As always, be informed in the gas heater that you are planning to purchase and don't take for granted that a higher expense means a better choice for you. You need to match the heater to what you want to accomplish.

Just in case you want to be sure of the gas supply, get yourself a magnetic gas level indicator.

The gas heater will make your patio more inviting and even impressive. The heater also comes with a clip on regulator. This is more than a good reason to choose this version of heater.

The heater needs to be checked now and again for leakage. Also, be very careful of where you place the heater. it can be very hot so you should not place it a place where people might run into the heater.

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Enjoy the Outdoors - With Patio Heaters Or Propane Heaters

The love of the outdoor does not only stop at your own backyard. You can also bring the warmth of patio heaters to the office. The staff will love this new warm and cozy environment outside and it can even give them some sort of moral boost. The heaters have also attracting people at outdoor dining spots.

Then again, there are bound to be smokers around. Since they cannot very well smoke indoors, the outdoors need to be at least equipped with patio heaters.

Compared to matches, one should use electric starters as matches can be quite dangerous.

You can expect a coverage of between 10 and 20 feet in radius and between 10 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit raise in temperature.

You can find heaters that are mounted high on the wall in order to facilitate the downwards blowing of the heat. You can also find heaters that are attached to the ceiling. As well, free standing ones.

It is a good idea to get heaters that switch off automatically upon reaching the desired temperature. Wood heaters are quite commonly used or, you can choose to have a copper fire pit or stainless steel heater. Not to worry, the flame is always kept within by a protective grate. Better yet, you can use your own firewood, making these affordable. Just be aware of your local laws regarding wood combustion.

Cover the your outdoor heaters for protection.

The patio heaters are not suitable for winters, but fall and spring. They radiate heat which heats up the area not the air. This is cheaper unlike convection which do use up a lot of energy to heat up the air and thus less effect on the area.

Patio heaters can cost anywhere between $100 and $300. You will want to watch out for safety features like emergency cut off valves, flame controllers, sealed burners, tilt switches, etc. New heaters will have these features incorporated, but the old ones may not.

The patio heaters that are in antique bronze or stainless steel will look very stylish indeed.

The propane gas heaters are actually contained heat that runs on propane gas tanks. They also come in a unique design. Without a doubt, these heaters which look like antique lamp posts will definitely look superb in your garden.

There are a lot of style to choose from for propane heaters. Choosing should depend on the area you want to heat and how you will use it.

The amount of heat a propane heater will release depends on the BTU that is the British Thermal Unit. The highest BTU unit is between 40,000 and 46,000. Thus, the heaters can heat the area of up to 175 square foot.

The BTU is the quantity of heat vital to increase temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. Higher BTU would mean warmer temperature; however, this also depends on the design of the heater to heat certain amount of space.

How much heat you can feel also depends some on the surroundings. When walls and gates can shield the area from the wind and trap heat within, the heating capacity can be optimum.

The propane heaters will need 18 inches clearance on the ceilings.

Propane heaters can also be in a movable version. They come with wheels and therefore useful especially on bad weather days. Therefore, with this type of heater, you can choose between movable or permanent ones. Table top propane heaters are also affordable however, getting the heaters depend on how you intend to use it.

The propane heaters use the same fuel as the ones used for barbecues. They will not require installation by specialists. You will only need them if you are installing heaters that use electricity or gas line.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Infrared Patio Heaters

In all workplaces and even home patios there are areas where the temperature is considerably lower than others, and this can lead to problems both with staff morale or visitors, and also with the performance of certain materials that require specific conditions. In order to create a more correct balance of temperature throughout the buildings, it is possible to install industrial patio heaters where appropriate in order to ensure that particular areas can be heated to the correct temperature for both staff and materials.

Uneven temperatures across a workplace patio such as an industrial environment can have unpredictable consequences. Under conditions where the temperature varies by more than a few degrees from one area to another, materials being transported between the two areas can buckle and become misshapen. Even a very minor difference in temperature can have serious effects when using high tolerances. Small defects in components can have a very profound effect on the way that they fit together and cause major problems with the overall quality of items that would not be foreseen during the design process.

By maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the workplace or home patio, avoiding the above problems is simple, and the best way of managing the climate throughout the building is to install infrared patio heaters as appropriate. Rather than undergoing the expense of a large integrated climate control system that must be centrally controlled, fitting heaters in areas where they are needed will allow staff to control the temperature to make sure that it is consistent throughout the building.

