Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Buying a Commercial Patio Heater

You only need to browse the internet and you will see many many differences between the various websites selling commercial patio heaters. You can find many suppliers who sell products from books to toys to computers, selling heaters These type of suppliers will sell heaters including garden patio heaters, stainless steel patio heaters and even infrared patio heaters, but what you will find is that they lack any kind of after sales support. You must avoid this type of seller, and if you can, give them a call to find out what sort of support they give. The last 10 years on the commercial patio-heater market has seen numerous traders coming into the market and disappearing just as quickly.

These days, heaters vary so much in their design, the fittings and their functions, that fly by night traders, sell the cheapest, as they believe that all heaters are the same. Only buy your patio heater from a trusted professional. Because of the variety in patio-heaters, these inexperienced traders will sell you a very dated and shabby designed heater, which will invariably end up rusting after a few months when left outside. This is a good reason why you need to buy a fairly substantial stainless steel patio-heater.

You should also ask your supplier about spare parts - do they carry a large of supply of parts, or do you need to go direct to the manufacturer? Another question to ask is - Do they accept heaters for repair or do they simply send them away. These are the type of things you should ask. A very good question to ask your supplier is -"is the whole burner made from stainless steel or is it just the flame screen". If they know the answer for sure and it is the whole burner, then you can be certain that they are a reputable dealer. Remember buying on the internet is easy, but please do your research before you make your decisions.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Patio Heaters - Adding Warmth to Your Outdoor Gatherings

Ever wanted to have a hot coffee on your patio with your loved one, on a winter night watching the snow falling around you? Bet the freezing cold stopped you from enjoying such a precious moment! Well, you needn't be disappointed any more. Patio heaters can bring warmth to your patios in the house or garden, irrespective of the weather.

Patio heaters are of different types, mainly, the spot heaters that can send the heat to one spot or the radiant heaters that can heat up the entire patio. Also, depending on the type of energy used, they are classified into electric heaters and propane heaters. Electric heaters create no odour and might take time to reach the required temperature while propane heaters are fuel efficient and safe. These devices are now available in different colours, sizes and patterns.

The first step to purchase the heater is to assess your requirements. Where do you want to install the heater? Do you want a radiant heater than can spread the heat everywhere in the patio equally? What is your budget for the heater? Do you want to go for the decorative heaters with intricate designs? You could ask for suggestions from the local interior store or the Internet. Online search can give you information on various types, sizes, designs and shapes of heaters. You'll also get an idea on the price of these patio heaters by checking out different online stores that sell them.

As their name suggests, patio heaters are mainly intended for outdoors. They come in different shapes like umbrella and mushroom and can be installed quite easily. Patio heaters are mostly found in restaurants, pubs and hotels where customers spend time outdoor with friends and family with no need to concern about the weather conditions. A patio heater, whichever type it is, undoubtedly meets your need of using your patio at all seasons.

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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space With the Majestic Patio Heaters

Well, if you are living in a cold region are and you want to enjoy a warm ambiance, then patio heaters would be the perfect alternative for you. You can simply make your home exterior space more appealing and graceful with the help of efficient patio heaters. Well, I would like to bring this to your notice that patio heaters are available in a vast variety in the market nowadays because they are well enhanced with numerous benefits and advantageous features. These equipments are very much durable and attractive. You can simply provide a warm touch to your house during the winter season with the help of patio heaters.

You can easily extend your outdoor enjoyment during the winters with the help of outdoor patio heaters. They are capable of creating a warm ambiance. It simply means that you can easily purchase these efficient heaters for your homes if you want to enjoy warm ambiance during the winter season with your family members and relatives. A simple or unsophisticated heaters can simply help you in enjoying a warm climate and it can also make your outdoors comfortable. A high efficient furnaces can easily create an oasis of warmth during the chilled winter nights.

They are available in various types in the market. Below mentioned are some of the major types of furnaces through which you can simply add tranquility to your outdoor space during the winter season.

1. Electric Patio Heaters
If you want to install a courtyard furnace in an enclosed patio or garage, then the electric furnaces or heaters would be the perfect option for you. These equipments are available in various shapes, sizes and designs in the market. These equipments simply take the help of electricity. Well, I would like to tell you that courtyard furnaces mainly use the radiant heat for broadcasting warmth in the surroundings.

Electric heaters or furnaces are not at all designed for heating the surroundings. They are mainly designed for heating the peoples with the help of the radiant heat. They are not at all complicated and you can easily install them by yourself. You should always consider the placement of these equipments carefully because once these equipments are installed, you cannot change their position.

2. Propane Patio Heaters
Propane courtyard furnaces are also becoming more and more popular nowadays. These equipments are mainly favored by various commercial establishments and restaurants. These equipments are well enhanced with a propane tank. It has been observed that propane heaters are very much efficient as compared to the electric courtyard furnaces. They can easily make your patio areas comfortable with the help of warm temperature. These heaters or furnaces are available in various sizes in the market. You can simply purchase them according to the free space.

3. Natural Gas Patio Heaters
They are also the most efficient equipments and they mainly take the help of the natural gas. They are very much cost effective as compared to other models and they also possess easy features. You can easily operate them because they are not at all complicated.

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Is a Gas Patio Heater Right For Your Backyard?

We've all seen gas patio heaters, the impressively tall, torch-like heaters, at fancy clubs or restaurants. Thankfully, it's easier than ever to bring these luxurious heaters to your own home due to recent price drops and more efficient units.

