Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Buying a Patio Heater With Confidence

Outdoor patio heaters can be found on offer at numerous E-commerce stores as well as major brick and mortar stores. The question then becomes where to buy from and more importantly which brand is going to give the best bang for the buck. Another very important consideration is the fuel source that you have available to you at your location.

Price isn't everything - Test their Outdoor Heater Knowledge

Where to buy from - it is so important to be sure of all of the needs above are dealt with that you should ask questions and run as fast as you can if you are not given specific answers that you can verify. On-line stores generally offer best pricing, but I recommend that you call and speak with their customer service as you do need to ask the questions. If they do not appear to be knowledgeable about the product call another company.

Which Outdoor Patio Heater is Right

Look for outdoor electric and gas heaters that operate on the principal of generating the heat via infra-red rays. The benefit of this that the heat generated does not heat the air but heats the object. The object being, the human body, concrete/tile floor etc. One should also be aware that although gas heaters are sold as infra-red heaters, for them to operate in this manner, they need to be run on their high heat setting.

Which is the correct heater for your needs - outside heaters are available in versions running off liquid propane, natural gas and electricity. From a cost of running perspective, natural gas is generally the most cost effective followed by the other two forms at about an equal cost? For the casual user the cost of running will not be a significant issue due to the generally low hours that the heater is used for on a daily basis. For commercial installations this can very quickly become an issue. Both electric and gas heaters come in formats that are free standing or wall mounted. Where possible a wall mounted heater is the preferred choice due to the fact that you then free up floor space and avoid loose wires or gas feeds to trip on.

Outdoor Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are available predominantly in 120V or 240V format. The power rating of the heater is limited by the voltage. You therefore will not see 120V heaters running at more than 1500W which is equivalent to most ladies hair dryers. These 120V heaters are mostly used where you have one or two chairs closely situated and you would place the heater next to the chair or between them and receive very localized heat. In moving up to 240v electric supply your power options increase substantially with the 6000W heater generally being about the most powerful unit that you will find. At this point it becomes very important that you select the correct heater based on your criteria. You need to look at the height at which you will be able to install the heater, how large an area you want to heat and what your prevailing temperature will be at the time that you want to use the heater. With outdoor electric heaters matching the heater to the installation height is critical. By not being aware of this criterion you will invariably find that you have less heat than what you expected or needed or if the heater is too powerful for the installation height, you will constantly be uncomfortable with a feeling of being overheated or worse yet cooked. It is best practice to install a heater that is slightly more powerful than what you estimated your need to be and then be sure to use a controller that allows you to control the heat output as needed.

Gas Patio Heaters

Gas heaters - come in free standing versions and wall mount and as mentioned, use propane or natural gas as the fuel, otherwise know as, outdoor gas heaters. Free standing heaters have an average output ranging between thirty to fifty thousand BTU. The available brands and models range in price from $199 to $1500. As is the case in most instances in life, you get what you pay for. The low cost versions generally burn at a lower heat than advertised, don't have parts availability and will need replacing far sooner than the better quality units. Wall mount gas heaters are available in versions that use a low voltage electrical current to ignite the heater from a switch on the wall or via a remote.

Whatever your choice or installation, it is always recommended to purchase from a company that is knowledgeable about their product.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Gas Patio Heaters: Your Efficient Winter Heaters

Who doesn't know about gas patio heaters? For sure, all of us know how important and valuable these heaters are for they are the most needed during winter time. They are the most common decorative items that shall not be missing in your exterior particularly if you are living in one of the coldest places. There are many benefits that you could get out of having heaters and you don't only spend for them just to complete your exterior set up. They are not just purely for decorations or purely for giving you warmth. They add a different glow in the place, making it more romantic and alive.

patio heaters are actually categorized based on their fuels. There are various types of heating units that you can find but based on costumers rates and reviews online, the top choices include the electric, propane and gas heaters. These three heating units work with ease and lesser problems. Their functions and controls can be learned easily. They can be bought along with their handbooks or manuals so even if you are new to such heaters, you can still learn how they work and how to care for them. For most, gas heaters are the most efficient units during winter. They are getting more popular despite the rise of much modern units maybe because they perform a lot better than the rest of the heating units. gas heaters are used both for residential and commercial reasons. Now, if you think you need new heaters for your old ones are not working that good anymore then try gas heater. It's efficient and would warm your space the entire winter.

People usually give preference to gas patio heaters. With gas heaters, no more outlets needed, lesser harm, and they are friendlier so if you like to have the most convenient heaters then let it be the gas heating units. Their fuel tanks are actually placed on their bases so despite the strong wind, they remain steady. Start looking for the right gas heaters now and feel free to get portable types.

These gas patio heaters are really efficient during winter. They help you battle the cold. They give you warmth while adding that lovely flickering flame in the outside. They are a great way to fully enjoy your patio the rest of the winter. So this time your exterior can be filled with life despite the cold weather that draws you to stay inside.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Are Outdoor Electric Patio Heaters Really Affordable?

Deciding on a patio heater should always start with the choice of energy source. You’ll make life so much more easy for yourself once this done. So what make the case for electric patio heaters so strong, and what are they exactly?

Basically, electric patio heaters are fuelled by electricity as a power source. They are available on a variety of models, ranging from heaters fixed to your wall, lone-standing as well some mounted to your patio umbrella.

A Big concern for many homeowners is utilising their outdoor space optimally. If you only have small area to work with, an electric patio heater may be the number one choice for you.
If your patio area have a low head space, and outdoor electric patio heater will be a good option, as big propane heaters may be unworkable with these area. Heaters fixed to the wall is great for countering this problem and will still leave you with a lot of space to work with.

