Friday, 31 December 2010

Propane Patio Heaters - Are They Safe Or Not?

No question you can expand the use and enjoyment of your patio or deck with an LP patio heater. However, they generate high heat from gas, so are they safe?

It depends on what level of safety you are looking for. If you want guaranteed safety, do not buy an outdoor patio heater. Likewise, do not live in a home equipped with gas or electric heat, get rid of all appliances, and trade your car for a horse.

Guaranteed safety does not exist in anything, outdoor patio heaters and horses included. As with any appliance, machine or device, safety ultimately is determined by the way we use it. Common sense precautions, such as those presented here, will help ensure the safe enjoyment of this product for many years.

Most likely you will connect your LP (propane) heater to a 20lb propane cylinder, what most people use with their gas grill. Rest assured that propane tanks are virtually indestructible. You would have a very hard time blowing up a propane tank even if you tried.

More important for our discussion are the connections between the tank and heater, as well as the flame that is involved. Faulty connections can produce gas leaks, which are very dangerous, as are poorly managed flames from any source. A good idea is not to use a dented or rusted propane tank, or one with a damaged valve, collar or footing.

Should you smell gas, shut off the gas and extinguish the flame. If the odor continues, contact your gas supplier or fire department. They will be able to restore safety and peace of mind.

In addition to smell, there are effective ways to test for leaks, including brushing soapy water on all gas connections (with tank valve open). If this creates bubbles, you have a leak. Manufacturers may provide other testing guidelines, which you should follow.

It is a good bet they will not include using matches or lighters, or smoking and consuming adult beverages while checking for leaks. If unsure why that is, please obtain a restraining order from any gas heater, grill or appliance.

Generally, new patio heaters require some assembly. Although top manufacturers usually check factory connections for leaks, movement during shipping can loosen parts. To be safe, thoroughly check for leaks before firing up the unit and gathering everyone around.

Be sure to complete all assembly steps and not to force parts together. If assembling appliances is not your cup of tea, this would be a good time to offer a cup to someone who has the right skill set.

Outdoor patio heaters should not be used indoors, as every owner's manual will state. Indoor fireplaces have chimneys for a reason. Burning anything requires proper ventilation, and patio heaters are not equipped with a chimney. Combustion of propane creates carbon monoxide, which, in enclosed areas, can kill you.

The importance of maintaining the manufacturer's recommended clearance from combustible materials cannot be overstated. Generally, at least 3' is needed. On patios and decks, this includes overhanging trees and shrubs, siding, children's toys, paper plates, clothing....

Some materials require much more clearance, such as gasoline, paint and other flammable vapors and liquids.

The dome and burner of an outdoor patio heater are extremely hot during operation. The surface of a heater's emitter can reach temperatures approaching 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, take special care with children and pets. Alert children and adults to the hazard of high temperature and demand they not touch or get close to the heater. Likewise, you should not try to move a patio heater when in use, and never leave a lit patio heater unattended.

Be sure to place your heater on a hard, level and stable surface and not to use it when winds exceed 10 mph. Although well-made units are equipped with an automatic tilt shut-off switch, it will not prevent injury should the heater land on someone. Also, extra wind may douse the flame and allow gas to escape.

Are propane patio heaters safe? Yes. Higher industry standards and expanded regulations have greatly enhanced the fundamental safety of outdoor patio heaters and propane usage. A better question is whether the person using these products is safety minded, which you are if you have read this far. For you, therefore, propane patio heaters are safe.

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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Patio Heaters and Other Outdoor Heaters Can Keep Jack Frost at Bay

As August slides into September, much too soon for some of us, you might be tempted to say "That's it for the summer." Nothing could be further from the truth! Outdoor heaters come in many different types, and keep the chilly air at bay so that you can enjoy your yard well into the winter. Depending on where you live, patio heaters might even keep you outdoors and enjoying the fresh air right through into spring!

