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The New Face of Propane Patio Heaters

If you are looking for something a bit more stylish than the traditional dome-style patio heaters I found a great new product. It is a patio heater that looks great and works a bit differently than other patio heaters.

How it looks

This heater has a hammer coated bronze finish that will really add style to any outdoor space. The propane tank fits inside the base of the heater so it is completely hidden from view. Above the housing for the propane tank you will see a very decorate cover that shields the infrared heating unit which provides 160 degrees of warmth. At the top of this unit you will find a chimney-looking piece that actually contains a gas light which provides some soft lighting which adds to the ambience of any event. The whole unit is one of the most attractive patio heaters I have seen and is sure to be a conversation piece at your next party.

How it works

With most dome-style patio heaters, propane fuel is run through at small cylinder to the burner located at the top of the unit. The dome shaped cover reflects heat down warming the air around the heater which in turn warms the people around the heater. With this new style heater, the infrared burner is located much lower on the unit. By bringing the heating source closer to the objects or people you are trying to heat you are increasing the effectiveness of the heater. Also, infrared heaters heat objects directly and not the air around them so it is a very efficient heater.

Other great features

Other great features of this heater include adjustable heat output, easy start electronic ignition and integrated wheels for easy mobility. The adjustable heat output allows you to change the heat output from 20,000 btu's to 36,500 btu's. This feature is great if you do not need maximum heat at all times. The easy start electronic ignition runs off of batteries, which are included, and allows you to light your heater with a simple push of a button. The ignition is located towards the bottom of the unit so you do not need to stretch or utilize a step stool to light your heater. The integrated wheels are a great feature that makes moving the heater around your patio really easy.

Patio Heaters - Experience A Longer Summer In Your Backyard

During summer, there is nothing better than relaxing out in your patio and basking in the warmth of the sun. But when fall approaches, and the temperature starts to drop, people usually pack up their lounge chairs and hang out inside the house more often.

With patio heaters, you can lengthen the summer in your backyard and keep communing with nature while your neighbors are already starting to prepare their fireplaces for the impending cold season.

Summer can also come early at your place if you have a patio heater. During springtime, you can use your patio heater so you can beat the chilly weather and stay out in your patio. This way, you can appreciate the flowers blooming in your garden at a much closer range.

Choosing a patio heater will not be too difficult. There are various designs available to match every kind of patio. They do not cost much either. Most patio heaters are quite reasonably priced, and if you spend considerable time on your patio the whole year round, then purchasing a patio heater is definitely worth it.

There are two kinds of patio heaters you may select from. You can opt for the compact tabletop heater, which is capable of warming up an area up to 10 feet away from it. If you want more warmth, you can choose the standalone patio heater, which is larger, but can warm up areas up to 20 feet away.

If your patio is often used for family gatherings or any other event that involves a lot of socializing, the standalone patio heater would be the better choice for you. It provides more warmth and reaches a wider range. This is particularly useful when people are milling around constantly and do not stay in one place the entire night.

But even though you choose to buy the standalone model, you could also keep a tabletop heater which you can use when you are relaxing by yourself in your patio, or when you have a small group of friends sitting together at the table. There's no sense using a standalone model for these occasions, when a smaller patio heaters will do.

No matter what kind of patio heater you end up buying, having one will definitely open your patio to more possibilities. Now, you are not limited to going out only in the summer. With a patio heater, you can stay out in the patio almost any time of the year.

Gas Patio Heaters - Enjoy Your Garden Well Into the Evening

If you live in a part of the world which gets cold at night, not just in winter but also in the summer, then a patio heater will help you to make full use of your garden. Just because you live in an area where that doesn't experience tropical weather all year round doesn't mean you can't enjoy your garden with friends and family. One of the best ways to heat an outdoor area is to buy a gas patio heater.

What Is It?

Gas patio heaters are pretty self explanatory in that they will heat your patio area using gas for power. If you don't have access to an outside electrical point then gas is your best option. Models of gas patio heater generally use either propane or butane.

How It Works

A gas patio heater works very easily. You simply fill it with fuel and turn it on, and the fuel will heat the coils that produce the heat. There is nothing difficult about it and there is no risk of causing a fire if it is accidentally knocked over.

If you want to make sure that your gas supply doesn't run out then you can buy a magnetic gas level indicator. This will certainly save you from embarrassment if you have guests over for dinner! The gas level indicator may already come with your gas patio heater but double check to make sure. Also check to see whether the gas heater you use come with a clip-on regulator.

The only problem with a gas garden patio heater is that it will get very hot, and so you have to be careful to put it in place where it will not be bumped, or where people will not run into it. You also need to make sure that you are checking to make sure that it isn't leaking. In a nutshell, gas patio heaters will allow you to make full use of your garden whatever the season.

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