Electric patio heaters also have a very focussed heat emission. As opposed to propane heaters they do fulfil their function in keeping your guests warm and aren’t merely heating up the outdoor area, leaving everyone and everything feeling an unnatural, crisp warmth. This is arguably one of the most frequent complaints that homeowners have with propane heaters.

The maintenance and operational costs of your electric patio heater will differ massively from one region to another. It’s worthwhile doing some initial studies and cost forecasts on this to see which option will yield the lowest monthly financial commitment over time. On the issue of costs, if you are trying to trim down as much as possible on the initial spend, an electric heater will be the best choice. They tend to be dramatically lower priced than other heaters.

If you are trying to avoid the smelly, gassy odours of propane heaters, an electric patio heater is also a very good choice. Not only will you eliminate the odour and noise problem, but you will also be able to use your heater indoors – provided that you purchased a loose standing heater which you can move around.

So many homeowners consider safety as a top priority when choosing a suitable patio heater. Although electric patio heaters do have an element of danger in the form of chords and switches, they are substantially safer that its propane and gas counterparts. Bear this in mind especially if you have kids.

Even though outdoor electric patio heaters don’t do much decoratively, they are functionally a great asset to have in your patio area and will keep your friends and family nice and cosy at a staggeringly low capital outlay.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Patio Heaters –– Give Comfort In A Chilling Winter This Summer

Patios are awesome places. These can be the places where you spend the most of your leisure time in summers. And all your guests would have arrived there and often breakfast and dinner would have been served there. But when the winters arrive the whole scene gets entirely changed. The patios are turned extremely chilling and the place and the comfort and coziness of the patios is lost. But you can undo this with the use of patio heaters. Since the winters are arriving and you are already feeling chilly and before the conditions get worse than this it is essential that you get the patio heater.

The patio heaters are an amazing device that can be installed in your patios and these can supply a very cozy and comfortable environment for your patios. Basically the patio heaters consist of heat roads. A heating wire is coiled around a clay road and when the electric supply is switched on the wire gets heated and spreads the warmth all around. Also the patio heaters come with the heating fans. Along with the heating filament there is a fan that gets pumps out the heated air to get the entire area heated up.

Most of the patio heaters are portable types and these can be set any where throughout your home when you want it. And some of these could be the folding ones as well that will get folded up and can be placed in the corner without catching up much space. Basically the patio heaters operate of the gas line or electricity socket. While some other patio heaters can be set over the walls or poles. Also you can have the ceiling heaters. These can be hung right above your head and can spread the warmth from the top of the room to all parts of the area. These can give an extended heating over the place and can be kept out of reach of small kids.

Also there are table top patio heaters that you can place over the table. These can be portable as well and you can place them by your side while sitting or having a small nap over your chair. While shopping for the patio heaters the thing that you need to consider is that you have taken into account all the safety features with a particular patio heater. Besides the much more advanced heating appliances sense the presence of individual sitting or would detect the over heating of a particular place and would automatically switch off. Beside you can also consider the power consumption ability of particular product and in that the area to be heated also matters a lot.

Buying patio heaters can be very easy there are so many online store from where you can buy these products and other similar appliances like Dehumidifiers, humidifiers, hunter fans, air coolers and many more. You simply have to log on to the website and will be able to look over for the wide range of products and will be able to shop for them online.You can find such very best quality products you can simply log on to: www.aircomfortcentre.com

Friday, 4 November 2011

Have Some Idea About Patio Heaters And Heat Lamps

In business sector, one must keep constant observation on production side. And for that the necessary energy and power must be supplied. One of the inevitable things that must be present in a company which fall under Commercial Appliances is nothing but generator. It is a fact that having a constant power supply can help companies to make more profits. Knowing the energy requirement the company can fix which kind of generator should be suitable for the company. By doing so, they can finalize the machine which can run their business smoothly with no disturbance. The features of the generator that are under considerations are the generator must have overhead valves, produce less noise and easier to operate. Diesel powered generators are more expensive but they are comparatively more durable also. On the other hand electric generators provide constant power supply for the operations of the company work.

People who live in hotter region do not need home heating appliances. On the other hand cold regions or during winter it is essential to arrange home heating. Patio heaters are for outdoor space and it is installed anywhere in outdoor. It is impossible to stay outside during cool weather but with the help of patio heaters you can enjoy a warm weather and have nice dining with your family. What kind of patio heater you are going to buy. If you are looking for temporary or removable heater then there are lots of options for that. But if you are looking for permanent one then also you can also have variety of options to buy. During you buy do not forget to check its safety features. There is a wide variety of patio heater that includes stylish cast iron or a stainless steel heater.

Heat lamps are the light bulbs that are for creating heats. Such lamps are used in shower and bathrooms in order to warm bathers and also in kitchen areas of restaurant to maintain the warmness of the food before serving. Other than this it is also used for animal husbandry and various medical treatments.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Introducing 3 Different Patio Heaters Setups

Being out in the fresh air is always a healthy and wonderful experience. Spending too much time inside tends to make a person groggy and sluggish. No wonder, then, when summer comes most people tend to make the most of it by spending as much time outside as possible. We've all felt the disappointment when summer comes to an end and we can feel the nip of the cold and know our fun is over and we will very likely be spending a great many months wrapped up warm indoors. Goodbye fresh air, goodbye garden, goodbye patio. Well -- it doesn't have to be that way anymore. There are a huge range of patio heaters which will suit just about any conceivable space or purpose, so why not think about investing in one?

Probably the most common type of patio heater is the freestanding, large cylindrical patio heater which heats a 360° area and runs off gas bottles. These types of patio heater are absolutely ideal if you have sufficient space in your patio for the heater to be surrounded by people on all sides, or in a safe way placed against a high wall allowing for the heater to be reflected back so it isn’t going to waste.

