Monday, 31 January 2011

A Few Smart Tips to Buy Patio Umbrellas and Patio Heaters

When you have a beautiful patio, you will want to spend more and more time in it. The patios are often decorated with potted plants so that people feel that they are very close to nature. The potted plants include the aromatic herbs, the flowering herbs and shrubs and many other varieties of plants. In addition to the plants, the patio is decorated with beautiful patio furniture or outdoor furniture. This furniture is designed or selected in such a way that it blends with the décor of the patio.

If you are willing to use your patio during day time then it is essential that you have shade so that you can relax. For this you can put up patio umbrellas that give an aesthetic look to the place apart from providing you ample shade. If your patio is quite large and you want to cover up most of it then you will have to opt for patio sails. You can also create multiple seating arrangements in your patio by putting multiple patio umbrellas. Mostly patio umbrellas are attached to tables and chairs that are kept in the patios. They are available in a wide range of colors, designs, shapes and sizes so that whatever your choice is there will be an umbrella for you for sure.

Most patio umbrellas are circular in shape, but these days, you will also find the rectangular patio umbrellas. The shape of the patio umbrellas purely depends on the choice of the buyer. Most often it is seen that the people have rectangular tables and the patio umbrellas are circular. This does not match. If the tables are rectangular, it makes more sense to have the rectangular patio umbrellas to give the best shade for all those who are under the patio umbrellas.

You can get the patio umbrellas customized in the sense that you can get them hand printed or you can also use them for promotional purposes. For this you can either get some logos printed on the canopy fabric or print some captions or even the name of your company. Now for the frame of the patio umbrella they should be sturdy and should be able to balance and support the canopy. Some of the frames even have tilts attached to them so that the user can change the position of the patio umbrella without even moving from his place.

Your next step is to choose the canopy fabric for your umbrella. You can opt for patterns and designs that will match the décor of your house or can look for features like UV filters and so on. People from warm places mostly prefer to buy patio umbrellas with UV protective filters so that they can prevent their skin from damage caused by UV rays due to prolonged exposure to sun. These umbrellas are slightly expensive than the ordinary ones but if you are health conscious then you will not mind spending those extra bucks.

We are all aware of the harmful effect of the UV rays and the kind of problems they may cause including cancer. Prolonged exposure of your skin to the rays of the sun will eventually have some or the other effects which may be difficult to treat at a later stage. So why not prevent these situations rather than waiting for remedies. The UV protective patio umbrellas have a UV rays filtering cover on top so that the rays that are falling on the umbrella are bounced back and does not cause any damage to the person sitting below it.

The days are taken care of by the patio umbrellas but when night falls and the temperature dips then you will need outdoor patio heaters to keep yourself warm in the patio. More so if you are planning for party in the patio then you definitely need to think about the heating arrangement. Outdoor patio heater may be electric heaters or gas heaters like the outdoor propane heaters. These are very effective in outdoor heating and provide uniform heating throughout the place.

Outdoor heating arrangements become more necessary if you are planning to throw a lawn party. You will have a large gathering and you will not like to leave your guests shivering for sure. But then you might not be ready to invest in outdoor patio heaters right now. Do not worry as these heaters are available on rent also. These are the advantages of getting a patio heater on rent:

o Low cost
o No maintenance
o Easy of delivery

When you rent a patio heater then you can rent them for a day or two. The renting company will take care of the installation and the proper functioning of the device. Some companies also arrange for the fuel stock. Outdoor patio heaters using different fuel and capacities are available with these renting companies. You will have to estimate as to how many heaters of what capacity would you require for the purpose. This also depends upon the number of guests that you have invited for the party. More people means more requirement of heat hence you might require multiple heaters to meet the need.

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