Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Patio Heater: Outdoor Fire Table and Other Furniture

If you have ever been to an outdoor restaurant, you have seen patio heaters. They are used to keep the whole family warm on cool spring, summer, and fall nights. There are many ways that you can heat your patio with or without an open flame.

Propane or Gas Heat

One of the most popular ways to heat your patio is with a tall patio heater, just like what you see at your favorite outdoor restaurants. They work with propane tanks or an exterior gas line. If you have an exterior gas line attached to your house, you might need to extend the line to reach the heater, because you do not want to set it up right next to your house. You can also attach it to propane tanks.

Patio heater Cover

If you decide to buy a tall patio heater, you can buy a cover for it so it is not damaged in the weather. You can buy these heaters that are floor models, just like the commercial ones in the restaurant. Or, you can buy a outdoor heater that stand on a table top.

Add a Fire Bowl for Heat Closer to the Ground

When you add one patio heater, you might even want to buy a second one, so you can have a few areas that are warm. Depending on the size of your patio, you might even want to buy a fire bowl or fire pit so you can have warmth a little closer to the ground.

Because heat rises, these tall heaters do not heat close to the ground. They will keep your warm, but when you pair one or two with a fire bowl, you will not have any opportunity to get cold outside.

Patio heater Benefits

There are benefits of having a tall patio furniture heater that runs on propane. If your community does not allow fire bowls or decorative elements with open flames, you can use a these heaters to keep your patio warm at night. They are also safe for children and pets, because neither can reach the heating element. You will need to be sure that children and pets stay away from the propane tanks, but many of the these heaters actually have a spot for the propane to sit inside of the patio heater.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Patio Heaters: 5 Important Things To Think About Before Buying

Patio heater buying can end up bad if you don't really know what to go for. Buying a heater isn't as simple as going out to the local home improvement store and buying the first one you get your hands on. You need to think about some things before going through the purchase.

If you are lost in this whole thing and don't know what to do or where to start, we have found the way! For you buying needs, we give you: 5 important things to think about before buying a
patio heater.


There are different types of
heaters. One of them would be the gas or fuel powered heaters that are either propane or natural gas powered. These are among the most powerful heaters out there. propane heaters needs constant checking with their tanks to make sure it does not run out. Natural gas heaters however will continue to heat your patio as long as it is connected to your gas line.


Unlike gas
heaters, All you need to do for this heater to work is to plug it in the nearest power socket and crank up the heat meter to the desired temp. But as convenient as it may be, it does not pack that much power when compared to gas heaters. However, if you have a small patio, then this heater will suffice.

Safety Measures

This is one very important point to consider when buying a
patio heater. Make sure you buy a heater with stability. This is to avoid chances of it getting knocked over. Standing types should have a weighted base for stability. In the unlikely occasion that it tips over, make sure that it has an auto shut-off system for it.

Materials Used

This is one point to consider as well as the quality of the materials used to manufacture the
heater would reflect the overall quality of it. Normally, heaters out in the market today are made of steel, though there are some basic ones made out of aluminum. Just remember that you get what you pay for when buying heaters.

Dome Size

The dome is the top part of the
patio heater and it is one of the main proponents that would help emit heat in a given area. You should look at its size in diameter as the bigger they are the more efficient the heat distribution would be.

Though this article may have been a great help in your buying decision, make sure to check out more articles about
patio heaters on the internet. There are a lot more sources of information regarding heaters online like other articles on a given brand or in-depth reviews on the leading ones in the market today.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Patio Heaters 101: Types, Benefits and What You Should Know

Since many people are putting as much time and money into their outdoor space as they do their home, the use of an outdoor heater has become more popular than ever. These outdoor patio heaters allow the homeowner to extend their outdoor time for social gatherings with family and friends. Outdoor heaters provide warmth while also maintaining a safe environment. Just because the temperature has dropped does not mean that outside socializing has to be over. If you are someone that enjoys social gatherings year round the benefits outweigh the additional expense.

