Monday, 6 June 2011

Enjoy Extended Outdoor Living With Patio Heaters

Outdoor living has never been the same with the growing popularity and convenience of patio heaters. Nowadays, you no longer see them only in restaurants and bars. Many homeowners are beginning to be sensitive to the practicality of maximizing the enjoyment and use of their backyard. patio heaters provide the answer. There are also many commercial establishments who have them as necessary features. Many community pools and parks, hotels, resorts, country clubs and corporate properties are making full use of patio heaters.

When you want to stay for a longer time outdoors in your home, coldness of the weather cut it short. patio heaters provide the radiant heat to keep you warm. Then, you can spend quiet moments by yourself in the stillness of the night. Or you can enjoy lively conversation with friends and family while sipping lemonade.

There are different kinds of patio heaters. When you hear people talking about mushroom or umbrella heaters, they mean the same. Manufacturers and their designers are combining beauty and functionality in their heaters. You can now scan all available models and make your choice depending on your taste and budget.

Consumers are now looking at the latest model in the market. If you want to enjoy a cleaner and eco-friendly heat, try the Infrared patio heaters. It is operated by grid electricity. These heaters do not emit carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases. Infrared models are energy efficient and safe for outdoor and indoor use. What is notable is the recyclability of its components and packing materials. They come in different styles and finishes. Check out these infrared patio heaters.

Many people who want to operate their heaters inexpensively chose models being fueled by natural gas or propane. It can be amazing when you see the durability and quality of these fixtures. When you see one heater being offered at a discounted price and notice its wonderful features, who can blame you if right there and then, you bring out your credit card and buy the unit impulsively.

Just take a look at a Free standing stainless steel heater fueled by natural gas and being offered for $ 200. It provides around 40,000 BTUs and gives a 15'-20' circle of warmth. It raises the temperature to 10-20 degrees with adjustable temperature setting component. What more can you want from a heater which can provide your family outdoor pleasure even during winter and fall.

When a full standing heater is not necessary and you just need a more personalized heater, take a look at a portable table top model. You will be amazed at what it can do. This heater is perfect for small areas. You will have a seven foot circle of radiant heat. It operates on standard propane cylinder lasting for about 8-10 hours. Observe the safety features. It incorporates latest in burner technology and safety systems. An oxygen depletion sensor will shut the unit off if there is lack of oxygen. It has a tilt switch that automatically shuts the heater if it gets knocked over. The heater includes a safety pilot system that stops the gas flow if the burner should blow out.

In the event you have decided to invest in patio heaters, know that they come in various finishes like bronze, black, green, silver, stainless steel and other finishes. They can also be a Free Standing, Mobile, Tabletop, Ceiling/Wall Mounted or Ground Mounted types. There are lots of branded heaters in the market. Just take time to canvass and compare prices, features, freebies and warranties. If you want an extended outdoor experience during chilly days or nights, access yourself with the warmth and comfort provided by these wonderful patio heaters!