In addition to concerns about material performance, visitor or staff comfort is also a major concern for any employer. Staff working at low temperatures are likely to be uncomfortable, and this will cause major productivity and morale issues that need to be addressed. Ensuring that the workforce have access to heating when they need it can by pass this problem entirely, and because industrial patio heaters can be switched on and off by staff as they need them, the running costs can be kept relatively low in comparison with other forms of heating that are fixed throughout the building.

There are various different designs of home & industrial patio heater available, and selecting the right product for your needs is simple. You can choose from a range of different products to fit different environments. Choose from either roof mounted heaters that produce a large amount of heat that is directed down into a specific area, or alternatively, opt for free standing portable heaters that can be moved into the right place within the workplace for optimum effect.

Industrial patio heaters are lightweight and compatible with either 120 volt, 240 volt, and even 480 volt power supplies. Power levels of up to 13.5 kilowatts are available, which means that these devices are able to produce sufficient heat to quickly warm an area by several degrees in a matter of a few minutes. For a cost effective and convenient solution to your workplace heating needs, you will struggle to find a better option than these devices.

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Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are a fairly recent development. They can make life outside more enjoyable in those chilly evenings in late summer and fall.

A Barbecue in the evening is one of the summer pleasures of life. So many summer evenings turn cold though that you do not do this as often as you would like to. Imagine being able to eat outside for 52 weeks of the year if you choose. A patio heater will not do anything to protect you from wind and rain though, so to be realistic you could eat outside through many spring and fall evenings, rather than just the few weeks in summer.

I can still remember turning the spit on the barbecue by hand as a child, with a couple of chickens cooking slowly. There is nothing like eating outdoors to whet the appetite. The food and beer tastes so much better.

You may prefer to use your new heater just to admire the stars, of course, or for romantic evenings with your partner.

Once you have a heated outside area there are all kinds of uses that it can be put to. It really does extend your living space for a very small cost.

You could make a heated smoking area outside and ban tobacco smoking in the home. Many bars, hotels and theaters do this where there is a ban on smoking inside in public places.

You could use your barbecue outside, then eat inside. You could go out there and sulk in comfort. You could have a popcorn maker out there, in a covered area and have popcorn much more often.

You can choose between electric and propane gas fuelled patio heaters. Electric ones are suitable where they can be wired into a covered area, otherwise the propane fuelled heaters are more suitable for most people.

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Have Some Idea About Patio Heaters And Heat Lamps

In business sector, one must keep constant observation on production side. And for that the necessary energy and power must be supplied. One of the inevitable things that must be present in a company which fall under Commercial Appliances is nothing but generator. It is a fact that having a constant power supply can help companies to make more profits. Knowing the energy requirement the company can fix which kind of generator should be suitable for the company. By doing so, they can finalize the machine which can run their business smoothly with no disturbance. The features of the generator that are under considerations are the generator must have overhead valves, produce less noise and easier to operate. Diesel powered generators are more expensive but they are comparatively more durable also. On the other hand electric generators provide constant power supply for the operations of the company work.

People who live in hotter region do not need home heating appliances. On the other hand cold regions or during winter it is essential to arrange home heating. Patio Heaters are for outdoor space and it is installed anywhere in outdoor. It is impossible to stay outside during cool weather but with the help of Patio Heaters you can enjoy a warm weather and have nice dining with your family. What kind of patio heater you are going to buy. If you are looking for temporary or removable heater then there are lots of options for that. But if you are looking for permanent one then also you can also have variety of options to buy. During you buy do not forget to check its safety features. There is a wide variety of patio heater that includes stylish cast iron or a stainless steel heater.

Heat Lamps are the light bulbs that are for creating heats. Such lamps are used in shower and bathrooms in order to warm bathers and also in kitchen areas of restaurant to maintain the warmness of the food before serving. Other than this it is also used for animal husbandry and various medical treatments.

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Outdoor Patio Heaters: A Great Commercial Asset

British pubs and restaurants are about to be faced with a dilemma. In Scotland by 2006, and in England by 2008, smoking inside businesses that serve food will be outlawed. During the summer smokers can sit outside on patios, decks, or in gardens. But when the weather turns cold, many smokers will likely stay home rather than eat-out, seriously damaging the restaurant business.