If you don't get as much use out of your patio or deck in the chilly fall months, gas patio heaters can safely and efficiently help you to reclaim use of your outdoor living spaces. If you're trying to heat an outdoor area such as a poolside, a patio, or an outdoor eating area, their large domed heating element helps to efficiently disperse heat over a large area. Because patio heaters warm radiantly, they heat the objects around them rather than heating the surrounding air. Radiant heat allows the heaters to focus warmth where it's needed the most, and doesn't waste energy warming air outdoors.

You've likely come across the free-standing, tall gas patio heaters before. However, there are also smaller, cheaper table-top models available. They are lighter and more portable, and run on the smaller 1 lb. propane cylinders (as opposed to the 20 lb. cylinders common with the free-standing units.

Being smaller, these table-top heaters won't give off the radius of heat that the larger models are capable of. If you are only looking to heat a smaller area, such as a handful of guests at a patio table, these smaller models may be just right.

Most patio heaters use a parabolic reflector to focus the heat from the element. However, if you need to further focus the heat, some heaters feature an adjustable reflector to direct heat where you need it. Calor makes the Sahara model heater that features a tilt-adjustable reflector.

For providing heat during a party or BBQ, patio heaters are incredible. But please take note -- As potentially dangerous gases are exhausted from the burning of propane, improper operation can be hazardous. Propane heaters should only be operated in a properly ventilated area. Please be sure that you follow all safety instructions for your heater model.

To help keep your family safe while using your heater, look for a heater that features a tip sensor. These smart sensors detect if the heater has been tipped over and instantly cut off the heating element. If pets or children will be playing near your heater, you'll definitely want to look for this safety feature.

Want the luxury of a patio heater without the luxurious price? Checkout the Living Accent's 89$" stainless steel patio heater. With this model's stainless steel housing and safety feature set, the $299 price tag at Amazon is a fantastic deal. A nice bonus with this model are the built-in wheels in the base of the unit, allowing for easy moving. These wheels basically create a portable space heater for your backyard!

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Friday, 4 March 2011

Buy a Designer Patio Heater But Make Sure it Functions Properly

A patio heater is a must when you plan to spend your winters outdoors, especially when you want to host outdoor parties during winter. No one will enjoy your party if you do not make proper arrangements for an outdoor party during the winter. When invited for an outdoor party your guest will be scared thinking of the chill breeze. So, when inviting them you can make mention that you have taken care of the arrangements by installing patio heaters. When you see your guests having fun outdoors in spite of the chill weather, you be will be very proud of the initiative you have taken.

Before purchasing your patio heater make sure that you see and learn the way the patio heater functions. Mostly your get these heaters in the model of a mushroom or an umbrella. These heaters are very good to keep at home as they generate heat so that you can keep yourself warm during the winter. If you plan to have outdoor parties then it is compulsory that you also have a patio heater. These patio heaters are uniquely shaped with a burner that is set on the top of the post which burns LPG or propane gas. Its flames direct against the perforated metal screen which produce heat.

The reason why these patio heaters are famous is because it helps to keep warm during winter. This heater produces heat which is radiated from the surface of screen in a special circular pattern. These heater have reflector that on top of the burner which helps in reflecting the heat constantly. You should have a watch on the heater. Should have know all the key features that make this work. If you want to heat your home properly and stay warm outdoors even during the winter then a patio heater is a must for you.

There are different kind of commercial umbrellas available in the market and that is one of the reason why it s so popular. When you have decided to buy a commercial patio umbrella, explore the different options that's available and once you do that compare the prices and try and make the best deal possible. When buying the outdoor umbrella always check and see if they are made with an excellent raw material. Also it is advisable to look for matchless fiberglass umbrella frames that makes for the best commercial use to these products.

When buying a commercial outdoor umbrellas remember this will be used outdoors and you need one strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather. There are so many varieties of these outdoor commercial umbrellas available that usually people get so confused and don't know which one to choose. You get the umbrellas available in different types of designed vibrant fabrics which you can select when ordering for any particular commercial outdoor umbrella. The area where you plan to install this umbrellas should be well decorated. When using these umbrellas for a commercial purpose then you will need a tougher umbrella.

If you want the best then you should not compromise with the product by using any economical items. Your selection of the commercial outdoor umbrellas must be based upon the quality and perfect selection. When you are planning your business venture and when you know you will be having lots of people using this commercial umbrellas you should be extra careful when selecting these, since this not only provides share but also will protect your furniture as well. If you want to can buy a umbrella which does not require any extra maintenance. If you want your umbrella to last for a longer time make sure to get a umbrella with a god quality and make sure to maintain it well.

Using the gas patio heaters is not a new trend. These heaters were always been there ever since the launch of outdoor heaters. You can find these heaters available in both traditional and modern designs. You can these heaters coming in a wide range of designs and these are considered to be very excellent devices to make the room or the outdoor locations warm. The most excellent benefit of these heaters is that they do not pollute the environment. You can use burning natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas that will hardly create any problem to the environment and you can be glad that everything is working fine with this initiative of yours.

Gas patio heaters are designed for both purposes of individual and commercial use. You can make good choice of them as they remain economical in price and cost incurred in their functioning is nominal. Such heaters work with the natural process unlike electric heaters and their flames keep heating air once gas burns. Heated air keeps whole environment warm where gas patio heaters are installed. But whenever you use them make sure that you have read the user manual carefully. You would understand the safety measures by knowing such details.

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