Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Buying a Commercial Patio Heater

You only need to browse the internet and you will see many many differences between the various websites selling commercial patio heaters. You can find many suppliers who sell products from books to toys to computers, selling heaters These type of suppliers will sell heaters including garden patio heaters, stainless steel patio heaters and even infrared patio heaters, but what you will find is that they lack any kind of after sales support. You must avoid this type of seller, and if you can, give them a call to find out what sort of support they give. The last 10 years on the commercial patio-heater market has seen numerous traders coming into the market and disappearing just as quickly.

These days, heaters vary so much in their design, the fittings and their functions, that fly by night traders, sell the cheapest, as they believe that all heaters are the same. Only buy your patio heater from a trusted professional. Because of the variety in patio-heaters, these inexperienced traders will sell you a very dated and shabby designed heater, which will invariably end up rusting after a few months when left outside. This is a good reason why you need to buy a fairly substantial stainless steel patio-heater.

You should also ask your supplier about spare parts - do they carry a large of supply of parts, or do you need to go direct to the manufacturer? Another question to ask is - Do they accept heaters for repair or do they simply send them away. These are the type of things you should ask. A very good question to ask your supplier is -"is the whole burner made from stainless steel or is it just the flame screen". If they know the answer for sure and it is the whole burner, then you can be certain that they are a reputable dealer. Remember buying on the internet is easy, but please do your research before you make your decisions.

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