Your first step when picking out patio heaters is to be sure you're getting a radiant heater. Such outdoor heaters radiate infrared warmth, just like the sun, and are the best choice for an outdoor space. The other kind of heater, a convection heater, is better for indoor spaces. Now that you have that term firmly in mind, it's time to look at all the different choices of patio and outdoor heaters.

Patio Heaters come in Free-Standing and Table-Top Versions. What's best for you?

If you have a larger outdoor space, a free-standing patio heater might work for you. These heaters look a little like lampposts, and you will often find them on patios at restaurants. Usually fueled by propane, such patio heaters are efficient to run, warm a large area (if you sit right next to them you might be too warm!) and come in a variety of styles from a simple upright pole to an elegantly decorated stand.

If you don't have quite so much space, you can choose table-top outdoor heaters. They work much the same as the free-standing ones, look a little like table lamps, but are much smaller and more affordable forms of patio heaters. Another advantage of these patio heaters is that they can be moved around easily. If you have many guests to a party, one table-top outdoor heater per table will ensure that all your visitors are comfortable.

Outdoor Heaters can be Affixed to Roofs and Walls

When choosing heaters to use outdoors, you are of course not restricted to patio heaters. Versions which look like fluorescent strips can be mounted above you on a gazebo, trellis or roof. Other versions of outdoor heaters are affixed to walls, with fancier styles including a bracket-mounted lantern. Placed correctly, you can keep an entire outdoor space warm and ready for use no matter how cold it gets. Heavy-duty commercial outdoor heaters are also available.

No matter where you live, don't think that the onset of Fall is "it" for outdoor living. Patio heaters can extend your season considerably. Look into the options first, and see what types of outdoor heaters work for you!

Zoe Prestwick is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about home and garden. Zoe is a copywriter for Outdora, a retailer that specializes in heightening the outdoor experience.

Located in Sonoma, California, Outdora is committed to customer service excellence and providing top of the line merchandise at unbeatable prices! Outdora offers an extensive inventory of outdoor heaters and patio heaters.

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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Confining Patio Heaters With Only Commercial Places is Not the Case Today

The saying that time and tide waits for no man is true. Winter approaches before you understand it. You will have a sense of melancholy and joyous anticipation of good harvest in this scenario. There will be time to prepare for Thanksgiving and Halloween but at the same juncture you prepare for long winter that would come sooner. You will observe green trees turning pale when leaves fall in itinerant air. You would stay indoors when birds fly south. Making artificial heating arrangements inside rooms by heaters or other options will be your priority.

Listen for a while and explore something effective instead of shutting doors and staying inside. You have several options to expedite for staying outdoors. Come forward to feel what nature has for you. Do you think that you can't manage without artificial heating systems? It is better to install heater in patio for maximum enjoyment in outdoors. It will keep your patio warmed by creating cozy atmosphere in wintry seasons too. Such heaters are no more monopolized by hotel lobbies only as they are used in personal homes too. In fact patio heaters have become part and parcel of every home now for whole year enjoyment.

If you have patio heater and install it in your favorite patio you will come across with nature in wintry season by watching birds flying south and leaves drifting in the wind. Little kitty would run and jump to catch them with her two little paws that you will see while reciting with famous English poet Keats who described falls that:

"Season of mists, and mellow fruitfulness,
Close-blossomed friend of the maturing sun;
Conspiring with him how to load and bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eve run;"

However, there are some practical points to consider as well. What can a patio heater actually do? No, patio heaters cannot turn the bone-chilling cold winter into warm and cozy summer time, but they enable you to enjoy the nature much more. Depending upon their BTU, these patio heaters can raise the temperature by 15 to 25 degree F within a radius of 15' to 20' and therefore if you want to lie watching the night sky or celebrate Thanks Giving in the patio you can do that.

