Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Outdoor Patio Heaters Offer Year-Round Outdoor Fun!

In today' rough economy many families have decided to only purchase items that offer substantial value. For the family with a patio, an outdoor heater might be the best purchase to make right now. Outdoor patio heaters provide inexpensive radiate heat and transform any patio into a place to affordably entertain all year long.

Once you have decided you may want to buy a heater there are some options you will need to consider, such as...

Type of Energy: Heaters are generally offered in three different energy types:

Natural Gas



Which heat source is best for your needs will be mostly based on your individual preference; each heat source has its own benefits to offer. Natural gas is probably the most inconvenient to install because it needs to be attached to a gas line, but it is generally the cheapest energy source in many areas of the country. Electric is clean and maintenance-free, while propane is portable.

Choose the Right Size: Now that you've chosen your preferred energy source, the next area to be considered is the proper size heater for your space. Outdoor patio heaters come in various sizes from small table top units that designed to provide just the right amount of heat for small cozy spaces to big, freestanding heaters that can comfortably heat your whole patio. You can also choose from other choices like heaters that are mounted on the ceiling or wall.

Heating Output: Many big heaters can adequately heat your whole patio. However, it's important to look at the model's BTU rating. Heaters can have varying heating abilities, even when they seem to be the same size. The BTU rating is what actually determines how much heat a particular unit can produce. Models with larger BTU numbers provide more heat than units with smaller numbers regardless of the actual size of the unit.

Style: No matter whether you select a large heater or a smaller one, your heater model will generally offer a number of finishes for you to choose from. Some of the more popular finishes include:



Stainless Steel


Various Colors

Safety features are an important aspect to consider as you shop for outdoor patio heaters. Safety tilt features and automatic shut-off switches offer important protection from fires if the unit is accidently tipped over or the heater is left on over night. Propane heaters often provide additional features including flame control and sealed burners.

Heaters with electronic ignition, thermostat or other variable temperature controls will provide the maximum comfort and convenience for warming your patio on chilly nights.

These days, many families are spending more of their leisure time at home. If that includes your family you owe it to yourself to take a look at the value offered by patio heaters. You can enjoy year-round fun-filled family gatherings on your heated patio. You may even find yourself turning down the thermostat indoors and saving a bit of cash as you and your family spends more of your time outdoors.