Outdoor patio heaters come in many shapes and styles. Many of the heaters blend in so well with their surroundings that you do not even know that they are there. There are portable heaters that require very little installation or you can put in a permanent structure if so desired. Depending on your budget and size of the area you are looking to cover the cost will vary.

Types of Outdoor Patio Heaters

Electric heaters - These heaters are more expensive than most other outdoor heaters, but they are permanent. The electric heater is mounted and virtually maintenance free. They have no annoying red glare and produce no fumes, making them very safe. The heater is controlled by a switch allowing you to easily turn on or off with ease. They come in a variety of styles to blend in with any home décor. Professional installation is required as it is recommended by the manufacturer that they have their own designated electric line.

Natural gas heaters - These types of outdoor patio heaters can be portable or permanent structures. They use either a propane tank or a natural gas line and professional installation is required for the line. These are energy efficient and produce an abundance of heat. These heaters are most often less expensive than the electric heater.


As with any heater proper installation is a must. Follow the installation instructions to avoid a fire hazard. Safety should always be your first concern. Do not place your outdoor heater near debris, wood, plastic or plants. If purchasing a table top model ensure the area is large enough to support the heater.

Outdoor patio heaters are good for maintaining warmth outside while the weather is cool. While there are some considerations to keep in mind, outdoor patio heaters are generally a safe way to ensure that your outdoor living does not end before you are ready.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Defining Outdoor Patio Heater and Its Uses

What exactly is an outdoor patio heater? Well, it's a modern based outdoor heater that can be used for all the outdoor activities. Due to their appealing outlook and attractive designs, these heaters have become a household commodity now.

Shape And Functions:

An outdoor patio heater comes in different shapes and sizes. So, how does it look like? Generally, it looks like an umbrella with its upper body installed on a long stem. There is a gadget beneath the upper part or let's say at its top. What does this gadget do? Mainly, this gadget serves the purpose of maintaining and releasing heat. The trapped heat circulates throughout the heater. The heating can be controlled by a cooking unit lookalike regulator, which can easily increase or decrease the heat.

Range Of Heat:

The heaters have the ability to produce heat up to a range of six meters. Quite a good range for any efficient heater isn't it? Such heater can run on electricity, LPG and propane other than gas.

Modified Outdoor Patio Heaters:

The modified form of outdoor patio heaters is known as Infra Red type of heaters, which are run on grid electrical energy.

Uses of Heaters:

Why outdoor patio heaters are getting all popular? Whether you want to enjoy the cool winter breeze or just want to enjoy watching the rain while sitting in your balcony, these heaters will offer you pure comfort by keeping the temperature warm.

These days, the trend of opening up outdoor restaurants is on the rise. The main purpose of these open-air bars or restaurants is to increase the sitting time of their customers. People can enjoy various entertaining activities arranged by the bars and restaurants owners for instance comedy shows, magic shows, karaoke parties and much more even in the coolest of weathers. These heaters are just amazing and can keep us warm in the coolest of the weather.


These outdoor heaters are worth the price and do not fall heavy on your pocket. Yes! Offering the perfect combination of performance and affordability, an outdoor patio heater is the perfect choice for group meetings, get together, birthday/wedding functions and all kind of outdoor parties and events. What's better than a multipurpose heater especially when you don't want to go overboard with your finances as well? The best suggestion at this time is to go for an outdoor patio heater today!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Patio Heaters for a Warm and Comfortable Patio to Stay

Perhaps you already feel the chilly wind when you stay few minutes in your patio. Before everything turns to unbearable coldness, you better prepare and acquire a patio heater. This outdoor item is very helpful for individuals who love to spend time outdoors to relax. It fights off the cold atmosphere thus giving a cozy ambiance for a comfortable place to stay.

Some types of patio heaters are fire pits, fireplaces chiminea and the latest addition is the umbrella type patio heaters. These heaters use different fuel sources such as propane, natural gas, electricity and wood. All of these types offer efficient heating performance that is very useful for enjoying and extending time in the patio without getting cold.

When choosing the heater, determine first the size of the space you want to heat up. A 20lbs. propane tank used in propane patio heaters can heat up areas up to 20ft. in diameter. You must also consider the fuel source to which you think is efficient and to help you save money.