If your patio set up has a table and the table is the focus of your usual get-togethers or time spent in the patio, then probably the best option for a patio heater would be one specially designed to sit on the table top. This way, you don’t have a bulky heater if you are pushed for space, but more important of all is, everybody sitting around the table gets to feel the heat and it makes for a nice focal point. Free standing patio heaters can only be placed to one side of a table, so people farthest away in the seating arrangement will always be colder.

Another very unique type of patio heater is an infrared patio heater. These heaters actually look a little like security flood lamps of the kind people fit into their gardens to come on when movement is detected. These patio heaters are normally wall mounted and even from a fair height can project a lot of heat down onto a concentrated area. If your patio set up is such that you have maybe just a seat or two or a small table, then one of these patio heaters could be ideal for you. Plus, they don’t take up any space on the floor because they are mounted on a wall.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Infrared Patio Heaters Are The Latest Heating Device To Hit The Market

If you’ve been to any outdoor gatherings lately, then you’ve seen an infrared patio heater . These heaters provide guests with the comfort of direct warm air.

Infrared patio heaters are the latest innovation in heating devices. They run on standard 110v household electric current. Infrared patio heaters operate at a 90% heating efficiency. Not only are they efficient at providing heat, they’re efficient at saving energy costs.

Infrared patio heaters are user-friendly and a breeze to install. They come in a variety of finishes and sleek and stylish designs such as, copper, hammered tone bronze, stainless steel, black powder coated steel, and cast iron finish. Infrared patio heaters have become a must have in the patio décor department.

If you don’t have any means of electrical source outside there’s a solution for you, Fire Pits . The idea of a Fire Pit comes from the traditional ones known as angheethis (Indian). These traditional designs were complicated to fuel and use. They emitted carbon fumes, as coal was the common fuel that was used.

The modern day Fire Pits are convenient to use and much simpler to clean. Many have a stainless steel fire bowl, which are corrosion resistant, giving them longevity.

The most recent designs of Fire Pits come with a mesh fire screen to help protect from the fire. A high temperature paint finish is applied to the fire screen to protect its color. They can be easily moved as they are lightweight and compact.

There are individuals who want to have a fireplace in their homes, but are hesitant due to limited space and hassle of maintenance. Electric Fireplaces are will eliminate all of these issues.

Electric Fireplaces have created the live fire feel without all the hassle that comes with them.They run on standard 110v household electricity. Unlike natural fireplaces,electric fireplaces are environmentally friendly.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Patio Heaters Come In Handy For Heating Your Outdoor Parties

If you are planning to organize an outdoor party in your garden area or backward during the winter season, then a patio heater will be the perfect outdoor accessory for you. If a patio heater is running your guests are sure to stay warm while mingling outdoors.

Patio heaters come in two types: Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) heaters and Infrared heaters.LPG patio heaters run on a standard 20lb propane gas tank, and produce an amazing output of 46,000 BTUs. They come in a variety of finishes such as, copper, hammer tone bronze, stainless steel and black powder coated steel.Not only do they provide a sufficient heat source for your guests, they provide sophistication to your patio décor.This is the sole reason why more and more decoration enthusiasts are buying patio heaters .

The second and latest additions to outdoor heating devices are Infrared patio heaters.These heaters are also known as IR patio heaters . They run on standard 110v household electric current, and are very easy to install. They come with wheels beneath them, which provide good mobility for ease in handling and placement.

IR patio heaters emit infrared rays which directly heat any object in their path.

IR patio heaters are environmentally-friendly. They do not emit any toxic fumes, since they strictly run on electricity. They are silent in operation and operate at 90% heating efficiency. Due to such amazing features,these patio heaters are in high demand all across the world.

A part from the previously mentioned patio heaters, there is another source of heating your outdoor gatherings. Fire Pits are a modern adaptation of a traditional means of acquiring a heat source.

These pits are similar to that of bon fires. They use wood or charcoal as the fuel source.The fire produced from these Fire Pits creates enough heat to keep everyone around warm.

Fire Pits are simple to keep and maintain. They come with a mesh fire screen that has been painted with high temperature paint, to help with stand corrosion. Fire pits are lightweight making them easy to relocate around your outdoor areas.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Table Top Patio Heaters - The Smart Move

If you reside in a part of the world where everything doesn't freeze over during the winter time and have usually sunny summers, or perhaps don't have a large outdoor area a table top patio heater could well be the best choice for your circumstances.

Even though table top heaters have the capability of providing your patio with effective heating for those colder evenings, they are compact enough to cater for those intimate evenings when you don't require too extensive heating.

Table top patio heaters really come into their own with smaller get-togethers. They tend to add an extra ten to twenty degrees of heat - perfect for those size meetings. Homeowners tend to therefore incorporate them in smaller garden settings on tables and even on decks and balconies.

But these are just features that perhaps most of you know already. Why are table top patio heaters so very popular with consumers?

Large propane units are very annoying to keep refilling with their replaceable tanks. These, sometimes heavy, cylinders can be a tiresome task for homeowners to tend to. Table top patio heaters on the other hand don't have large tanks and area much more mobile.

If you live in an area with many more summer months than winter months chances you are not going to be using your heart all too often. Storage is therefore a definite factor to consider. Table top patio heaters are very easy to store as it doesn't require a large area due to its compact size.

As large heaters can only be placed alongside strategic furniture such as dining tables, sometimes only a fraction of your guests benefit from the heat. Because table top heaters are placed on a table, it cases the heat to be evenly distributed to all your guests.

