Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Growing Popularity of Commercial Patio Heaters

In states that are faced with a cold climate, commercial patio heaters are a boon to the hospitality industry. Often, in these states people prefer to spend their evenings at home as the weather outside is too chilly. Also, many of these states have banned smoking in enclosed public places like restaurants, pubs and bars. An outdoor heater ensures that these people can always huddle beside it and enjoy a cigarette. This eventually means extended hours of business for restaurant and pub owners. In fact many pub hoppers make sure to check, if patio heaters are available before entering.

Outdoor heaters are very easy to shop for and tere are just a few basic things to remember before buying.

The first and foremost thing to consider is safety. Most commercial patio heaters have a number of safety features, including a safety tilt switch that automatically turns off the system, if it's accidentally tipped over. The safety of these heaters also depends on our usage. As a general rule it is advised to follow the manufacturer's instructions very carefully. Not doing so makes the guarantee void and could be very dangerous as well.

The second thing that is to be considered is style. It is important that the style should suit your décor. Some are designed to look like old lamp posts that lend a classical look to your place. There are some that have a very futuristic appeal. Some electric heaters come in box like shapes and look more like an outdoor air conditioning unit. Patio heaters come in three different types of fuel types; natural, gas and electricity. Natural gas heaters are environment friendly and the heater can be connected to the gas line, and thus never need refueling. Also, these cannot be moved. However if you plan to move your heater often you could use a propane heater.

The next thing to consider is the efficiency. Most commercial patio heaters have a heating power of 45,000 Btu (BTU is the measure of the heating power of patio heaters).This is enough to supply heat for a diameter of 20 foot. In order to ensure that the heat is distributed effectively, you can buy an outdoor heater that has more than one reflector. Generally the outdoor space determines the size of the heater. Sometimes you may need than one heater.

Budget is also important. Most commercial outdoor heaters come at an average price of $500. The price however varies according to the style and features offered. There are a number of websites that sell commercial patio heaters. You can compare prices and even check for reviews by users. By using patio heaters, restaurant owners can make their customers feel at home.

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