Monday, 3 August 2009

Electric Patio Heaters Have Some Great Advantages

If you love your outdoor patio area and are looking for some way to make it even more appealing you will find this article very interesting. With the latest trends in outdoor living you can find a number or outdoor patio heater options for your home ranging from natural gas heaters to electric patio heaters, but I really love the advantages that electric patio heaters offer.

No Combustible Fuel

Even though propane, also known as liquefied petroleum gas LPG, is a very stable gas it is flammable and if you have children and animals in your household, this can cause a bit of concern, for some. By utilizing electric patio heaters in your backyard you do not have to worry about flammable gases or emissions. These heaters do not produce any type of open flame so they do not require very large mounting clearances meaning these heaters can be placed well out of reach of children and pets. And because these heaters do not produce emissions they are safe enough to use in enclosed patios or even garages and warehouses where other types of heaters are not permitted.

Energy Efficient

Since electric patio heaters work by using infrared radiant heat to warm people and objects and not the air, these heaters are not only among the safest but also among the most energy efficient. They do not require a large amount of time to heat up, there heat is almost immediate, meaning flip a switch and you are warm. Many electric heaters come equipped with temperature regulators and multi-zone control systems so that you can control the temperature and the area you want to heat.

Space Savers

Many models of electric patio heaters can be mounted to ceilings or walls which makes them great space savers. If you are considering purchasing heaters for your commercial patio area or a small patio area, these heaters can be very beneficial to you because they do not take up any precious floor or seating space. For commercial buyers this feature can translate into more seating options and thus increased revenues.