Because table top patio heaters are so small, they are extremely easy to move around from either one part of your outdoor area or to even another location altogether. Some homeowners even use table to patio heaters when they go to parties at their friend's place, late night picnics and all sorts of other uses. This flexibility is priceless, and perhaps even worth the purchase all on its own.

It's been quite a few years since table top heaters have been introduced to the market. Since then they have grown in diversity and provide a great alternative to homeowners in their pursuit of a heating solution during the colder months.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Looking at Patio Heaters From Both Sides

Patio is often the main reception for events especially for summer. In winter, people draw back to their homes. With limited space, for some, or expensive porcelains, instead of having a well spent winter, you are there worried on the negative "what ifs." You can still enjoy the warmness of summer in your patio even during winter. This warm embracing feeling can be given by heaters.

There are different types, characteristics, details, and benefits of using heating system. Most heaters are propelled by electricity, propane or natural gas. There are heaters that are comfortable to use and can be easily stored. There are as well those with different designs and shapes. The most common shape is cylindrical.

The often most purchased type of patio heater is propane heating system. The main benefit derived from this type of heater is its ability to consume little amount of energy but still releases enough heat. This leads to saving more money. On the other hand, its downfall is its long-range capability to distribute heat. It can only heat a small area. This setback requires that it should be located to the main floor of events causing obstruction of communication and other activities there from.

The second most common patio heater is electric patio heater. The good thing about this is that it answers to the set back of the propane outdoor heaters. With its automatically adjustable temperature, one can easily cover all corners of your patio being able to share the heat to your entire guest.

Electric patio heater can be place on an area far from the main course of event. You can put it in a corner of your patio because its heat can still reach amazing distance. An electrical patio heater as well can be placed on ceilings or walls. This definitely saves space. This advantage is not true or applicable for all electric heating system. There are electric outdoor heating system whose range is similar with that of propane heaters.

Electric patio heater is also environmentally friendly and is more pro health. It is odorless compared to gas propelled outdoor heating system. It eliminates irritations and allergies for some. You cannot allow gas fresher in your patio.

Many consumers have a stereotype that because this heater is propelled by electricity that it will already gigantically increase your electric bill. It is not like your oven or refrigerator that requires some time before reaching the desired temperature. Electric heater functions by means of infrared radiant heat. This means that it can warm people aside without actually having to wait substantial time to heat up. Then, because its temperature is adjustable or can be regulated, you can just specify the desired temperature.

Since electric heater is located outside, it would also be better if you choose electric heater with fashionable and timely designs. There are those that are specially twisted and curved to bring elegance and classic aesthetics. This will also bring your patio into a new dimension.

Nonetheless, electric patio heater, similar with those propane heating system, has also some disadvantages. There is high humidity on winters. This causes the wirings and other electrical passages prone to being wet. This could probably lead to a larger heater propelled not by electricity but by the house itself. Electric patio heater requires more attention and care. Nonetheless, this does not conclude that propane heaters are safer. Its flammable gas heater that utilizes liquefied petroleum gas can cause unwanted fire as well. This states that both can be safety, as well as dangerous, if proper or negligent actions are accorded into accordingly.

Another setback for electric patio heater is its price. It is more expensive compared to propane heaters. Its price comes with its quality nonetheless. Just ensure that the wirings are well thickly coated. There are cheap electric outdoor heaters but its long range consequences makes you feel sorry for investing on a cheap one.

heaters may come in different types, designs, quality, and price, what counts the most is what make it counts in your patio - its heat. Just ensure that this heat is sufficient and accommodate you and your guests during winters.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Patio Heaters to Fight Coldness Away

It's starting to get cold outside. And you know what would be the possible things to happen when the coldness becomes an extreme freezing temperature. More or less, outdoor activities are about to wait for the next fine weather or when the temperature becomes tolerable.

Yet, before the temperature reach the lowest degree, be sure that you have patio heaters ready to use so anytime you want to spend time in your patio but the weather is freezing, you will have something to keep you warm. Outdoor heater is one of the popular outdoor necessities nowadays because of the comfort it provides during cold moths for people who loved to spend time outside doing outdoor activities.

There are several types of outdoor heating units to choose from such as Umbrella heater, fire pit, chiminea and fire places. Each of these heaters uses different fuel sources like wood, propane, natural gas and electricity.

Well, the most in demand type of patio heater is the umbrella heater because of its many characteristics like portability and efficiency. It comes in floor-standing and tabletop units. A propane patio heater that uses 20lbs. propane tank can heat up area up to 20ft diameter in approximately 10 hours. Electric outdoor patio heaters on the other hand can be used continuously yet it might affect your electricity consumption.

No matter what form of outdoor heating-provider unit you choose it is still best if you spend time doing a research about the type of heater you prefer. Choose the unit very carefully so that you will be happy using it as you can have sufficient amount of heating. Moreover, it will also help you to determine how to use it properly and the safety measures necessary regarding with the unit.

Patio heaters will let you extend the time you want to spend in your patio. It will keep you comfortable as it fights off the coldness giving you a warm ambiance. No doubt that this thing is one of the many things you have to purchase to provide the family the comfort they deserve. This is as valuable as your outdoor furniture for the comfort they provide.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Enjoy the Outdoors - With Patio Heaters Or Propane Heaters

You, being a lover of the outdoors can do no wrong with patio heaters. Patio heaters are not limited to use at home. Why not get some for your office? Then your staff can enjoy the outdoors during breaks and lunches. This gives them another place to hang out and who knows, may even boosts everyone's moral. patio heaters are also popular at outdoor dining spots.

The patio heaters can help those who need to have cigarette breaks out of the office. Smokers smoke outside so the heaters can help them keep warm.

For starters, you will need an electric starter as oppose to matches as the former is safer.

