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Are Commercial Patio Heaters Used Only For Establishments?

Does your kids love being out of doors and just make life hell when they are forced to live indoors? Do your guests love the parties you throw in your patio and keep mentioning that when you are forced to shift them indoors because of fall in temperature? Many of us decorate our patio very enthusiastically. However, they lie vacant most of the time. Do you remember how a kingdom was lost for the want of a horseshoe nail? In case of our patio, all goes in vain just for a want of a patio heater.

You have your comfortable chairs and tables in your patios but this is not enough you must buy two important things which are a patio umbrella and a patio heater. A patio heater is always important than a patio heater. The umbrella is used to protect you from the burning sun and it is used only during the weekends as to go outdoor daytime only during weekends to spend in your patio. But that's not the case with the heaters because it is used during the nights and used to keep you warm from the cold.

This is not to say that you do not need a patio heater during the day. You switch it on any time you feel a little chilly and warmth will spread all over to make you cozy and comfortable. Switch it on early morning to enjoy a little quietness before the day's bustle starts. Sit beside it to have a cup of coffee and to enjoy a breather in the midst of all the chaos. At night when you have put your children to bed, sit within the circle of its warmth to watch the stars crossing the sky.

The heater may not used only during the summer season. You can sit in the open sky and also see the leaves changing its color and birds moving south in the fall season and enjoy the great nature change only if you have a patio heater. The heater can never bring the spring into action so its time for the winter where the use of these heaters are more it helps to keep you warm and comfortable, you can feel the warmth in your limbs. And in the spring you can see the dandelions creeping out from no-where and the beautiful climate can be enjoyed only if you have a patio heater to fully get their company.

In order to use your patio around the year a patio heater is a must.. There are big heaters used for commercial purpose which can be used for residential purpose if the area is big, in case if it is small you can go for a smaller heater.There are different types of heaters available and they are.

• Mounted: these are mounted on the ceiling and on the walls and it runs on electricity.
• Freestanding: It is mounted on the wheels because it is portable and it uses propane to run.

Such a commercial patio heater is essential for those who are losing customers due to shortage of indoor space. The mounted electric heaters are ideal for commercial establishments like restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and homeowners with somewhat enclosed patios. All you need to do is just to put the switch on and the whole area fills up with warmth instantly. No warm time is required and what is more, as it runs on electricity it does not produce ant kind of odor.

If you are looking for electrically run commercial patio heaters, you should make sure that it is an infrared heater. Such heaters are very cost effective in the sense that the infrared rays only warms the solid particles (i.e. people and objects) in its path, not the air. Therefore, no heat is lost by draft of wind as in the case of ordinary heaters.

There are even LPG run commercial heaters which has a combination of the propane and bitumen and they are mounted on the wheels because they are portable. A propane tank is fitted at the base. The anti-tilting mechanism is also incorporated in these heaters to avoid any accidents. In comparison with the ordinary heaters the only difference is that it uses the BTU which can warm up a wider area. It is ideally suitable for the open air coffee shops, bistros and houses with a wide patio and just buy getting one of these heaters you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

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