Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Defining Outdoor Patio Heater and Its Uses

What exactly is an outdoor patio heater? Well, it's a modern based outdoor heater that can be used for all the outdoor activities. Due to their appealing outlook and attractive designs, these heaters have become a household commodity now.

Shape And Functions:

An outdoor patio heater comes in different shapes and sizes. So, how does it look like? Generally, it looks like an umbrella with its upper body installed on a long stem. There is a gadget beneath the upper part or let's say at its top. What does this gadget do? Mainly, this gadget serves the purpose of maintaining and releasing heat. The trapped heat circulates throughout the heater. The heating can be controlled by a cooking unit lookalike regulator, which can easily increase or decrease the heat.

Range Of Heat:

The heaters have the ability to produce heat up to a range of six meters. Quite a good range for any efficient heater isn't it? Such heater can run on electricity, LPG and propane other than gas.

Modified Outdoor Patio Heaters:

The modified form of outdoor patio heaters is known as Infra Red type of heaters, which are run on grid electrical energy.

Uses of Heaters:

Why outdoor patio heaters are getting all popular? Whether you want to enjoy the cool winter breeze or just want to enjoy watching the rain while sitting in your balcony, these heaters will offer you pure comfort by keeping the temperature warm.

These days, the trend of opening up outdoor restaurants is on the rise. The main purpose of these open-air bars or restaurants is to increase the sitting time of their customers. People can enjoy various entertaining activities arranged by the bars and restaurants owners for instance comedy shows, magic shows, karaoke parties and much more even in the coolest of weathers. These heaters are just amazing and can keep us warm in the coolest of the weather.


These outdoor heaters are worth the price and do not fall heavy on your pocket. Yes! Offering the perfect combination of performance and affordability, an outdoor patio heater is the perfect choice for group meetings, get together, birthday/wedding functions and all kind of outdoor parties and events. What's better than a multipurpose heater especially when you don't want to go overboard with your finances as well? The best suggestion at this time is to go for an outdoor patio heater today!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Patio Heaters for a Warm and Comfortable Patio to Stay

Perhaps you already feel the chilly wind when you stay few minutes in your patio. Before everything turns to unbearable coldness, you better prepare and acquire a patio heater. This outdoor item is very helpful for individuals who love to spend time outdoors to relax. It fights off the cold atmosphere thus giving a cozy ambiance for a comfortable place to stay.

Some types of patio heaters are fire pits, fireplaces chiminea and the latest addition is the umbrella type patio heaters. These heaters use different fuel sources such as propane, natural gas, electricity and wood. All of these types offer efficient heating performance that is very useful for enjoying and extending time in the patio without getting cold.

When choosing the heater, determine first the size of the space you want to heat up. A 20lbs. propane tank used in propane patio heaters can heat up areas up to 20ft. in diameter. You must also consider the fuel source to which you think is efficient and to help you save money.

Heaters for outdoor use come in elegant finishes such as bronze, copper and stainless steel so it could also add beauty to your outdoor space.

There are some safety reminders that you have to follow when using the heaters for outdoor use. First, since it is intended for outdoor utilization, it must not be used inside the house. When storing, store the heater and its accessories in a safe garden or tool shed and lock so children won't easily open it.

When the heater is on in the patio, don't allow children to touch and play near the unit to avoid burns and other hazard. Also remind adults to be careful since there is the heater burning on the side. Moreover, place the heater in the corner where it can be easily reach by the children.

With the heating efficiency of the patio heaters, pastime activities, having a cup of coffee in the patio or even an overnight party celebration can happen comfortably. Everyone will enjoy the outdoor while sitting down on one the of the outdoor furniture comfortably.