You can expect a coverage of between 10 and 20 feet in radius and between 10 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit raise in temperature.

You can find heaters that are mounted high on the wall in order to facilitate the downwards blowing of the heat. You can also find heaters that are attached to the ceiling. As well, free standing ones.

Heaters that can switch off automatically when it has reached its desired temperature is one that is ideal. For this reason, wood heaters are commonly used. For this type of heater, you can choose to have copper fire pit or stainless steel heater. The flame is well contained by a protective gate. Use your own firewood to save money but be careful about breaking the laws regarding wood combustion.

Cover the your outdoor heaters for protection.

Nevertheless, patio heaters not exactly meant for winters, rather, fall and spring. They work by means of radiated heat, which is more affordable because while the area is warmed up, the air is not heated. Unlike convection, which consumes more energy in order to heat the air and thus giving less heat to the area.

The patio heater may cost up to $300 depending on the features it has. Some of the features are emergency cut off valves, flame controllers, sealed burners and tilt switches. Newer versions of the heaters may have these incorporated features available.

The antique bronze and stainless steel version of the heaters are chic and elegant.

Like the name implies, propane heaters are self contained units that are fueled by propane gas tanks. These heaters look like antique light posts. So you can start to see that the heaters serve a double purpose; besides warming the area, they are decorative items in and of themselves, so much so that they hardly look like heaters.

There are quite a few propane heaters to choose from. It depends on how you want to use it and the layout of the area it is to heat.

The amount of heat a propane heater will release depends on the BTU that is the British Thermal Unit. The highest BTU unit is between 40,000 and 46,000. Thus, the heaters can heat the area of up to 175 square foot.

The BTU is the quantity of heat vital to increase temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree fahrenheit. Higher BTU would mean warmer temperature; however, this also depends on the design of the heater to heat certain amount of space.

How much heat you can feel also depends some on the surroundings. When walls and gates can shield the area from the wind and trap heat within, the heating capacity can be optimum.

The propane heaters will need 18 inches clearance on the ceilings.

Propane heaters can also be in a movable version. They come with wheels and therefore useful especially on bad weather days. Therefore, with this type of heater, you can choose between movable or permanent ones. Table top propane heaters are also affordable however, getting the heaters depend on how you intend to use it.

The propane heaters use the same fuel as the ones used for barbeques. They will not require installation by specialists. You will only need them if you are installing heaters that use electricity or gas line.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Keeping It Warm With Gas Patio Heaters

Health is the most precious thing that one takes care of. Without good health, what can one do to show their love for others or how can one spend his well earned money? To be able to take care of one self, people adapt to changes in the climate, stress on professions, and challenges with relationships. Survival is an instinct that is innate in all of us. It is what we use in order to live. Being able to adapt is not easy. There are many considerations to look into before one can decide which the best course to take is.

To take care of their health, people often invest in medicines, devices and food that could help them avoid being sick. Investing on good quality fixtures is very hard if one does not know what to purchase in order to help live life better. Buying gas patio heaters is one of the best investments one could make. Not only it is affordable, practical but it also helps in conserving energy which is a big issue nowadays.

Gas patio heaters are very useful in times of cold weather as well as electric outages. This can be beneficial for those who would want to save more and be prepared in case electric outages happen. In addition to this, this kind of patio heater can be designed to complement other fixtures at home. It will provide an air of elegance and class that not all people can find in a single material. This can be very practical for those who are looking for budget saver devices.

This type of patio heater can help in saving energy and also take care of the environment. It is a reality that electrical consumption is an issue today but with the gas patio heater. This issue can be addressed without any problems. It is the best choice to be able to save the environment without removing the kind of elegance one needs in a home. Not all patio heaters can provide this kind of innovation. Different types of heaters provide diverse features. People can choose from a wide array of heaters that can best suit their needs.

While some people are out shopping for these needs, most people see the convenience of commercial outdoor umbrellas installed on business establishments. It is a fact that commercial outdoor umbrellas give shield from the raging heat of the sun as well as provide shelter from unexpected rainfall. People appreciate business establishments more for this because it gives them the sense of being looked after by the business establishments. Concern for the welfare of the customers and not just about money is what they are looking for.

In return, business establishments can be sure that these customers who they helped in that simple way will patronize their products. One simple example is a café which can have more customers because it was remembered to have a shelter from changes in the weather. Having a cup of coffee with the security that on can be safe from unexpected rainfall can be quite convincing. This will provide the business establishments more profits because they showed that they care. Simple things done can return two folds if done correctly.

Keeping warm may be easy or it may be not. The choice to make these simple or difficult depends on the person who is making that choice. Decisions made out of haste, impracticality, and avoidance of hard work will not yield good results. It will only serve you for the moment and will not become useful in the future. Sensible investments are good to guarantee a good life ahead.

Being able to determine what is the best device to keep you warm would be the proper choice. Making sure that you know what you are doing and that you did your best will not harbor regrets. The value of being able to make a choice to live a better, more comfortable life lies in one's own hands alone. Other people cannot make the choice for you. The best way to ensure that you have lived life to the fullest is being able to say that whatever actions I did and whatever choice that I made, it is mine and mine alone.

Monday, 13 June 2011

A Comfortable Outdoor Dinner With Patio Heaters

Everything is ready for your outdoor dinner but the temperature is not that fine that could make anyone uncomfortable. Thus, before everybody can find their seat around the dining table, you must prepare the patio heater and turn it on so it can operate to keep the garden warm and comfortable so everyone can enjoy the dinner. Just like the outdoor furniture, outdoor patio heaters are also essential because these can also provide outdoor comfort. This thing is one of the investments that you can have for your family.

