Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Make No Difference Between Day And Night By Installing A Patio Heater

What do you understand from the term to install a patio heater in the patio or on the deck, it is nothing but to extend the daylight hours, even though without the sun. Do you feel that it sounds funny? It is actually not, the sun not only gives the light but it also provides heat and we also miss the warmth of the sun when it hides itself behind the horizon. We have long stopped missing the lights as there are lots of new introduction of technology. If you install a patio heater in the right place, you can very well stop missing the warmth as well. Do forgive me if you think the statement is too rude, better buy a patio heater first and then talk

It is not a very easy job to buy a patio heater. First you have to decide on what type of heater you want to buy. They are classified into two types:

Propane Patio Heaters - This type of heaters run on propane or liquid petroleum gas, which is popularly known as LPG. These propane heaters are generally portable which helps to take it anywhere you require the heat. Unless and until you have gas line, you need to refill them as and when it is required.

• Electric Patio Heaters - These types of heaters are said to be eco-friendly, but they run on Grid electricity as fuel which makes them more carbon intensive than gas ones. These types of heaters are portable as well as fixed. You just need to switch them on to have the warmth spreading all around. There is no question of refill

In case if you have your residential patio in mind there are various other kinds too which you can consider. For an example take the chimenea. In this type of heater it is freestanding and it is front loading fireplace and they use wood as fuel. It has a dispute about its place of origin, with Spain and Mexico laying equal claims. They were originally made from clay; but recently you will find them in cast iron or aluminum as well. In recent days it has become a popular backyard and deck accessory in the United States.

Normally the pinion wood is used to burn in chimenea for its aroma and bug repellent qualities. Such trees are widely grown in places like Arizona and it is sold online for such purpose only. Other advantages of pinion woods are that it is very easy to light these woods and that they do not produce much smoke. Fireplaces, fire pits and fire bowls are some other forms of patio heating arrangement. These arrangements produce live flames, and they are generally, produced by using alternative fuel such as gas, industrial alcohol or even electricity

Besides all this the propane or electric patio heaters are very popular mode of outdoor heating. These heaters are sleek and handsome and apart from that they do not take up much space and they also continue spreading heat as long as you want them to. They also come in all sizes, heating capacity and look. Select a small tabletop variety if you have a small balcony or a porch to heat up. A commercial patio heater on the hand is for heating up large spaces

You can also use a commercial heater for your home use even n though it is specially designed to heat up commercial areas such as an outdoor café or bistro. It is designed very beautifully to add to the décor. Their BTU is very high and so can they can heat up a wider area. They are also available in ceiling mount or more convenient mobile variety. If you are to choose the later, make sure that they are mounted on wheels and fitted with anti tiling mechanism. Because these mechanisms automatically cuts the fuel line off when the heater is accidentally tilted.

Apart from the tabletop and commercial patio heater; there are quite a few patio heaters which have varying heating capacity. Even those heaters are either is ceiling/wall mount or floor-standing. If you select floor-standing heaters they can be both fixed and portable. If you opt it to be portable, make sure they are wheeled and have the anti-tilting mechanism in place. But you should not try to a heater in its lighted condition. Before moving it you need to switch it off because switching it off and on is no big deal

Most of the environmentalists are more bothered about the impact of widespread use of patio heaters on the environment. Yes, indeed the patio heaters have some negative impact on the environment, and it also applies for many others like automobiles and refrigerators. So, is that we have to ban the use of them. That is not needed, you can always use a patio heater to keep you warm, but you need to use it responsibly to make least impact on the environment.

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