Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Tips on Outdoor Patio Heaters

Outdoor patio heaters may be a luxury that you have only seen at restaurants and other commercial places. But these days, outdoor patio heaters are showing up more and more often at people’s homes. And why should they not?

When you have an outdoor patio heaters, you can continue to enjoy the great outdoors (of your backyard) through not just summer, but spring and fall, too. When you have an outdoor patio heater, you can have outdoor parties and BBQs practically all year round!

So, perhaps you have already decided to buy a one, and you really do not need any extra convincing. In that case, let us get directly to what you should be looking for:

· An electric starter. Most outdoor patio heaters come with electric starters these days, anyhow. Nonetheless, just be sure that yours does as well. It is much safer to use an electric starter than to have to deal with matches and a pilot light.

· Speaking of safety, also be sure that your outdoor patio heaters has an automatic emergency shut off, as well. This will ensure that your heater turns off automatically if it is accidentally overturned, etc.

· You must decide whether or not you want a table-top heater, a wall-mounted heater, or a free-standing heater. The benefit of a table-top heater is that it is small enough to transport with ease. Also, although it does not produce as much heat as a standing outdoor patio heater, it produces enough to keep those warm who are sitting around it.

· You must also decide how much heat you want your heater to produce. An outdoor patio heater generally can produce heat up to 20’ in diameter… of course, these heaters are going to be more expensive than less “hot” ones, and you may very well be just fine with one that has a heating range of 10’.

· Most outdoor patio heaters come in stainless steel, but it is also possible to find them with an antique copper finish or painted black, etc.

· Most outdoor patio heaters take propane or natrual gas. Consider which is best for you.

· Also, if you are spending any kind of money on a outdoor patio heater, you might as well fork over a few extra bucks to get a cover to protect it!

Good luck in your search for a great outdoor patio heater. You will more than certainly appreciate the option of staying out-of-doors for longer that a heater will give you.

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