Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Environment Is Safe From Gas Patio Heaters

Many people are up in arms against patio heaters because they fear further environmental degradation and so they want the device to be banned. However, if you come to think of it, more or less every machine that runs by burning some fuel causes such degradation. Then, why do they only single out a patio heater? In fact, burning fuel to beat the chill is no new phenomenon. People have been doing that since they learnt to make fire. We too burnt wood to keep a fire going through out the night when we went camping even few decades ago. Why should there be so much noise now?

However, you may say that people were not so conscious about environmental issues back then. Moreover, there was not so much pollution either. Now that pollution is getting out of hand, we must take appropriate precaution. Well, we should, but that should not be at the cost of progress. We should try to avoid the carbon intensive fuel as much as we can and rely more on low carbon fuel like liquid petroleum gas or even propane.

Use gas patio heaters to keep the environment cleaner and yourself warmer. Such heaters run on liquid petroleum gas. We all know that, LPG is comparatively a clean fuel and emit much less carbon than fossil fuels do. Electric heaters too seem clean. In fact, they seem even more eco-friendly than gas patio heaters. However, that is only apparent. These heaters run on electricity and in most cases electricity is produced by burning fossil fuel. Therefore, in most cases electric patio heaters pollutes the air more, albeit indirectly, than any other means.

Gas patio heaters have only one shortcoming. You must have the gas line in the premises a least. If you have that, you can have that extended to the patio easily. Otherwise, everything about these is on positive note. Let us talk about the advantages now:

As I have already said, these heaters run on LPG and LPG is so far the cleanest fuel. Therefore, the gas patio heaters can provide the required heat without producing too much carbon dioxide. LPG is also the cheapest fuel and therefore, such heaters are very cost effective and can produce enough heat at minimum cost. Unlike propane heaters, gas heaters can provide round the clock the heat without any interruption. As gas patio heaters do not require any fuel tank, they are sleeker than propane heaters are. You can choose from freestanding as well as permanently mounted models.

Therefore, it stands that gas patio heaters are for you if you are worried about environmental damage or about the recurring cost of running the device. The only problem is that you will have to have a gas line at your premise. Today most of the newer buildings already have such lines plumbed in and if it is a commercial property, there is a fair chance that it already has such lines. You just have to have it extended to the patio.

If you are running a commercial establishment, you must be needing patio umbrellas as well. In fact, in these days of global warming and carbon emission, outdoor umbrellas have become essential for residential patios as well. However, for your commercial space you should look for commercial outdoor umbrellas only because these umbrellas have especially been designed with public safety in mind.

It is not that other categories of umbrellas are not safe. Unless there is manufacturing defect, all of them have been designed with user safety in mind. You only need to make sure that the umbrella stand is heavy enough for the shade length. If you consult umbrella-buying guide available free of cost with most umbrella-selling sites, you will see that greater is the diameter of the shade heavier should be the umbrella stand. Then the umbrellas that run through the patio table require lighter stand than the freestanding umbrellas. This is as much true about the commercial variety as about residential umbrellas.

Commercial outdoor umbrellas are different from the rest in that they are less open to abuse by irresponsible public. Their poles are made of one solid piece and they are as such devoid of all sorts of labor saving as well as user-friendly mechanisms. This makes the operation as well as transportation and storage a little difficult, but as I said this also makes them less open to abuse. Keep all these mind when you go shopping for patio fixtures. There are plenty of choices; you only have to take time to choose.

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