Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Patio Heaters - Adding Warmth to Your Outdoor Gatherings

Ever wanted to have a hot coffee on your patio with your loved one, on a winter night watching the snow falling around you? Bet the freezing cold stopped you from enjoying such a precious moment! Well, you needn't be disappointed any more. Patio heaters can bring warmth to your patios in the house or garden, irrespective of the weather.

Patio heaters are of different types, mainly, the spot heaters that can send the heat to one spot or the radiant heaters that can heat up the entire patio. Also, depending on the type of energy used, they are classified into electric heaters and propane heaters. Electric heaters create no odour and might take time to reach the required temperature while propane heaters are fuel efficient and safe. These devices are now available in different colours, sizes and patterns.

The first step to purchase the heater is to assess your requirements. Where do you want to install the heater? Do you want a radiant heater than can spread the heat everywhere in the patio equally? What is your budget for the heater? Do you want to go for the decorative heaters with intricate designs? You could ask for suggestions from the local interior store or the Internet. Online search can give you information on various types, sizes, designs and shapes of heaters. You'll also get an idea on the price of these patio heaters by checking out different online stores that sell them.

As their name suggests, patio heaters are mainly intended for outdoors. They come in different shapes like umbrella and mushroom and can be installed quite easily. Patio heaters are mostly found in restaurants, pubs and hotels where customers spend time outdoor with friends and family with no need to concern about the weather conditions. A patio heater, whichever type it is, undoubtedly meets your need of using your patio at all seasons.

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