Thursday, 6 August 2009

Patio Heaters Will Warm Up Your Evening

During the warm summer months, many people spend a large amount of their time outdoors. Eating dinner outside or reading a book on the porch or patio on a summer evening is blissful (minus the mosquitoes, of course). But, even on warm evenings in the summer, after the sun goes completely down, there can be a slight chill in the air. Instead of putting layers of clothes on just to continue to enjoy the outdoors, try adding a patio heater to your porch. These heaters are becoming increasingly popular as more homeowners are adding porticos and open-sided porches to their homes to be able to enjoy the outside of their homes as much as they enjoy the inside.

There are many different types of porch heaters available on the market today. From large scale and ornate models to small tabletop heaters that heat a smaller area patio, there is a perfect heater out there for you. If you have a nice “livable” area on your patio, you may want to do a nicer scale of heater to go with the look of the room. A tall propane powered heater is perfect for a larger sized patio and will keep every corner of the room nice and warm without being over bearing and in the way constantly. These heavy duty heaters are not top heavy and are safe to have around, although you should always point out these heaters to guests and children visiting for safety purposes.

Patio heaters are a cost effective way of keeping your porch or patio heated. Instead of installing a built in heating unit, these heaters can be moved to better accommodate your seating positions and can be stored in your garage or in a shed during the cold winter months, or when you are not using them. Some of these heaters are electric and run through a power outlet plugged in while others run on propane gas. The propane gas heaters are economic as you are not running up your power bill and you will also not have any messy or dangerous cords laying around for your guest to trip on. Either way, the addition of a portable heater to your porch is a great way to enjoy your backyard area all year round.

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