Heaters for outdoor use come in elegant finishes such as bronze, copper and stainless steel so it could also add beauty to your outdoor space.

There are some safety reminders that you have to follow when using the heaters for outdoor use. First, since it is intended for outdoor utilization, it must not be used inside the house. When storing, store the heater and its accessories in a safe garden or tool shed and lock so children won't easily open it.

When the heater is on in the patio, don't allow children to touch and play near the unit to avoid burns and other hazard. Also remind adults to be careful since there is the heater burning on the side. Moreover, place the heater in the corner where it can be easily reach by the children.

With the heating efficiency of the patio heaters, pastime activities, having a cup of coffee in the patio or even an overnight party celebration can happen comfortably. Everyone will enjoy the outdoor while sitting down on one the of the outdoor furniture comfortably.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Buying a Patio Heater With Confidence

Outdoor patio heaters can be found on offer at numerous E-commerce stores as well as major brick and mortar stores. The question then becomes where to buy from and more importantly which brand is going to give the best bang for the buck. Another very important consideration is the fuel source that you have available to you at your location.

Price isn't everything - Test their Outdoor Heater Knowledge

Where to buy from - it is so important to be sure of all of the needs above are dealt with that you should ask questions and run as fast as you can if you are not given specific answers that you can verify. On-line stores generally offer best pricing, but I recommend that you call and speak with their customer service as you do need to ask the questions. If they do not appear to be knowledgeable about the product call another company.

Which Outdoor Patio Heater is Right

Look for outdoor electric and gas heaters that operate on the principal of generating the heat via infra-red rays. The benefit of this that the heat generated does not heat the air but heats the object. The object being, the human body, concrete/tile floor etc. One should also be aware that although gas heaters are sold as infra-red heaters, for them to operate in this manner, they need to be run on their high heat setting.

Which is the correct heater for your needs - outside heaters are available in versions running off liquid propane, natural gas and electricity. From a cost of running perspective, natural gas is generally the most cost effective followed by the other two forms at about an equal cost? For the casual user the cost of running will not be a significant issue due to the generally low hours that the heater is used for on a daily basis. For commercial installations this can very quickly become an issue. Both electric and gas heaters come in formats that are free standing or wall mounted. Where possible a wall mounted heater is the preferred choice due to the fact that you then free up floor space and avoid loose wires or gas feeds to trip on.

Outdoor Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are available predominantly in 120V or 240V format. The power rating of the heater is limited by the voltage. You therefore will not see 120V heaters running at more than 1500W which is equivalent to most ladies hair dryers. These 120V heaters are mostly used where you have one or two chairs closely situated and you would place the heater next to the chair or between them and receive very localized heat. In moving up to 240v electric supply your power options increase substantially with the 6000W heater generally being about the most powerful unit that you will find. At this point it becomes very important that you select the correct heater based on your criteria. You need to look at the height at which you will be able to install the heater, how large an area you want to heat and what your prevailing temperature will be at the time that you want to use the heater. With outdoor electric heaters matching the heater to the installation height is critical. By not being aware of this criterion you will invariably find that you have less heat than what you expected or needed or if the heater is too powerful for the installation height, you will constantly be uncomfortable with a feeling of being overheated or worse yet cooked. It is best practice to install a heater that is slightly more powerful than what you estimated your need to be and then be sure to use a controller that allows you to control the heat output as needed.

Gas Patio Heaters

Gas heaters - come in free standing versions and wall mount and as mentioned, use propane or natural gas as the fuel, otherwise know as, outdoor gas heaters. Free standing heaters have an average output ranging between thirty to fifty thousand BTU. The available brands and models range in price from $199 to $1500. As is the case in most instances in life, you get what you pay for. The low cost versions generally burn at a lower heat than advertised, don't have parts availability and will need replacing far sooner than the better quality units. Wall mount gas heaters are available in versions that use a low voltage electrical current to ignite the heater from a switch on the wall or via a remote.

Whatever your choice or installation, it is always recommended to purchase from a company that is knowledgeable about their product.