In response to this problem, many in the British food industry are investing in outdoor patio heaters. A recent poll conducted by Calor shows why: 76 percent of customers are more likely to go to a pub that has patio heaters in the beer garden than one that does not. Thus, by using patio heaters, restaurants and pubs can provide for their smoking customers and prevent drops in their revenues during the colder seasons.

Local laws on smoking vary in the United States, but in many places, patio heaters could be used in a similar way. Aside from helping smokers, heaters can also keep outside tables useful during the holiday season rush. In fact, outdoor patio heaters can be a great asset to any restaurant or pub with outdoor rooms, for many different reasons.

Patio Heater Fuel Types

There are three fuel types used to power patio heaters: natural gas, propane, and electricity. For restaurants, natural gas could be the best choice because the heater hooks up to the gas lines and never needs refueling. Natural gas heaters cannot be moved, however. If you plan to move the heater, for catering or other purposes, propane heaters may be the best choice. They run on tanks and can be set up in about 10 minutes.

Patio Heater Safety Features

Of course, safety is always a major concern for businesses. Many patio heaters are built with this concern in mind, and so come with excellent safety features. One important feature is an automatic emergency shut off. If the heater is turned over, or even hit too hard, it automatically turns off. Another common feature is a piezo electric starter, which does not require a pilot light.

Choosing Between Various Patio Heater Options

When looking through the various commercial grade heaters, one of the most important considerations is the heater's power, which is rated in BTU's. The average heater rates at about 45,000 BTU's, enough to make a 20 foot heat circle. Another factor is style. The heater should fit comfortably with the decor of your establishment, whether traditional or modern. The Arctic Sun Original, for example, has a traditional elegance, reminiscent of a classic iron lamp post. The Dayva Premier, on the other hand, has a very modern, possibly even futuristic, look.

A Couple of Tips

If you plan on moving the heater, be sure to get a model with wheels. The wheels are often hidden, and so do not affect appearance.

Having too much wind where you put the heater can adversely affect its performance. This problem can be solved rather easily, though, by using screens, shades, or other wind breakers.

An Asset to Restaurants

Patio heaters have undoubtedly proved their usefulness to restaurants and pubs. Fortunately, as their popularity has increased in recent years they have become much more affordable. So it is now easier than ever to use patio heaters to help your business maintain old patrons and gain new ones.

Ceiling Patio Heaters

It is unavoidable, Fall is coming and we like to enjoy the outdoors as long as possible. As Fall is drawing near, outside living enthusiasts like us like to extent their season.

And when winter is over and the first signs of Spring are there we want to enjoy our patio again.

Patio Heaters are a solution, and the type we discuss here are actually my favorite.

Ceiling patio heaters make a good alternative to portable patio heaters. Because they are permanently installed, none of the storage or maintenance problems associated with portable heaters are encountered. Simply turn the switch and the ceiling heater provides enough heat to keep you and your guests comfortable.

Ceiling heaters can be powered by either electricity or gas. If you use natural gas for heating your house, it's a natural extension to install natural gas ceiling heaters on your patio. However, if you don't have a natural gas feed, you can still install electric or propane ceiling heaters.

Many models of ceiling heaters for your patio operate with radiant heat. This efficient heating method heats objects and people without heating the air in between. This increases their deficiency and also means that the heaters are effective even on windy days.

There are many different styles of ceiling heaters for your patio. Some models hang from the ceiling and distribute the heat with a reflecting dome similar to the ones found in portable patio heaters. This type of ceiling heater usually uses propane or natural gas as the fuel source.

Electric ceiling heaters can be mounted directly on the ceiling for the most efficient use of space. They are safe to use indoors, so if you wish to enclose a portion of your patio for the winter season it can be heated with an electric heater.

Despite their ability to heat fairly large spaces, electric ceiling heaters are economical to operate. They are very efficient and are a good alternative when gas cannot be used for heating your patio. Their heat output can be adjusted with a heat regulator.

Another advantage of electric heaters is that they are silent and require no venting. Gas heaters usually hiss when they operate and they usually require a venting system to avoid the buildup of dangerous byproducts. If you have plenty of ventilation, then a venting system is not necessary, but if you use a gas heater in an enclosed or semi-enclosed area you should provide adequate venting.

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