Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Introducing 3 Different Patio Heaters Setups

Being out in the fresh air is always a healthy and wonderful experience. Spending too much time inside tends to make a person groggy and sluggish. No wonder, then, when summer comes most people tend to make the most of it by spending as much time outside as possible. We've all felt the disappointment when summer comes to an end and we can feel the nip of the cold and know our fun is over and we will very likely be spending a great many months wrapped up warm indoors. Goodbye fresh air, goodbye garden, goodbye patio. Well -- it doesn't have to be that way anymore. There are a huge range of patio heaters which will suit just about any conceivable space or purpose, so why not think about investing in one?

Probably the most common type of patio heater is the freestanding, large cylindrical patio heater which heats a 360° area and runs off gas bottles. These types of patio heater are absolutely ideal if you have sufficient space in your patio for the heater to be surrounded by people on all sides, or in a safe way placed against a high wall allowing for the heater to be reflected back so it isn’t going to waste.

If your patio set up has a table and the table is the focus of your usual get-togethers or time spent in the patio, then probably the best option for a patio heater would be one specially designed to sit on the table top. This way, you don’t have a bulky heater if you are pushed for space, but more important of all is, everybody sitting around the table gets to feel the heat and it makes for a nice focal point. Free standing patio heaters can only be placed to one side of a table, so people farthest away in the seating arrangement will always be colder.

Another very unique type of patio heater is an infrared patio heater. These heaters actually look a little like security flood lamps of the kind people fit into their gardens to come on when movement is detected. These patio heaters are normally wall mounted and even from a fair height can project a lot of heat down onto a concentrated area. If your patio set up is such that you have maybe just a seat or two or a small table, then one of these patio heaters could be ideal for you. Plus, they don’t take up any space on the floor because they are mounted on a wall.