Patio heaterscome in different options in style and form. You can opt for fire pits, fireplace, chiminea or umbrella patio heaters. You can also choose in a variety of fuels used to operate the heater. These fuels are natural gas, propane and electricity. Some heater used wood but there are some rules in some countries that prohibit the use of wood for some environment issues. Mostly, homeowners choose umbrella type patio heater. This heater comes with portable units such as floor-standing and tabletop units. These types of heaters allow you to move the unit conveniently. The floor-standing units are equipped with wheels for easy mobility while the tabletop units are lightweight. Tabletop heaters are ideal for outdoor dinner as you can place the unit in the center table so everyone surrounding the heater can feel the comfort of the heat it provides.

In addition, most people choose to use propane patio heaters because of its efficiency and the affordability of the fuel. This type of heater uses 20lbs. standard propane tank and produces 40,000BTU that can heat the area that measures up to 20ft in diameter. The propane tank can last up to approximately 10 hours. These heaters are available in elegant finishes that can also give a beautiful appearance to your patio or backyard. Some of the finishes available are copper, stainless steel, bronze and silver. Whatever type of outdoor heater you prefer to use, it is important that you choose the unit that can provide you efficient heating power. You must also pick the unit that ensures durability and high-quality characteristics to both materials and construction.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Gas Patio Heater - A Guide For Safe Operation

Using a gas patio heater is a wonderful way to heat your outdoor patio. It can create ambiance in addition to keeping your guests comfortably warm even though they are outdoors. Gas patio heaters come in several different brands, models and styles, but they all have one thing in common: you need to be careful when you use them. Use the ideas in this guide to stay safe while you are using your gas patio heater.

Always supervise small children and pets when your outdoor heater is being operated. They produce a great deal of heat and can cause serious burns. Make your adult guests be aware of the danger as well. Don't let any of your guests touch your gas patio heater while it is being used.

Putting your towel on your heater to dry after you have a swim sounds like a good idea but it can lead to trouble. Never hang any flammable materials such as clothes or towels anywhere near an outdoor heater. You could have a fire or end up with scorched clothing.

Don't ever use your gas patio heater indoors. Doing this creates a fire hazard but it also could result in a gas leak. Fumes can escape even when an outdoor heater is not being used. The best idea is to never bring your heater indoors, period.

Never run your gas patio heater when there are high winds. Gusty wind can knock over the heater and cause a fire, or it could blow out the flame, causing gas to escape from the cylinder. gas fumes are dangerous to breathe and you could have a medical emergency.

Make sure your outdoor heater is on a flat surface and away from all doors and other areas that get a lot of traffic. You don't want your heater to be knocked over and start a fire. The floor under and around the heater should always be clean and free of all debris. Take away anything you see on the floor near the heater. You might be preventing someone from tripping or falling into or up against the hot heater.

You should only operate your gas patio heater in a space that is well ventilated. Check for obstructions on a regular basis because you want the air near the heater to flow freely if any gas escapes. Do not run your outdoor heater on any indoor porch or patio, period.

When your heater is not running, remember that it is important to always keep it clean and free of any debris. Check to ensure there is nothing that will obstruct the heaters air holes or vents. Many things can block them, including spider webs. It is also important to regularly check the heaters hose connection for leaks. You can use soapy water to detect leaks, but if you do find one, take it in to be repaired by a professional technician. Always keep your gas patio heater out of the rain, and keep it covered whenever you're not using it. Always store your outdoor heater and its gas tanks outside, and never store flammable chemicals anywhere near them. Your heater and its gas cylinders should be stored in an upright position, not horizontally.

When you turn off your gas patio heater, always make sure the burner goes out. Before you touch or move it, make sure your heater has had enough time to cool off. Double check to make sure the gas is turned off when you are not operating your outdoor heater.

One more thing: always read and thoroughly understand your gas patio heaters entire operating manual. It will give you a good understanding of how to safely operate your particular outdoor heater. Do not even turn it on until you are certain you completely understand everything in the manual. If you have a hard time understanding something the manual says, ask a professional to explain it to you in detail. Safety always comes first when you are operating a gas patio heater.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Enjoy Extended Outdoor Living With Patio Heaters

Outdoor living has never been the same with the growing popularity and convenience of patio heaters. Nowadays, you no longer see them only in restaurants and bars. Many homeowners are beginning to be sensitive to the practicality of maximizing the enjoyment and use of their backyard. patio heaters provide the answer. There are also many commercial establishments who have them as necessary features. Many community pools and parks, hotels, resorts, country clubs and corporate properties are making full use of patio heaters.

When you want to stay for a longer time outdoors in your home, coldness of the weather cut it short. patio heaters provide the radiant heat to keep you warm. Then, you can spend quiet moments by yourself in the stillness of the night. Or you can enjoy lively conversation with friends and family while sipping lemonade.

There are different kinds of patio heaters. When you hear people talking about mushroom or umbrella heaters, they mean the same. Manufacturers and their designers are combining beauty and functionality in their heaters. You can now scan all available models and make your choice depending on your taste and budget.

Consumers are now looking at the latest model in the market. If you want to enjoy a cleaner and eco-friendly heat, try the Infrared patio heaters. It is operated by grid electricity. These heaters do not emit carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases. Infrared models are energy efficient and safe for outdoor and indoor use. What is notable is the recyclability of its components and packing materials. They come in different styles and finishes. Check out these infrared patio heaters.

Many people who want to operate their heaters inexpensively chose models being fueled by natural gas or propane. It can be amazing when you see the durability and quality of these fixtures. When you see one heater being offered at a discounted price and notice its wonderful features, who can blame you if right there and then, you bring out your credit card and buy the unit impulsively.