Prior to buying a patio heater we must keep certain factors in mind like type of heater to be bought and place for which you buy them for installation. We will discus various categories of patio heaters in the first step. Such heaters can be operated easily, safely and they are economical too. All of them have benefits and disadvantages too. These aspects will be taken later. Now we talk of various categories. They are of three types based on the use of fuel:

• Propane patio heater that run on natural gas
• Electric patio heater that run on grid electricity
• Chimenea that run generally on pinion wood

The propane patio heaters are said to be comparatively more eco friendly. A burner on top of a post burns LPG or propane and directs the flame against perforated metal screen. This prevents the heat from going up and getting lost in the environment but allows it to spread out horizontally. However, propane gas needs to be refilled now and then. Moreover, while an electric patio heater can be ignited just by pressing a switch, a propane heater needs a separate electronic lighter.

The electric patio heater has two more advantages. As most of them run on infrared energy, the heat produced by it moves in waves and warms up only the solid elements in its path, not the air in between. This prevents the heat from being wasted and indirectly helps in conservation. The second point is that, since these heaters do not produce any live flame, they are safer than the others are. If they are earthed properly, there is no fire hazard.

You can choose tabletop electric patio heater in case your area is small. Do you have kids and pets at home? If yes then ensure heater is installed on ceiling or high on wall to ensure they don't catch it easily. These heaters can hang from ceiling that really develops aesthetic appeal in home. Few of them can be permanently installed on the ground. It is up to you to make better choice about permanent installation of heaters if you are truly serious about full entertainment. Make sure your guests don't get chance of tripping. It is mandatory to decide appropriately before buying heater to select type and place at which they would be installed.

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Carefully Handle Gas Patio Heaters While Using Them Outdoors

When you want to use an outdoor heater, you should consider gas patio heaters as on possible option. When having outdoor get-togethers your guests will welcome the warmth it creates outdoors. These heaters are available in various styles, models and brands, many of these come with a general caution that they require careful handling. Follow these guidelines when you are handling a patio heater, and they will help ensure you will have a safer, and warmer, outdoors.

Ensure that all your pets and children are kept away from the heater, especially when the heater is operating. Because of the high heat these heaters produce, they can lead to serious burns. Also, make sure that all the other guests are alerted to these dangers. Do not allow anybody, especially the guests, to touch the patio heater when it is being used.

After a swim, you would find it comfortable to throw a towel on to the heater for drying. Beware of the dangers inherent in this idea. Never hang towels or clothes on the heater, because they are flammable material, and should not be taken near these heaters. There may be a fire accident, and the entire family along with the clothes can get scorched.

Do not use these heaters indoors. You may be inviting a dangerous fire accident when you do this. Also it is possible that fumes would escape when the outdoor heater is not being used. Do not ever use the heater in windy weather. When winds are strong they can knock down the heater, resulting in a fire, or they can blow out the flame, which can result in a gas leak. Breathing gas flames may invite an emergency visit to hospital.

Install the heater on a surface which is flat, ensuring that it is placed farther from windows and doors, which are always being opened. The heater can get knocked and fall down resulting in a fire. Debris should not be allowed to collect beneath the heaters, and cleanliness is a must.

An area with good ventilation is must for putting the patio heater into use. Find out whether there are any hurdles, since there must be flow of free air around the heater, just in case there is a leakage of gas. If there is leakage of gas, do not operate the heater anywhere either into the patio or porch.

When the heater is not being used, debris should be removed, and the area is thoroughly cleaned. Make sure that there is nothing blocks the holes and air vents of your heater. Blocking can be due to spider webs and other such minor causes. You should always check the hose which is connected to patio heater, and do not allow any kind of leaking. Clean the holes and vents with soapy water if there is any thing blocking them. Do not indulge in self repairing if you find gas is leaking; instead take the help of a professional technician. Do not keep the heater in a place where it will be drenched by rain. Whenever the heater is not in use, you should cover it with waterproof sheets.

