Thursday, 1 March 2012

Patio Heaters 101: Types, Benefits and What You Should Know

Since many people are putting as much time and money into their outdoor space as they do their home, the use of an outdoor heater has become more popular than ever. These outdoor patio heaters allow the homeowner to extend their outdoor time for social gatherings with family and friends. Outdoor heaters provide warmth while also maintaining a safe environment. Just because the temperature has dropped does not mean that outside socializing has to be over. If you are someone that enjoys social gatherings year round the benefits outweigh the additional expense.

Outdoor patio heaters come in many shapes and styles. Many of the heaters blend in so well with their surroundings that you do not even know that they are there. There are portable heaters that require very little installation or you can put in a permanent structure if so desired. Depending on your budget and size of the area you are looking to cover the cost will vary.

Types of Outdoor Patio Heaters

Electric heaters - These heaters are more expensive than most other outdoor heaters, but they are permanent. The electric heater is mounted and virtually maintenance free. They have no annoying red glare and produce no fumes, making them very safe. The heater is controlled by a switch allowing you to easily turn on or off with ease. They come in a variety of styles to blend in with any home décor. Professional installation is required as it is recommended by the manufacturer that they have their own designated electric line.

Natural gas heaters - These types of outdoor patio heaters can be portable or permanent structures. They use either a propane tank or a natural gas line and professional installation is required for the line. These are energy efficient and produce an abundance of heat. These heaters are most often less expensive than the electric heater.


As with any heater proper installation is a must. Follow the installation instructions to avoid a fire hazard. Safety should always be your first concern. Do not place your outdoor heater near debris, wood, plastic or plants. If purchasing a table top model ensure the area is large enough to support the heater.

Outdoor patio heaters are good for maintaining warmth outside while the weather is cool. While there are some considerations to keep in mind, outdoor patio heaters are generally a safe way to ensure that your outdoor living does not end before you are ready.