Just take a look at a Free standing stainless steel heater fueled by natural gas and being offered for $ 200. It provides around 40,000 BTUs and gives a 15'-20' circle of warmth. It raises the temperature to 10-20 degrees with adjustable temperature setting component. What more can you want from a heater which can provide your family outdoor pleasure even during winter and fall.

When a full standing heater is not necessary and you just need a more personalized heater, take a look at a portable table top model. You will be amazed at what it can do. This heater is perfect for small areas. You will have a seven foot circle of radiant heat. It operates on standard propane cylinder lasting for about 8-10 hours. Observe the safety features. It incorporates latest in burner technology and safety systems. An oxygen depletion sensor will shut the unit off if there is lack of oxygen. It has a tilt switch that automatically shuts the heater if it gets knocked over. The heater includes a safety pilot system that stops the gas flow if the burner should blow out.

In the event you have decided to invest in patio heaters, know that they come in various finishes like bronze, black, green, silver, stainless steel and other finishes. They can also be a Free Standing, Mobile, Tabletop, Ceiling/Wall Mounted or Ground Mounted types. There are lots of branded heaters in the market. Just take time to canvass and compare prices, features, freebies and warranties. If you want an extended outdoor experience during chilly days or nights, access yourself with the warmth and comfort provided by these wonderful patio heaters!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Propane Patio Heaters - Your Option When Choosing for Patio Heaters

You probably want to spend a little in the patio before going to bed. However, the cold weather prevents you from doing whatever activity you want to do. Indeed, when the cold season comes, the outdoor activities are limited.

Fortunately, there are patio heaters that come very useful during winter days and night. This outdoor item helps keep the patio warm and cozy to stay so you can use the place the whole year round no matter how cold or hot the season is.

Outdoor heaters are available in several forms such as the free-standing heaters and wall-mounted. There are also fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. The heaters are operated using different fuel sources such as propane, natural gas and electricity. The heaters use the fuel efficiently thus giving you more hours to enjoy the warmness of the patio.

Free-standing heater units such as the floor-standing and tabletop are mostly used by homeowners. This type of heater offers portability. The floor-standing units are equipped with rear wheels thus you can move the unit easily and so as the tabletop heating units that are lightweight. These heaters are mostly operated using propane fuel. This form of heater is mostly called Umbrella or Mushroom patio heaters.

Mostly, a tabletop patio heaters produce heat up to 7,000 to 11,000 BTU can provide heat range up to 7ft. diameter. For example, a 16 oz. Propane cylinder can provide two to three hours of heating effect. This is ideal for simple outdoor dining.

On the other hand, the 40,000BTU floor-standing propane heaters can provide heat in areas up to 18ft in diameter. This heater uses 20lbs. standard disposable propane tank and heating consumption for up to 10hours. This is ideal for outdoor parties that can be extended until midnight.

Most propane patio heaters are equipped with safety features such auto tilt valve that automatically shuts off the heater incase the unit accidentally falls. The heaters also feature Piezo igniter for easy ignition.

It is important that you have knowledge about the safety precautions and the proper usage of the heater . Propane patio heaters are intended for outdoor use. Do not try to turn it on inside the house as it will produce harmful gas fumes. Also avoid placing the unit when it is in operation in windy areas. The wind might affect the heating efficiency. Yet, it is necessary to place the heater in a well-ventilated area but not windy. Clear the area where the heater is standing and take all the flammable objects around the heater. Choose the unit that is UL listed to ensure that the heater passed all the quality control examination and to make sure the heater is durable and efficient.

Do a little research about the certain unit of your choice before purchasing it. This will help you determine the characteristics of the unit and can help you choose the best one and enjoy the warmth that it provides when you spend time outside feeling comfortable while relaxing in the outdoor furniture set in your patio.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Warming The Outdoors With The Right Kind Of Patio Heater

Getting your outdoor space nice and comfortable is very important. No matter how much time, effort and money you pump into your outdoor decorating, if it ends up uncomfortable for you and/or your guests, you will find all that energy a total waste.

Nothing turns people away more than discomfort. Whether it is the hard seats, stiff-backed chairs or cold floors, anything that distinctly spells discomfort will turn people off from that spot. Some of the most common discomforts experienced by people in outdoor spaces include:

1. Chill or dampness - even tropical countries experience some kind of chill during the cooler months. Too much rain, for instance, can really damp up even the most sheltered of outdoor spaces. Thankfully, this can be fixed by simply using or installing some kind of a patio heater. For larger spaces, a commercial patio heater is preferred as they are often more efficient for use in larger areas.

2. Cramped seats - often caused by chairs that are too small. At the risk of eating up too much space, it is usually a better idea to get bigger chairs than smaller or exactly-sized ones.

3. Insufficient lighting - nobody likes having a conversation where you would have to strain to see your company's face. If the intention is to have a conversation in the dark, then insufficient lighting is justifiable but otherwise, having enough light gives you a sense of security that makes sitting in that space all that more appealing.

4. Not enough overhead shade - rain or shine, everyone wants to have shade to shelter under. On a sunny day, it is good to have shelter from the harmful UV rays or just simply avoid getting a sunburn. As for rainy days, no one likes to get wet without a change of clothes so shade on wet days is a must. Even the slightest of drizzles can make things very uncomfortable so having enough shade then will be a most welcome sight.

Of all the problems outlined above, using or installing a patio heater will prove to be the most challenging one. For one, it would take quite an effort to find the right type of patio heater:

- Gas patio heaters are easily accessible. They work through fired-up coals that reach up to the propane gas that releases heat when they reach a certain level. Often, some light is released as well which means the heater has a dual purpose.