You should clearly understand how the gas patio heater works, before you operate it. You can learn this through the operating manual provided with the heater. Till you have understood all the instructions in the manual do not operate the heater. If you have doubts, get them clarified through your dealers. Only after ensuring that you have understood the working of the gas patio heaters, it should be operated.

A good propane patio heaters helps you extend the useful time of your patio and deck well into the evening and fall season. Gas patio heaters are common in businesses, but can also be found at homes of people who like to enjoy the outdoors year round.

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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Operate Gas Patio Heaters After Understanding How They Work

If you want to bring warmth to outdoor gatherings, Gas Patio Heaters are a wonderful option. Apart from bringing warmth to your guests, these patios create an atmosphere which can be envious to others. There are several models, styles and brands available, all of which have a common caution: you have to be very careful while using them. The following ideas will help you to safely handle the heaters.

Make sure that tiny children and also pets around the house are under your supervision when the heater is working. These heaters can produce excessive heat, and may cause serious burns. Also ensure that the adult guests are told about the inherent dangers. Never allow anyone, including the guests, to touch the patio heater, when it is being used.

Drying a towel on the heater after you have had a swim appears to be a wonderful idea, but beware it is likely to put into trouble. Do not ever hang clothes are towels, which are flammable material, near these outdoor heaters. You may catch a fire and your clothes will get scorched.

Remember not to use the gas patio heaters indoors. You are invoking a veritable fire hazard by doing this. There is a likelihood of fumes escaping even when the outdoor heater is not under use. It is a good idea not to bring ever the heater indoor. Also when there are high winds, do not use the patio heater. Strong winds can knock out the heater causing fire, or it can blow away the flame resulting in a gas leak Gas fumes should not be breathed in, you may land up in a medical emergency.

Ensure to install the outdoor patio heater on a flat-surface, and away from doors and windows which get considerable traffic. Your heater may be knocked down and a fire can start. Do not let debris collect under the heaters, and the area should always be maintained cleanly.

Use a properly ventilated room for using the patio heater. You should check if any obstructions are there, since you must allow air to flow free near the heater, in case gas escapes. In case of gas leak never operate the heater on any indoor porch or patio.

Remove all debris when you heater is not running, and keep the entire area clean. Do not let anything hinder the air holes and vents of the heater. Even spider webs can block them. Regularly check the hose connected to the heater for any leaking. You can use soapy water to clean the air holes and vents of any thing obstructing them. When you find gas leaking, instead of self-repair, take it to a professional technician for repairs. Do not let the heater be drenched in the rain, and whenever you are not using the heater, cover it with waterproof material.

Before operating, you must thoroughly read and understand the performance of gas patio heater through its operating instructions manual. Till you have read and understood all the material provided in the instruction manual, do not switch it on. You can get explanations from dealers if you are confused abut certain instructions. Do not switch on the Gas Patio Heaters, till you have understood its working.

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Monday, 6 December 2010

Electric Patio Heater Buyer's Guide

Introduction to Electric Patio Heaters

Gone are the days of hiding inside your house on a chilly evening with your guests, or freezing your customers in the restaurant garden. Technology has over the years thrown out some very simple but effective tools to beat the cold when you entertain your family, friends or clientele.

Electric patio heaters once installed have advantages that outweigh those heaters that run on gas. The benefits are the smaller sizes or easier fit, and no need to refill gas cylinders making the electronic version much more aesthetic and less cumbersome.

Does an Electric Patio Heater work better than Gas?

There is not much to tell the two apart, as both electric and gas will heat a patio area effectively. The big differences are really in efficiency and safety. Electricity is far superior to gas on the cost side; refilling gas cylinders can be expensive as they just do not last long. Whereas the use of electric which emits radiant heat by virtue of in most cases an infrared filament.

Is Electric Really Safer?

