Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Is a Gas Patio Heater Right For Your Backyard?

We've all seen gas patio heaters, the impressively tall, torch-like heaters, at fancy clubs or restaurants. Thankfully, it's easier than ever to bring these luxurious heaters to your own home due to recent price drops and more efficient units.

If you don't get as much use out of your patio or deck in the chilly fall months, gas patio heaters can safely and efficiently help you to reclaim use of your outdoor living spaces. If you're trying to heat an outdoor area such as a poolside, a patio, or an outdoor eating area, their large domed heating element helps to efficiently disperse heat over a large area. Because patio heaters warm radiantly, they heat the objects around them rather than heating the surrounding air. Radiant heat allows the heaters to focus warmth where it's needed the most, and doesn't waste energy warming air outdoors.

You've likely come across the free-standing, tall gas patio heaters before. However, there are also smaller, cheaper table-top models available. They are lighter and more portable, and run on the smaller 1 lb. propane cylinders (as opposed to the 20 lb. cylinders common with the free-standing units.

Being smaller, these table-top heaters won't give off the radius of heat that the larger models are capable of. If you are only looking to heat a smaller area, such as a handful of guests at a patio table, these smaller models may be just right.

Most patio heaters use a parabolic reflector to focus the heat from the element. However, if you need to further focus the heat, some heaters feature an adjustable reflector to direct heat where you need it. Calor makes the Sahara model heater that features a tilt-adjustable reflector.

For providing heat during a party or BBQ, patio heaters are incredible. But please take note -- As potentially dangerous gases are exhausted from the burning of propane, improper operation can be hazardous. Propane heaters should only be operated in a properly ventilated area. Please be sure that you follow all safety instructions for your heater model.

To help keep your family safe while using your heater, look for a heater that features a tip sensor. These smart sensors detect if the heater has been tipped over and instantly cut off the heating element. If pets or children will be playing near your heater, you'll definitely want to look for this safety feature.

Want the luxury of a patio heater without the luxurious price? Checkout the Living Accent's 89$" stainless steel patio heater. With this model's stainless steel housing and safety feature set, the $299 price tag at Amazon is a fantastic deal. A nice bonus with this model are the built-in wheels in the base of the unit, allowing for easy moving. These wheels basically create a portable space heater for your backyard!

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