- Electric patio heaters are the more modern counterparts. They are preferred more for their convenience than anything else. On top of that, they are also a lot safer than gas heaters as they often come with a timer and temperature gauge, which means it cuts off automatically once the targeted heat temperature is reached or after a specified time of usage.

- Portable patio heaters are usually used for camping trips. Owners of small spaces, however, may find these more economical than installing a permanent one as these are mobile to be carted to any particular part of the area. One huge benefit of using such heaters is that its portability allows it to be used in any kind of surroundings. These are also pretty safe; almost all come with an anti-tilt feature which means anytime it is tilted or slanted more than a specifically "safe" angle, it shuts off automatically to avoid spillage and fire.

- Coal patio heaters are the least used today. Often, these were used in older days as the main method of warming up the room. Patio heaters that use coal are just as safe to use as any other type of heater as coal does not really catch fire unless it is highly concentrated at. Just like in a sauna, coal emits the warmth that spreads through a room pretty efficiently.

- Solar-powered patio heaters are rare but not totally unheard of. They are powered by batteries that are charged by the sun. These batteries are also able to store large amounts of the energy, which means they are keep the patio heaters running for a while before they finally need recharging. Unfortunately, they are also the most expensive in the market.

A commercial patio heater is often of the electric sort. This is so because on top of being highly convenient and safe, it is also very user-friendly with an On/Off switch that can be manned by even the youngest of us. And with environmental consciousness at the top of everyone's priority list, a highly-economical electric patio heaters is always in high demand.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Patio Heaters That Fit Your Love of Outdoor Living

Patio heaters, also known as umbrella or mushroom heaters, are heaters designed for outdoor use. They are gaining more popularity since many people these days enjoy spending time in their backyards or patios. They are also usually used in bars and restaurants which have tables outside. Patio heaters allows individuals to stay outdoors even during cold weathers. However, some people are concerned that heaters might bring negative effects to the environment.

Patio heaters come in different styles and sizes. Heaters either use either LPG or propane to provide heat. The LPG or propane is burned and the flames are directed to a metal screen where the heat is radiated in a circular pattern. Some burners have a reflector on top to prevent heat from escaping upwards. There are many stores and online shops selling all kinds of heaters for outdoor use. Because of the use of propane or LPG gas, some environmentalists are concerned however many people still continue to use heaters especially during the colder months.

Propane heaters

There are several kinds of outdoor heaters to choose from. propane heaters are one of the most common. As the name implies, this kind is powered by propane gas. One of the benefits of propane heaters is that they are very easy to assemble. In addition, they also come with a safety tilt switch. This device can prevent fire hazards because it automatically turns off the gas when the propane heater reaches 18 degrees or higher. Another advantage of propane heaters is that they can survive most weather conditions and they are also low maintenance. propane heaters are usually used for barbecue parties and other gatherings.

Electric heaters

Another popular choice is the electric heater which is also known as radiant patio heater. This kind of device does not use wood. Instead, it relies on electricity to provide the needed heat by using the shortwave heating technology. It also has some benefits. One of them is that it can be permanently installed. Just like the propane heater, it is also low maintenance. Another advantage is that it can quickly warm up people and objects near it. A new kind of electric heater is the Infrared patio heaters which uses grid electricity. Manufacturers claim that this type of heater is environmental friendly.

Portable patio heaters

portable patio heaters are also popular especially among those who travel a lot since they can bring their own heaters any where they go. Portable heaters are fueled either by natural gas, propane gas or electricity. Portable heaters have different styles: mobile, tabletop, commercial, freestanding, ground mount and ceiling or wall mount. They are very beneficial since you can move them inside or outside they house. They are especially useful during the winter season.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Types of Patio Heaters And Their Fuel Options

If you like to hold outdoor parties or simply like to spend more time outdoors, a patio heater may prove a very handy device for you. Patio heaters come in different styles, sizes and fuel options. So you can choose one keeping your particular requirements in mind. Previously, the steep prices of these heaters mostly kept them out of general use. But due to greater demand, the prices have come down in recent years and these days you can get a decent propane heater for as low as $150.

As for fuel options, these outdoor heaters come in three different types - propane heaters, electric and infrared heaters, and gas heaters. propane heaters are the most commonly used type since they do not need any extension cords or outlets and can be placed in the exact location the owner wants. For gas heaters, which are fueled by natural gas, and electric heaters, you will however have to have a nearby natural gas or electrical outlet near to the heater stand. Because of this, it is often not possible to install electric or gas heaters in the location you want without installing a new outlet.

Propane patio heaters come in two different styles - the stand alone and the table top models. If it is a small area and the guests will mostly remain seated, the table top heaters are a good option. It is recommended to place the heater at a lower level than the normal seating arrangements. Since the heat will mostly be directed upwards, this will be a more comfortable arrangement. Some of these heaters, however, come with a mushroom top that reflects a part of the heat downwards. The fuel option for these heaters is the disposable propane canisters. A single bottle can last from two to three hours, so if you are planning to spend a longer time outdoors, it is best to go for stand alone heaters.

These heaters are placed on top of a post and can be fueled by disposable bottles or an LPG hose that will be connected to a larger propane tank. These heaters can operate for longer times and the heat is spread over a larger area. You lose the portability option, but you will save more on fuel since disposable propane bottles result in greater fuel costs.

As for the fuel costs, you can save the most on that by using gas heaters. But since they require professional installation and cost significantly more than the propane heaters, people generally shy away from using them. Electric heaters cost less in fuel than propane heaters, too.

So if you are thinking about buying one of these heaters, keep these factors in mind. You can shop for patio heaters online or at local retailers. Be precise about your requirements and finding the right outdoor heater will not be difficult.