Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A Patio Heaters Are No More A Rich Man's Toy

You need patio heaters even when the fair spring slides over the seas and oceans and 'the ground flame of the crocus breaks the mould' to tell us that the winter is over. In fact, in most part of the United States, you need a patio heater from late autumn to early spring. Therefore, if you are fond of outdoor living, buy a patio heater as soon as you can. They do not cost as much as you think they do and if you compare that with the advantages they provide, they cost nothing.

Few years back the heaters for the patio where marked as luxury and so it was only owned by the rich but, now the case is different you have them to suit every budget and mindset. Mainly there are two types of heaters:

• Mounted: Do you think that the space is a problem, and then you can buy a wall-mounted patio heater? Few of them can also be fixed on the ceiling too. Mounted patio heaters always run on electricity. It will be especially useful if you have small kids and pets to worry about.

• Freestanding: when you consider about the freestanding heaters for the patio they are generally portable, but some can also be remain fixed on to the floor. Portable patio heaters generally run on propane gas. It has been made easy for the reason that they have their fuel tank which is acting as the base and therefore wherever you take them, the fuel supply is never a problem

First of all let us discuss about the electric heaters for your patio. These heaters need electrical outlet to run and hence the factor of portability is very limited in such a heater. But at the same time there are lots of advantages too. Just like you switch on and off the light bulb these heaters can also be easily put on and put off. Mainly there is no live flame; hence there is a very little chance of things to catch fire causing an inferno. The only thing which can cause an accident is the short circuit. You need to make sure that it has been properly earthed to ensure everything is well

When there is a comparison between the electric heaters for the patio over a propane heater, an electric patio heater need not be refilled. And it can also work very efficiently even in sub zero temperature as under normal circumstances. Because if you use a propane gas patio heater it may crystallize and give off less heat than usual when it is extremely cold. Heaters for the patio with 40,000 BTU are quite capable of keeping an area 15' to 20' in diameter warm and it can also increase the temperature by 25 degrees.

Patio heaters as a rule are safe, economical and easy to use. Buy one to enjoy the outdoor through out the year. In the autumn, sit out to watch the changing leaves and the birds gathering for their journey to the south. Fun need not stop with the setting of the sun, but with a patio heater by your side, it can continue well into the night. Now, you can watch the stars and think of those days when you went camping out in the wild...

In winter, you will thank yourself that you have bought the heater because with the heater on, you can spend more time out of doors that too more comfortably than you ever did. It is still very cold... but you definitely can sense the warmth. Did you know that it is essential for us to spend considerable time out of doors in winters when the general tendency is to keep the doors and windows shut?

The two types of ions are the positive and negative. The term ions are just electrically charged particles floating in the atmosphere. The positive ions are very harmful to the humans and the negative ions are useful to the human race. Even though the doors and windows shut, the central heater and other electronic gadgets will emit a harmful positive ion which gets accumulated within the house. If you spend a few hours out of doors will help us to imbibe the negative ions and undo the harm done by the positive ions

Without the patio heaters on, not many of us will actually want to brave the cold and spend time in the open? For that reason, you need to buy a patio heater and spend some time out of doors each day round the year. Even though if you are not impressed by the theory of positive and negative ions, you can still buy them without hesitation. Agree to it, if you are feeling low, nothing can revive you as fast as by spending some time in the open air can. Patio heaters are not very expensive. Buy one and see for yourself

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