If you have children, or just have more general safety concerns then the use of an electric patio heater has to be first choice. They are far less likely to be knocked over causing fire, and are not regarded as an explosive hazard. If you are energy conscious and are worried about high electric bills as well as safety, then the use of low power infrared electric patio heaters are the way to go.

Electric heaters need to be installed and fitted by a qualified handy person advisably, which makes the electric version less portable as it will be static in its installed location - but definitely much safer.

Where can I use an Electric Patio Heater?

There are so many places that an electric patio heater can be used, many of these uses are in the restaurant and bar industry on outdoor decks. There is the obvious patio at home and even by the pool. If there is an opportunity for an area to be benefited with a heat source outside, then consider the use of a fitted electric patio heater. There are some limitations to certain high intensity electric heaters, so paying careful attention to the manufacturers support documentation or instructions is very much advised.

Installation Limitations

When considering the use of an electric patio heater, there has to be some safety aspects considered. When installed the heater has to be sited at least seven feet above floor level. Make sure you know the height of your patio ceiling/roof, as you may need to plan around installation. You should also not install the heater against a wall at low level, including staircases. Electric patio heaters do get very hot - which is why you should not risk anybody touching them directly.

Consider the size of the area in which the heater(s) are to be used, as a small area may only need very few heaters. On the other hand if you have an extensive patio area to heat, then a bit of careful planning and strategic locating may work better than installing a large number of heaters.


The electric patio heater comes in many sizes and designs, so you can be as adventurous as you like when deciding on which heater will look better with your decor. With a gas heater you are simply not able to do this without compromising safety somewhere, especially in a crowded location.

The use of low power electric infrared heaters are very energy efficient and cost effective, and can be placed in areas that you simply would not be able to place a large and bulky gas heater. There is also the ability to rig a system that can work with solar power, thus bringing the down cost of heating your patio area and being a much greener for the environment.

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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Patio Heaters - Know About Its Excellent Benefits

Patio heaters have become extremely popular these days because with the help of these excellent heaters you can really keep your patio area very warm. If you have a patio just outside your house then you can surely use it for organizing various different birthday parties for your family members and friends. You can also use the patio area for spending some time alone with your near and dear ones. These days you will see that various different types of patio heaters are being launched in the market with the help of which you can create a good ambiance inside your patio.

During the winter months, patio heaters are used in almost every household. In this article, I would mainly like to give you all the information that you need about these heaters.

1. All about patio heaters
There are numerous different types of patio warmer available in the market from which you can easily purchase the one that is most suitable for you. You will see that these heaters are outdoor heaters which are often used for generating heat for the outdoor use. These heaters mainly come in the umbrella shape or mushroom shape design and it can really be installed very easily. You will also get infrared radiation patio heaters in the market that are very different from the normal heaters.

2. Great utility
Patio heaters are extreme useful and these days they are being used by various bars and open restaurants. The customers who come to these restaurants and bars can really enjoy some quality time together with their family and friends. These heaters have a great utility but there are various environment issues related to the heaters. These heaters can really provide all the heat that you require.

3. Different products available in the market
There are various different kinds of patio heaters available in the market which you can purchase according to your needs and requirements. If you want you can also take the help of your local home improvement store or the internet. There are various websites operating on the internet that can really provide you all the great information about the shape, size and design of patio warmer that you can purchase from the market.

4. Working of the patio heaters
The working of these warmer is very different from the working of the normal heaters. They are designed in such a way that they can really bring the temperature down in the chilly October months but they are not suitable for extreme winters. They have a small quantity of latent heat which is used for warming the surrounding area. People who want to spend some time outside their house on the chilly winter months can surely use these heaters for creating a warm and cozy ambiance.

5. Types of heaters
These days electric as well as normal warmer are available in the market. The normal patio warmer work with the help of kerosene, propane and butane.

Well these are some highly important points that you need to remember about patio heaters.

Find more information about different types of patio heaters. We can help you to make an informative decision about what heater is best for you.

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